Sunday, March 27, 2016

I Saw the Easter Bunny

I say that and make this a special post because the guy darted out in front of my car on the way back from my Sunday Globe run in predawn dark. Ran across the street to the corner of the neighbor's property, then when I parked the light from the car made him move to the hill on the border between us property. I went around back of my house and saw him scoot across the backyard and into the woods.

I feel blessed this morning.

Tuesday Morning Update:

Saw two of them this morning. We both surprised each other in the predawn gloom around 6 a.m. As I stood still in the yard one went within a yard of me. One scurried into the woods, and then the other bounded the other way, crossed the street and went over to the neighbor's property. I checked 90 minutes later, and the darn thing was back over here before running into the brush.

I love life.