Monday, March 21, 2016

First Day of Spring

Heavy overnight snow marks spring’s debut

Last Day of Winter 

What a drag (get your ticket yet?)

Snowstorm expected to slow morning commute

And ruin the parade!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade route shortened in South Boston

Parade organizers outraged by shorter route

Because it wasn't going by Dorchester Heights

The battle looked lost.

And then....

"South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade will stick to traditional route" y Milton J. Valencia Globe Staff  March 15, 2016

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the Walsh administration to allow the St. Patrick’s Day parade to march along its typical route through South Boston, saying the city’s attempts to shorten the parade, even if for safety reasons, interfered with the First Amendment rights of the organizers.

“This case does fall in a matter of constitutional protection,” said US District Judge Richard G. Stearns, citing US Supreme Court cases that have found that parades, like other forms of free speech and assembly, are a “public drama of social relations.”

Chester Darling, an attorney for the parade organizers, suggested the city’s attempts to shorten the parade were politically motivated; parade organizers have been at odds with Mayor Martin J. Walsh in recent years, based in part on the mayor’s failed attempt during his first year in office in 2014 to negotiate the inclusion of gay and lesbian veterans, who were allowed to march last year.

Darling noted that the city for the first time this year requested an insurance binder and entertainment license.

He called the city’s attempts to shorten the parade an “abuse of discretion by a heavy-handed mayor. He stamped his little feet and didn’t get his way.”

Boston’s police commissioner, William B. Evans, took issue with the claim, and said from the witness stand during Tuesday’s emergency hearing in federal court that he was the one who asked the mayor to adopt the shorter route — the same route the parade followed in 2015, when record snowfall clogged city streets....


Mayor Walsh to march in St. Patrick’s Day parade

In Southie, parade will wind down streets of change

St. Patrick’s Day parade shows evolving identity

Not really, and parades put me to sleep.

South Boston a sea of green for St. Patrick’s Day parade

At St. Patrick’s breakfast, groan-inducing comedy

I'm going to skip it this year, sorry.


Nearly 500 cited for public drinking at St. Patrick’s Day parade

Traffic changes considered after Back Bay drag race

Snow vs. flowers? No worries