Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slow Saturday Special: Iraqi Surge of Violence

Yeah, the lying Globe wouldn't want to tell you this during the week when you might be reading.

"America's top military commander, Admiral Mike Mullen, acknowledged in a television interview aired Thursday that there had been a rise in violence in Iraq"

Save it for the slowest readership day of the week, Globe.

No wonder you guys are tanking.

"Iraq attacks bring call for security review" by Sameer N. Yacoub, Associated Press | March 14, 2009

And CUI BONO (we ain't withdrawing), readers?

: Occupation Iraq: Israel's IEDs -- and keep that in mind as you read the Zionist War Daily's account!!


BAGHDAD - Iraq's top leadership called yesterday for a review of government security measures after a pair of suicide attacks killed about 60 people this week in the Baghdad area.

The capability of Iraq's army and police to maintain security has taken on new urgency now that President Obama has announced plans to remove all US combat troops from Iraq by September 2010 and end the US mission here by the end of the following year.

Yeah, end it by leaving about 50,000 troops behind while Gates says he can see staying even longer! Sigh.

A statement on the website of Iraq's presidency council, which includes the national president and the two vice presidents, said the attacks "represent a grave deterioration in the security situation" after weeks of relative calm.

The statement said the council, which has representatives of the Shi'ite, Sunni, and Kurdish communities, would ask Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to summon top security officials after he returns from a visit to Australia to discuss how the attacks were carried out and measures to prevent more in the future....


Who knew he was in Australia, and why is the AmeriKan MSM covering that up?


America's top military commander, Admiral Mike Mullen, acknowledged in a television interview aired Thursday that there had been a rise in violence in Iraq but said US and Iraqi forces were "headed in the right direction."

Are you as tired of the bullshit as I am, readers? Been hearing this same shit-shovel for the last six years.

And if the VIOLENCE is on the RISE why is it MISSING from my LYING, WAR-PROMOTING WAR DAILY? Aaaah, what's one more OMISSION, readers, even if it's an EVERYDAY OVERSIGHT, huh?

"Many of us have spoken for a long time that Al Qaeda is not defeated," Mullen said on PBS's "The Charlie Rose Show." "They are greatly diminished. We think we're going to see these spikes in violence over time. And what you've seen in the last few days is exactly that."

Yeah, "Al-CIA-Duh" is NEVER DEFEATED!!! And CUI BONO, 'eh?

Two small bombings occurred in the capital yesterday. One of them killed a woman and wounded a boy in the southern neighborhood of Dora, police said. A roadside bomb wounded four police officers early yesterday in eastern Baghdad, police said.

Yeah, I guess they would have to report something.


Notice how they rarely report U.S. or puppet slaughter?

The truth is, Iraq ruined the nespapers for me. I knew that was a lie, and it's been one backtrack after another that has been exposed since from 9/11 to the Holohoax and beyond. Found out newspapers and state-school history was ALL a PACK of ZIONIST LIES!!!!!