Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Globe Never Got Back to Guerry

S.C. man charged with killing two in Brockton last month

"A South Carolina man who's been jailed for three years in connection with a double fatal shooting in Massachusetts has been acquitted. A jury on Monday acquitted 28-year-old Guerry Hickman in the shooting deaths of Tashawn Leslie and Tyrelle Baker, The Enterprise reported. The Summerville, S. C., man was accused of shooting the 23-year-old men in December 2012 as they sat in a car in Brockton. The defense has said that another man was responsible for the slayings. The Plymouth County district attorney's office granted that man immunity, and he cannot be charged."

Meaning a murderer is walking around free.

Not surprising coming out of the Plymouth DA's office, is it?