Thursday, March 31, 2016

North Carolina Crap

Lawsuit challenges North Carolina anti discrimination law

I close the door when I go.

N.C. attorney general refuses to defend LGBT law

Took a crap in Virginia he did!

"Train kills N.C. woman readying serviceman’s send-off" Associated Press  March 28, 2016

FOUR OAKS, N.C. — A woman preparing a send-off for a relative entering the military was killed when she crossed a railroad track on a path used by locals between houses in a small North Carolina town, authorities said.

Before she was killed Saturday afternoon, the woman had been helping to tie balloons for the party. A young man related to the woman was going into the military, so the family was having a party for him, Four Oaks Mayor Linwood Parker said. He said the woman was walking between houses along a path that crossed the railroad but wasn’t considered a marked crossing. “The houses, some of them were built prior to automobiles, and they had a path across the track,” he said.

A level of comfort and familiarity around the tracks appears to predate the founding of the town, which now has about 2,000 people. The town’s website says it developed around the tracks and owes its name to the railroad....


No one from Boston will be going to offer condolences:

City Council considers ban on city-funded travel to N.C.

Boston City Council passes travel ban to North Carolina

Even sent a strongly-worded letter to them.

All came out in Georgia:

"Ga. governor says he’ll veto bill that favors gay marriage foes.... Hundreds of businesses and sports organizations, including Coca-Cola and the NFL, had warned Governor Nathan Deal, explicitly or implicitly, that a decision to support the bill could jeopardize economic opportunities in Georgia. The NFL said it would be a factor in choosing whether Atlanta hosts the 2019 or 2020 Super Bowl. The Walt Disney Co., Marvel Studios, and also threatened to take their business elsewhere if the measure became law. Deal’s decision left the bill’s supporters dismayed, but not necessarily surprised."

Neither am I, and it was a "deal" he couldn't refuse.

They used to call that extortion. 

You know, drawing out that which you do not want to give.

As for this whole issue, I've hit a stone wall and don't give a crap anymore.

(Please spray when done)

Lingering stenches:

Big businesses attack NC law, few signs of corporate action

Mississippi’s Senate approves ‘religious liberty’ bill blasted by critics