Friday, March 25, 2016

The Assassination of Meir Dagan

What else could it be?

"Meir Dagan, 71, former Israeli spy chief" by Isabel Kershner New York Times  March 17, 2016

JERUSALEM — Meir Dagan, who was widely credited with setting back Iran’s nuclear program through covert and daring operations as the director of the Mossad intelligence agency from 2002 to 2011, died Thursday. He was 71.

The Mossad announced his death, and a spokeswoman for the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center said Mr. Dagan had died there of liver cancer. Mr. Dagan underwent a liver transplant in Belarus in 2012.

I must have missed that operation

So the Mossad man died of cancer, huh? 

I'm sure it was unintentional(!!).

Good thing he wasn't trying to get pregnant and have his uterus replaced.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in praising Mr. Dagan, referred to a well-known and chilling photograph in which Mr. Dagan’s grandfather was pictured kneeling and humiliated before Nazi soldiers shortly before he was killed in the Holocaust.

“Meir was determined to ensure that the Jewish people would never be helpless and defenseless again,” Netanyahu said, “and to this end he dedicated his life to building up the strength of the state of Israel.”

Much praise from Netanyahu, huh? Hmmm.

Soon after he retired as Mossad chief, Mr. Dagan publicly criticized Netanyahu and his defense minister, Ehud Barak, and their policy of preparing for a military option against Iran’s nuclear program, telling an audience at a conference in Jerusalem that a strike on Iran’s nuclear installations would be “a stupid idea.”

Oh, he criticized Netanyahu -- and now he's dead!

Mr. Dagan argued that military action might not achieve all its goals and that it could lead to a regional war.

Oh, he was against Netanyahu's war -- and now he's dead! 

As the Church Lady used to say, "How convenient!" 

Won't be seeing his name in the paper or hearing his voice anymore!

While in office, Mr. Dagan oversaw a number of reported operations that were hailed as great successes in Israel. Among them was the assassination of Iranian scientists and computer sabotage that weakened Iran’s nuclear program, amid concerns that Tehran was trying to build a nuclear weapon. Okay, think about that for a minute.

They just admitted Mossad is responsible for assassinations in Iran as well as involvement in the Student cyber-hack that is only done by Russia, China, and Iran(??)!! 

I'm sorry, U.S. government, but it is obvious now that the Iran deal was rammed down your throat by monied interests because you have done everything since to try and sabotage the deal.

Mr. Dagan also criticized Israel’s political leaders for failing to seriously pursue a peace initiative with the Palestinians.


That's an even worse breach for bloodthirsty Zionist like Bibi.

Last year, shortly before the general elections that returned Netanyahu to a third consecutive term in office, Mr. Dagan again lashed out against him.

And now he's dead, dead, dead!

Born Meir Hubermann in 1945 in Kherson in what is now Ukraine, Mr. Dagan was the son of Holocaust survivors. He immigrated to Israel with his family in 1950, two years after the state was founded, and enlisted in the Israeli military in 1963, where he served in the paratrooper brigade and fought as a company commander in the Arab-Israeli War of 1967.

Rising through the ranks, he was tasked by Ariel Sharon, the general who became prime minister of Israel, to establish a special unit to combat militancy in the Gaza Strip in the 1970s, and he was later appointed commander of the South Lebanon region. He retired from the military in 1995 with the rank of major general.

Mr. Dagan then joined Israel’s counterterrorism bureau under Prime Minister Shimon Peres and was later appointed head of the bureau. In the late 1990s, he returned to the military, where he joined the general staff and served as a special adviser to the chief of staff.

It was Sharon who appointed Mr. Dagan to lead the Mossad, where he served as director under three prime ministers: Sharon, Ehud Olmert, and Netanyahu.