Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Globe Special: BC Hits Rock Bottom

What goes up....

"The thrill of victory is all but gone at The Heights, where BC’s major revenue sports of football and basketball are captive to the greatest competitive crisis in the school’s history, a failure to thrive that has raised concerns about the administration’s role in the collapse.

Ten years after BC entered the ACC, the big money of college sports continues to cascade into the university’s coffers. But the sorry state of the school’s showcase sports has depleted morale, sapped attendance, diminished BC’s national athletic stature, and prompted calls for action.

The university also faces a diversity problem. Every head coach of BC’s 31 sports teams is white, and the university’s 51-member board of trustees does not include any African-Americans.....


Sorry, folks, but the thrill really is gone.

UPDATE: 23 people arraigned in Tewskbury cockfighting case