Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Boston Globe's Invisble Ink: The Silent Shots of Korea

I saw it on the web but it NEVER MADE my printed paper?


Koreas exchange artillery fire on coast" by Associated Press | January 27, 2010

SEOUL - North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire along their disputed western sea border today, two days after the North designated no-sail zones in the area, the military and news reports said.

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And that's the first I've heard or read of no-sail zones.

North Korea fired several rounds of land-based artillery off its coast, an officer at the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said. The officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of department policy, said no casualties or damage were reported.

The Gulf of Tonkin redux?

South Korea, in response, immediately fired warning shots from a marine base on an island near the sea border, according to Seoul’s Yonhap news agency. Yonhap, citing an unidentified military official, said both Koreas fired into the air. South Korea’s YTN television network carried a similar report on the exchange of fire. The western sea border is a constant source of tension between the two Koreas.

They have been TALKING PEACE so WTF?!!!


Their navies fought a brief gun battle in November that left one North Korean sailor dead and three others wounded. The exchange of fire followed mixed signals from North Korea to the South.

Pyongyang offered talks on restarting stalled joint-tour programs and on a joint industrial complex in the North earlier this month. But the communist country also has escalated its rhetoric, with leader Kim Jong Il’s all-powerful National Defense Commission threatening to attack the South and break off all dialogue over a reported South Korean contingency plan to handle turmoil in the North.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can't talk to the Korean, yup.

Whatever, war paper.

South Korea’s defense minister said last week that his military should launch a preemptive strike if there was a clear indication that the North was preparing a nuclear attack.

Yeah, I'd heard about that. Looks like they did.


Instead we get this garbage:

"North Korea reportedly detains American" by Associated Press | January 29, 2010

SEOUL - North Korea said yesterday that it has detained an American for illegally entering the country from China, the second arrest of a US citizen it has reported in the past several weeks....

We really can't complain to anyone anymore, I mean, after the rendition and torture.

Wondering what their non-official cover was.

Gotta be spies; CIA publishes and protects its own.

I'll never look at a detained AmeriKan in my war daily as anything but ever again. Too many lies for too long. They make 'em into businessmen, reporters, diplomats, etc.