Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Most Uninteresting Blog in the World

You've found it!

"Even the ‘‘Most Interesting Man in the World’’ is not immune to getting dumped. Mexican beer brand Dos Equis is letting go of its gray-haired spokesman, 77-year-old Jonathan Goldsmith, and replacing him with another actor. Goldsmith, known in the ads as the ‘‘Most Interesting Man in the World,’’ has been appearing in Dos Equis commercials for about nine years. Dos Equis is making the change to attract new drinkers, said Andrew Katz, the brand’s vice president of marketing. In his last Dos Equis commercial, Goldsmith is shipped off in a rocket on a one-way trip to Mars. He says, ‘‘Stay thirsty, my friends,’’ for the last time as the rocket takes off."

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He's a "cult-like" figure, and I'm sorry I'm no longer interested.


"The Boston Licensing Board suspended the bar’s license three times for incidents of violence — once for up to four days. Two months before Chery was killed, two women were shot outside the bar. The board determined in that case that the bar did not violate the terms of its liquor license. Last month, Chery’s mother, Rose Chery, lauded the bar’s closing but was disappointed to learn this week that the same owner could possibly reopen the bar under a new name. “They need to shut that place down forever,” she said Wednesday. “I lost my son. My family is destroyed forever.” 

I'm sure it's all Trump's fault.

Chapman sorry to see ‘Person of Interest’ end

No one cared about this or those.