Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday Junk

Comes with the morning coffee:

"Starbucks has plenty of customers, but not enough ingredients" by Julie Creswell New York Times, June 11, 2021

Tasha Leverette was in the mood for her favorite drink from Starbucks, an iced peach green-tea lemonade.

When she went through the drive-thru of her usual Starbucks in Atlanta three weeks ago, though, she was told they couldn’t make the drink because they didn’t have any peach-flavored juice. Shrugging it off, she drove to another store, and another, and another.

Each stop brought disappointment. None of the locations had the integral ingredient.

“I said to them, ‘This is the Peach State, right?’” said Leverette, 33, who owns a public relations firm. “It’s surprising because Starbucks always seems like it has anything and everything you need.”

Across the country, customers and baristas are taking to social media to bemoan shortages not only of key ingredients for popular Starbucks drinks, like peach and guava juices, but also a lack of iced and cold-brew coffee, breakfast foods and cake pops, and even cups, lids, and straws.

A video on TikTok this week featured what appeared to be a group of employees screaming in frustration over a list of ingredients the shop had run out of. The caption also said that they were low on cold brew and the “will to live.”

Starbucks is hardly the only company struggling with supply issues. Earlier this spring, ketchup packets became hotter than GameStop stock. Automakers have slowed production because there are not enough computer chips for their vehicles, and homeowners are waiting weeks, if not months, for major kitchen appliances, but Starbucks is running out of ingredients for Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers and almond croissants after being one of the clear winners of the pandemic economy. During lockdowns, the coffee chain quickly shifted from its position as a “third place,” where people could linger to work or meet up for long chats, to focusing on frictionless transactions with customers ordering through mobile apps and drive-thrus. Earlier this year, company executives said Starbucks had seen a “full recovery” in US sales, back to pre-pandemic levels.....

How can that be with the manmade shortage supplies to further usher in a totalitarian state

That's when I dumped the bad-ta$ting cup, but there is plenty left if you want to guzzle it down.

Or maybe you would like a lick of ice cream in$tead:

"J.P. Licks sued for rent that went unpaid during pandemic; Its landlord claims the ice cream chain owes $113,000, despite having received nearly $3 million through the Paycheck Protection Program" by Tim Logan Globe Staff, June 11, 2021

The flagship location of long-popular Boston ice cream chain J.P. Licks in Jamaica Plain is being sued by its landlord for more than $100,000 in unpaid rent amassed during the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Zooephebe Realty Trust, which owns the Centre Street building where J.P. Licks has its store, production facility, and corporate office, filed suit this week in Suffolk County Superior Court, saying owner Vincent Petryk owes it $113,000 in back rent accumulated in 2020.

The suit claims that J.P. Licks failed to pay its full monthly rent of $23,000 to $24,000 from March through the end of last year, despite receiving nearly $3 million in loans from the federal Paycheck Protection Program. While J.P. Licks resumed making normal rent payments in January, the suit notes, it still owes $113,000 in back rent.

Neither party immediately returned messages seeking comment Friday afternoon. The suit was first reported by the Boston Business Journal.

These types of tenant-landlord disputes have cropped up with increasing regularity as the pandemic eases and property owners seek to recoup rent payments deferred during the public health crisis. In February, a Suffolk County judge ruled that a Back Bay coffee shop did not have to pay back rent for the months it was ordered closed by the state.....

What will the landlord tell the bank, or is this simply a way for the corporate globalists to seize all property so you will own nothing and be happy?

Or you can take a lick of demands on the tech giants to downsize in new antitrust bills, but I warn you to take it with a grain of $alt.  They have reminded the Democrats they are with them, and Republicans didn't do anything about them when they had the chance.

Was in my printed business section as the Globe has me literally tilting at windmills off Block Island, R.I., because after two decades of false starts and lengthy delays, Massachusetts is poised to get the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm with the approval Tuesday by the Biden administration of a massive energy project in federal waters some 15 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. The decision is an important milestone for the Biden administration’s effort to battle climate change by moving the nation’s energy policy away from fossil fuels and toward renewable sources. It is also validation of a push for wind power that started in Massachusetts some 20 years ago with the Cape Wind project that was proposed for waters in Nantucket Sound and eventually collapsed in the face of stiff opposition. “It’s not just the approval of a project, but it really is the birth of an industry,” said Dennis Arriola, chief executive of Avangrid, an energy company that is developing Vineyard Wind in a partnership with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. “It’s really historic. It shows that when a private and public partnership want to get something done like this, it can be done.” The approval will also accelerate an arms race among at least a half-dozen East Coast states for the renewable energy and the jobs that these projects bring, as well as off the coast of California.


It was the Globe's above-the-fold, front-page feature this morning and I'm told it “should send shock waves to the White House.”

What isn't sending shock waves are the tens of thousands of deaths and adverse reactions worldwide as the government continues to push and approve use of the deadly vaxxeens; thus, as I 
swoon I wonder what is the angle here? 

To try and surreptitiously rebuild FDA credibility when the approve the vaccines, claiming they have cleaned up their act after the Biogen scandal that will soon be all but forgotten?

As for the Globe's ostensible above-the-fold, front-page lead, they failed the test and get no extra points as I flip below the fold.

I'm going to cut the rookie some slack considering the crisis in the newsroom and the fact that the empty MBTA cars where ridership is down nearly 70 percent flies in the face of such proclamations as the other Globe newbie is more concerned about masks:

I don't want to start a fray, but what I spotted was the wrongful use of the term scofflaw. The insane mask-wearing is a guidance and a rule, NOT a LAW -- at least, not yet and if one becomes law it will be unconstitutional as well as criminally harmful to health.

This is what passes for journali$m these days, and what are Globe reporters doing?

They are patting themselves on the back, and I'm not blind to the prominently displayed rainbow flag, either!

And they wonder why they are despised here?


My print was AP and that was the Globe's National Lead, Biden's hatchet man with a grudge making sure the massive vote frauds will continue and the DoJ goes back to being what it was under Obama: an operation to persecute political enemies while shielding their own crimes (where is John Durham's report or Hunter's laptop that was in their hands?)

Yeah, Horowitz(!) will get to the bottom of it after obstructing and obfuscating the Obama spying scandal that used the pee dossier from the Clinton campaign as the basis to obtain fraudulent FISA warrants, with Brennan feeding it to McCain and Reid, who then sent it up official channels to give it the veneer of legitimacy. Democrat squawking on this is really beyond the limts of shamelessness.

He had recently declared bankruptcy in this roaring economy, and add two more deaths to the CVD toll.

Now get off my land!


After reading the first paragraph, I realized the entire article was a total rewrite so you wouldn't have known that the menu consisted of roasted turbot, Cornish new potatoes and greens with wild garlic pesto, cooked by a local chef, and a jellyfish was spotted in the crowd, but at least you do now that leaders will pivot Friday from opening greetings and a “family photo” directly into a session on “Building Back Better From COVID-19” -- per WEF agenda, of course, and look at that lineup of criminal $cum.

Meanwhile, we are being told that Britain’s main doctors’ union has joined calls for the next planned lockdown easing in England to be delayed, as figures Friday showed new COVID-19 cases across the U.K. running at their highest level since late February -- meaning lockdowns have failed or they are absolute liars and it is all so they can indefinitely delay the alleged reopening that was never going to be allowed anyway as the virus continues to spread like wildfire (no masks, nothing, on those evil creatures).

The idea that China controls Hollywood or my pre$$ is laughable when they are criticized with war-mongering rhetoric. We all know jwho really controls Hollywood and the pre$$ due to whom you can not criticize or mention, and woe to those who do.

"Spain is in shock after investigators combing the seabed near the Canary Islands found the body of one of two young sisters taken by their father weeks earlier without the mother’s permission. Coroners have confirmed that the body found in a bag and tied to an anchor at a depth of some 3,200 feet belonged to 6-year-old Olivia, the older of the two sisters. Their mother, who is divorced from the girls’ father, alleged he told her she would never see them again. Investigators launched a wide search on land and sea but narrowed in on the waters off Tenerife after Gimeno’s boat was found empty and drifting at sea....." 

It's a fox guarding the henhouse situation with the goal of controlling dissident priest who reject the Satanist teachings of Francis.


What's the worst that could happen, expulsion?

"Oregon GOP legislator ousted over state Capitol breach" by Andrew Selsky The Associated Press, June 11, 2021

SALEM, Ore. — Republican lawmakers voted with majority Democrats in the Oregon House of Representatives to take the historic step of expelling a Republican member who let violent, far-right protesters into the state Capitol on Dec. 21.

Sort of like a test run, same as the Colonial Pipeline hack.

Legislators said on the House floor that this could be the most important vote they ever cast. They then proceeded Thursday night to expel an unapologetic Representative Mike Nearman with a 59-1 vote, marking the first time a member has been expelled by the House in its 160-year history. The only vote against the resolution for expulsion was Nearman’s own.

“The facts are clear that Mr. Nearman unapologetically coordinated and planned a breach of the Oregon State Capitol,” House Speaker Tina Kotek, a Democrat, said after the vote. “His actions were blatant and deliberate, and he has shown no remorse for jeopardizing the safety of every person in the Capitol that day.”

Representative Paul Holvey, a Democrat who chaired a committee that earlier Thursday unanimously recommended Nearman’s expulsion, reminded lawmakers of the events of Dec. 21, which were an eerie foreshadowing of the much more serious Jan. 6 assault on the US Capitol.

“On the morning of Dec. 21, a couple hundred protesters — some of them heavily armed and wearing body armor — arrived at the Capitol for a protest, with the intent to illegally enter and presumably occupy the building and interrupt the proceedings of the Oregon Legislature,” Holvey said. “Staff and legislators were terrified. We can only speculate what would have happened if they were able to get all the way in.”

The final straw for Republican House members came on June 4, when video emerged showing Nearman choreographing how he would let protesters into the Capitol a few days before it actually happened. For his fellow lawmakers, that was proof it was a premeditated act, which Nearman acknowledged. All 22 of his fellow House Republicans wrote him on Monday, strongly recommending he resign.

As lawmakers decided Nearman’s fate, a few dozen people waving American flags and one carrying a sign saying “I am Mike Nearman” gathered outside the Capitol. One repeatedly kicked a metal door, sending booms through a marble hallway of the building.

Nearman was seen on security video opening a door to protesters on Dec. 21 as lawmakers met in emergency session to deal with economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Protesters barged into the building, which was closed to the public because of coronavirus safety protocols, got into shoving matches with police, and sprayed officers with bear spray.

Same on January 6th as the Capitol police bantered with some of the "insurrectionists" who were nothing more than agent provocateurs following a script.

“It’s impossible to overstate the seriousness of the reason we are here today,” Holvey said during the committee hearing.....  


They Globe is still fixated on Trump, for what it is worth because he has been put out to pasture and is no longer Trump:

"He's been manipulated, drugged, the whole 9 yards to get him to do and say things he'd never do or say in his right mind, one of which is the continuous support for the vax. I'd bet he has not seen a single magnet stick vid. He's in bad hands and is being manipulated. I believe Trump is in trouble. He looks 15 years older. That cannot be denied. He sound 15 years older. He's walking 15 years older. Everything about him is 15 years older and if this keeps up, he'll be dead in months. I also believe those who want him destroyed are going to bury the pants on backwards, everyone knew Trump was not in any way gone like that and they don't want people investigating how on earth that happened so suddenly absent foul play. I believe there is foul play. And I am not going to change my opinion just because the Daily Caller and a couple others posted a photo of normal pants. The video says it all. You can put pants on anyone and a zipper on anything in photoshop and to get people to ignore something could be seriously wrong the enemy press certaily would. It's not so easy to do that in a video that shows several angles, including movement, including walking, and every frame has no zipper and pants on backwards. That was not a trick of the light. I believe Trump is in serious need of rescue, and those destroying him have every asset available to prevent anyone from doing anything about it. They also don't want anyone to believe there is a reason to until the job is done." -- JIM STONE

I think Trump is dead before 2024, a breakout star a year removed from a short-lived presidency that was sabotaged from the very get-go, and speaking of Texas:

"Prison break: 29 inmates escape federal lockups in 18 months" by Michael Balsamo and Michael r. Sisak The Associated Press, June 11, 2021

WASHINGTON — Over the past 18 months, 29 prisoners have escaped from federal lockups across the US— and nearly half still have not been caught. At some of the institutions, doors are left unlocked, security cameras are broken, and officials sometimes don’t notice an inmate is missing for hours.

At one Texas lockup, security is so lax that local law enforcement officials privately joke about its seemingly “open-door policy.”

Prisoners have broken out at lockups in nearly every region of the country. Twelve of the inmates who escaped in 2020 — from prisons in Florida, California, Louisiana, Texas, and Colorado — remain at large. Two others who escaped since January this year have also not yet been caught. Their crimes include racketeering, wire fraud, bank robbery, possession of methamphetamine, and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and other drugs.

All of the escapes happened at minimum-security federal prison camps, some of which don’t even have fences, and house inmates the Bureau of Prisons considers to be the lowest security risk.

“Anybody can escape from any camp any minute of any day,” said Jack Donson, a prison consultant and former case manager at a federal prison in Otisville, N.Y. “They’re not secure facilities. They have no fence, no metal detectors.”

The numbers raise serious concerns that the agency long besieged by chronic mismanagement, misconduct, and a severe staffing crisis is failing at performing its most basic function: keeping prisoners in prison. While a Justice Department budget report submitted to Congress said the Bureau of Prisons had no escapes from secure facilities, it does not count those who escape from minimum-security prisons or camps.

Go tell it to Whitey Bulger for God's sake!

So what exactly is the purpose of this rank rot molehill appearing at this time?

What is the REAL REASON it appears in my paper!?

Federal officials often refer to them as “walk-aways,” though it is still an escape from federal prison under the law and law enforcement officials say there is still a risk to the community when an inmate absconds.

Federal prison camps were originally designed with low security to make operations easier and to allow inmates tasked with performing work at the prison, like landscaping and maintenance, to avoid repeatedly checking in and out of a main prison facility, but the lax security has now not only opened a gateway for contraband but is also the source of most of the prison system’s escapes.

Aside from Texas escapees, law enforcement officials have also routinely learned of inmates at the prison just walking off the grounds to retrieve drugs and other contraband that is dropped off in the woods and then bringing the illegal items back inside with them.

It has become routine at FCI Beaumont for cars to drop drugs, cellphones, and other contraband in the woods, leaving them for inmates to break out of the prison at night and pick up the items before sneaking back inside, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the matter. The official could not discuss the investigations publicly and spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

The Texas escapes, at least, have attracted the attention of the Justice Department's inspector general. The office issued a memorandum this week highlighting glaring security gaps at Beaumont and other federal prison camps.....

Federal prison camps? 

What are they, some sort of conspiracy theories?

All kidding aside, this looks like Biden's DoJ getting after a political enemy, in this case the Free State of Texas that has (along with Florida) flipped them the finger.and speaking of flipping the finger at people:

Tell us something we didn't know, and that Cohen's remarks apparently cleared the censors suggests Israel wanted to issue a new warning to Iran amid the Vienna nuclear negotiations validates what I have been saying for a long time now: this stuff doesn't appear in the pre$$ unless the Jewi$h ma$ters want us to know they did it; otherwise, it is omitted and never surfaces at all.

What is noteworthy is the war criminal acts and assassinations that Israel is further warning about elicit absolutely no response from the world at large, as if the Israelis were above the law. 

The lack of criticism tells you JWHO REALLY RULES US, and it is not the Chinese! They may have influence, but the tribe runs this show over here! 


The DCR is basically an agency for political patronage that is really not need so I kept on walking.

Sad, but he shouldn't have jumped into the deep end.

That's a whale of tale if I do say so myself, Pinocchio.

Not something worth going to war over, that's for sure.

The cause is under investigation and I suspect commie arson. 

That's how they do things, and then they fly their flag.

"In 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were slashed to death outside her Los Angeles home. (O.J. Simpson was later acquitted of the killings in a criminal trial but was eventually held liable in a civil action.)

I posted that because it was a seminal event that changed the world in which we live -- or did it?

Time to answer this tweet:

"A Mass. software engineer’s bot helped people find vaccine appointments. Now he’s shut it down, and the thank-yous are rolling in" by Martin Finucane Globe Staff, June 10, 2021

A Massachusetts software developer’s Twitter bot offered help to those seeking vaccine appointments at a time they were frustratingly scarce. Now he’s shut it down, and hundreds of people are saying thank you.

Developer Dan Cahoon tweeted on Wednesday, “With vaccines now readily available in Massachusetts I’m going to turn off vaccinetime,” and he referred people to the state’s website.

The tweet garnered more than 230 replies by midafternoon Thursday, with many saying they had used the bot to get not only themselves but others vaccinated. The replies reflected the tense times the state saw when vaccines were first made available but there wasn’t enough supply to meet the demand.

“It’s really great to see how many people it was able to help,” said Cahoon, a software developer at Ginkgo Bioworks. He said he developed the bot in his spare time after watching colleagues struggle to find appointments on the multiple websites where they were listed.

While media outlets earlier this year included bots in their lists of tips on how to get a vaccine appointment, some critics have said they gave the tech-savvy an advantage. Cahoon said he felt his bot leveled the playing field between people who only had limited time to search for appointments and people who had the time to sit at the screen for hours clicking away.

“Hopefully, it brought a little more fairness to the system,” Cahoon said. He also said that if the unthinkable happens and there’s another pandemic, it would be better if there was a single website people could go to and preregister.

After enduring the early frustrations, the state is now a national leader in vaccinations.

The safe and effective vaccines are free for people who live, work, or study in the state. People 12 to 17 can receive the Pfizer vaccine. People 18 and older can receive either the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the state says.....

There they go again, pushing the poison.

One thing I noticed reading those last few stories were the ads that went along with them. Two were for virtual events sponsored by Globe (no money being brought in there as they promote themselves), one being "Will pandemic-era changes give workers more flexibility -- and more power?" and the other being "Epidemic in the Pandemic: The Impact on the Mental Health of Children." 

The flip side to those was an offer to "score points with Dad" by give him a subscription to the Globe, and a pimp for the aforementioned future-proofing presidency from next tyrant editorial series -- meaning keeping it out of the hands of the voters who overwhelmingly elected Trump (not that it matters with the Warp Speed and all, and he would be facing the same crises as is Biden).

The obituaries were in the $ports $ection so I never took a look at the Comfort Zone, sorry.