Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Globe Garbage: CRT

Class began on page A6 about 6 a.m.:

"Teachers wary of new laws limiting instruction on race" by Kimberlee Kruesi and Michael Melia The Associated Press, June 12, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — As middle school teacher Brittany Paschall, an English teacher in Nashville, assembled a lesson plan on the history of the Negro Baseball Leagues, she wondered how she might have to go about it differently next year under a new Tennessee state law that prohibits teaching certain concepts of race and racism.

The unit was about baseball, but more importantly, it was about segregation and racism in America.

Laws setting guiderails for classroom instruction on race passed this year in Republican-controlled states have left some teachers worried about how they will be enforced. Particularly in districts with large numbers of people of color, educators say they worry everyday discussions about students' experiences could land teachers in hot water.

In response to a push for culturally responsive teaching that gained steam following last year's police killing of George Floyd, Republican lawmakers and governors have championed legislation to limit the teaching of material that explores how race and racism influence American politics, culture and law. The measures have become law in Tennessee, Idaho and Oklahoma and bills have been introduced in over a dozen other states.

If true, why are migrants pouring in here?

Professional teachers associations and some school boards have blasted the laws as disrespecting teachers' judgment and opening the door to censorship.

“This is an assault on the craft of teaching,” said Paschall, who is Black. “It’s asking me to show up and ignore parts of my own identity.”

Don't expect any sympathy after going along with the harmful CVD $cam, you hateful,  indoctrinating, insulting Marxi$t!

While no one was looking they took over the schools and brainwashed a generation and then they have the nerve to holler censorship!

The Tennessee law that takes effect July 1 allows the state education commissioner to withhold funds from any school found to be in violation. Among other things, Tennessee’s teachers can’t instruct that “an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex, is inherently privileged, racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or subconsciously.”

The law still permits ‘impartial discussion of controversial aspects of history,’ but teachers are uncertain how to square that with the main thrust of the legislation, as state officials begin working on finalizing rules on how to implement the new law.

Opposition among teachers is not universal. In a survey by the Tennessee Council for the Social Studies, 64 of 403 members responded with their thoughts on the legislation. While 61% said it would greatly or slightly affect their teaching, 22% said it would likely not or definitely not affect their teaching.

Among the written responses shared anonymously by the council, one of the teachers who said it would not affect their teaching wrote: "Telling students of color they are discriminated against will only serve to make the students feel victimized. This has no place in schools.”

Not until you get to college and are wi$ened up.

The bills in various states limit the teaching of ideas linked to “critical race theory,” which seeks to reframe the narrative of American history. Its proponents argue that federal law has preserved the unequal treatment of people on the basis of race and that the country was founded on the theft of land and labor.

That is what Communi$ts do, sorry, and I'm glad they are fighting it in the Free States of America.

In the Oklahoma City school district of Millwood, where over 70% of students are Black, Superintendent Cecilia Robinson-Woods said teachers were confused by the implications of the new law's ban on saying certain people are inherently racist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.

She said one young Black teacher assigned a project around an issue students want to solve in their community and they came back with topics including gentrification, Jim Crow, mass incarceration and the Tulsa race massacre.

“This is what these kids are thinking about. To say you can't talk about this, it’s impossible,” Robinson-Woods said.

Who got them thinking about those things?

After the new law passed, the teacher asked the superintendent if the project meant he was teaching critical race theory. She told him students in the district's K-12 schools aren't being taught such concepts.

“What you should be doing is having student led-discussions that are balanced," Robinson-Woods said she told the teacher. “So if kids are interested in learning about Green Book, then yeah, they need to learn about Jim Crow as well.”

“We’re not doing anything differently because we don’t believe we’re teaching critical race theory,” she added.

The new law was condemned by school boards in Millwood as well as Oklahoma City, where the board chair, Paula Lewis, said it was a measure in search of a problem because there have been no examples of somebody telling a student they are a white supremacist or an oppressor because of their skin color.

It's implied. Just look at the color of the skin!

Never mind that we both have been opre$$ed by the .01% and are kept divided by their pre$$ mouthpieces with slop like this.

Still, she said, teachers are apprehensive about crossing a line.

“In our mind, it really just adds a layer of fear,” she said.....

Welcome to the 21st-century, $nowflake!

Okay, that's AmeriKan ejewkhazion and is no surprise.


At least the doctor is color-blind, right?

"AMA doctors meet amid vocal backlash over racial equity plan" by Lindsey Tanner The Associated Press, June 12, 2021

The nation’s largest, most influential doctors’ group is holding its annual policymaking meeting amid backlash over its most ambitious plan ever — to help dismantle centuries-old racism and bias in all realms of the medical establishment.

The dissenters are a vocal minority of physicians, including some white Southern delegates who accuse the American Medical Association of reverse discrimination.

Dr. Gerald Harmon, the group's incoming president, is a 69-year-old white native of rural South Carolina who knows he isn’t the most obvious choice to lead the AMA at this pivotal time, but he seems intent on breaking down stereotypes and said pointedly in a phone interview, “This plan is not up for debate.’’

The six-day meeting that began Friday is being held virtually because of the pandemic. It offers a chance for doctors to adopt policies that spell out how the AMA should implement its health equity plan, but some white doctors say the plan goes too far.

Sure carries with it the stench of rationing and discrimination.

Announced last month, the plan is unusually bold for the historically cautious AMA, acknowledging that racism and white privilege exist in the medical establishment and have contributed to health disparities laid bare during the coronavirus pandemic.

Portions of the plan include the language of critical race theory, referencing the theft of native lands and centuries-old white supremacy. The dissenters took offense and attacked the plan in documents recently leaked online. One leaked draft of a letter intended for AMA executives called portions of the plan “divisive, accusatory and insulting.”

They have it out for "white males, who are repeatedly characterized as repressive and to some degree responsible for the inequities," despite us all being looted over the past year -- by the very people bringing you this slop about "equity!"

They want equity, all right; they want us all to be dirt-eating serfs who own nothing but will be happy thanks to the endless vaccinations and pills!

No a moment of silence, please, for a racist who has been dragged through the mud

Critics argue that the plan should be put up for a vote by delegates, but it reflects existing policies. It was developed by AMA executives and staff based in part on measures adopted at previous policymaking meetings. That includes a declaration last November that racism is a public health threat.

Yeah, who cares about "democracy" when race is involved?

That's SICK!

Harmon’s effort to knock down stereotypes includes reflecting on his own experiences. He described a recent encounter at a South Carolina hospital with an older Black man stricken with COVID-19 pneumonia. The man was getting better but was not very communicative and offered mostly one-word responses to questions.

The man’s name was familiar, so Harmon sat down at the bedside and probed. ‘“What kind of work did you do?’ ‘Mechanic.’ ‘What kind?’ ‘Jet engines.’”

With an Air Force background, Harmon shared that he knew about jet engines, and the patient perked up. He had worked at a NASA research center in Virginia where Harmon had once been assigned.

“He was literally a rocket scientist,’’ Harmon said.

Harmon acknowledged the racial stereotype behind his initial impression. He said that’s the kind of thinking that the AMA wants to confront, but he also noted that he took time to learn more about the patient and to find common ground — something Black patients say white doctors often don't do.

U.S. physicians, including AMA members, are overwhelmingly white. With roughly 270,000 members, the AMA represents just over a quarter of the nation’s doctors.

One measure at this week's meeting would have the group create guidelines to help hospitals, academic medical centers and doctors’ offices create and prominently display anti-racist policies that clearly define racist behavior and “microaggressions.’’ Another measure asks the AMA to bolster efforts to create a more diverse physician workforce.

Voting is scheduled for Monday through Wednesday.....

Avoid them whatever color they are, and mine doesn't seem to care and now I know why.

CVD has basically ruined the relationship anyway because it has destroyed my trust in the medical e$tabli$hment. The longer they continue to push the genocidal vaccines and the CVD lie, the more distrustful I become.


Here come the death mobiles to collect you:

"Million dollar COVID vaccine lotteries grab attention, but cheaper, targeted approaches may be just as successful" by Kay Lazar Globe Staff, June 12, 2021

Free sports tickets. Free beer. Million dollar lotteries.

As the rate of COVID vaccinations declines sharply across the country, community and state leaders are offering sometimes lavish incentives to lure holdouts to roll up their sleeves in the drive to vaccinate 70 percent of American adults by the Fourth of July, but for Carlos Acosta, it came down to something more simple: convenience. The 39-year-old East Boston resident had been meaning to get a COVID shot but life kept getting in the wayuntil he stumbled upon a pop-up clinic last weekend in the Market Basket parking lot in Revere, while out shopping.

Here is a look at the pigeons:

People waited for 15 minutes after receiving their COVID-19 vaccine at mobile clinic outside of Market Basket in Chelsea on Thursday.
People waited for 15 minutes after receiving their COVID-19 vaccine at mobile clinic outside of Market Basket in Chelsea on Thursday (Erin Clark/Globe Staff)

What, no olive branch?

A vast number of unvaccinated people are neither fearful nor anti-vaccine, but simply distracted by all the other issues in their lives. For these people, a mobile vaccine van that shows up at their work could be all it takes, something that Community Health Programs in Berkshire County discovered long ago.

Since January, CHC workers have hopped on “Bob,” their big orange bus, to administer more than 3,300 doses of COVID vaccines to far-flung residents, including gas station attendants, store clerks, and the homebound. They have occasionally offered incentives, such as free grocery gift cards or a raffle for Six Flags amusement park tickets, but have found doorstep convenience to be the biggest attraction.

“We’re not encountering a lot of hesitation, but social vulnerabilities — lack of transportation, lack of time off from a job, lack of child care” to get a shot, said Lia Spiliotes, the center’s chief executive.

What a fucking monster, and the fear campaign has obviously failed if people are just going about their lives!

To be sure, big-payoff sweepstakes, such as Ohio’s Vax-a-Million, have boosted turnout. Ohio reported a weekly average vaccination rate increase of 77 percent — an average of 68,667 more shots per week — after the lottery was announced in mid-May, compared with the time before; however, other much lower-cost and lower-key approaches, such as simple text reminder “nudges” about a vaccine reserved for each unvaccinated person, or pop-up vaccination clinics at grocery stores, can also be effective, researchers say.

Oh, I love to be sure -- you use to be sure when you are admitting that something is true, although it seems to contradict a more general statement that you are making -- along with however in a report, in contradiction to the a Writing 101 course in college. Nothing like undercutting your entire thesis and admitting you are doing nothing but shoveling shit.

So what happens when the nudge is no longer effective, huh? 


“We need a lot of different approaches,” said Dr. Mitesh Patel, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.

Last fall, Patel and his colleagues used simple text messages to remind people to get a flu shot, and found in their study of 47,000 patients that texts alerting people that there was already a shot “reserved for you” were the most successful. That tailored message increased by 4.6 percentage points the number of patients who followed through with a vaccine, compared with patients who did not receive such messages.

The approach, Patel said, could easily be used for COVID vaccines.

“The message it conveys is, ‘It’s yours,’ and people are more likely to follow through to avoid losing something,” Patel said.

What a criminal $lime ball!

One of Patel’s colleagues is now joining other researchers to adapt this so-called loss-aversion approach in a newly-announced COVID vaccine lottery in Philadelphia.

The lottery significantly boosts the odds of winning among residents in randomly selected ZIP codes that have the city’s lowest vaccination rates, but they can only collect the $50,000 prizes if they have been vaccinated, giving them a powerful incentive to get a shot before the drawing.

“We are drawing winners from a residential database, and if they say, ‘Sorry, I am not vaccinated,’ then we will call someone else, and they will find out it’s a ‘regret lottery,’” said co-lead researcher Katy Milkman, a behavioral economics professor in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

It's a lottery you don't want to win so have no regrets!

People who don’t get vaccinated are a potential threat even to vaccinated people because they are potential hosts for new strains of COVID that may be more lethal and contagious. Scientists say many people may need COVID booster shots going forward to maintain protection, giving urgency to the search for methods that boost vaccination rates.


So the VACCINE DOESN'T WORK and you will need ENDLE$$ BOOSTER$, and what is to age done with the "potential" threats?

What is with the WEASEL WORDING from the pre$$ $scum -- with profuse apologies to weasels for the comparison.

President Biden last week called for a “month of action” in an effort to get at least one COVID shot to 70 percent of adults, but it comes as the number of people rolling up their sleeves for a shot plummets. Nationally, vaccinations hit a peak in early April, with a seven-day average of just over 3 million shots a day. That is now down to a third of that, at around 1 million.

That steep decline is mirrored in Massachusetts, where vaccinations peaked in mid-April with a seven-day average of about 90,000 shots daily. Today, it’s less than half that, hovering at about 40,000.

Still, Massachusetts is second only to Vermont in vaccinations, with at least 4.6 million, or 66 percent, of residents with at least a first dose — and that’s without any statewide incentive based programs. Governor Charlie Baker has said he would study the idea of a lottery, but an administration spokeswoman said they are first focused on eliminating potential barriers and incorporating smaller, targeted incentives, like the state-funded grocery gift cards at Market Basket pop-up clinics in communities harder hit by the pandemic.

For how much, $25?

State data show the first round of pop-up clinics, from June 3 to June 5 in Chelsea, Revere, Lawrence, Lynn, and Fall River — communities where shots have lagged — yielded 583 additional people vaccinated. Other low-key events have done even better at getting people vaccinated.

CIC Health, a Cambridge technology company that managed several state mass vaccination sites, is also organizing the pop-up Market Basket clinics. Last month, it sponsored a free ice cream night targeted at people under age 25 at the Reggie Lewis Center vaccination site in Roxbury, with a DJ, walk-ins welcome, and doors open until 10:30 p.m.

Here, take a lick of this.

That day, a total of 837 people under age 25 were vaccinated at the center, with more than 40 percent of them — 350 people — walking in during the special evening hours. A week later, with the free ice cream offer ended, just 244 people under age 25 were vaccinated during the entire day, although the doors were only open until 6 p.m., the normal closing time.

“The impact is not to just increase the number who get vaccinated,” said Rodrigo Martinez, CIC’s chief marketing officer. “It’s the factor that these people had a great experience and go back to the community and reach someone else.”

Shedding their spike proteins, no doubt.

On the other side of the state, in rural Berkshire County where public transportation is spotty, the biggest issue is simply reaching people. Community Health Programs, the county’s only community health center, is used to bringing care to people’s doorstep and has relied on mobile vans to administer flu vaccines for a decade.

They make a house call now they will be met with a surprise.

For Angie Dowd, a 42-year-old cashier at a gas station in Lee, convenience and timing were key. Dowd, who was nervous after hearing about very rare blood-clotting problems associated with the Johnson & Johnson single shot, kept putting off vaccination, even when she brought her 18-year-old son to a local pharmacy for one.

Then the big “Bob” van pulled into her parking lot on Tuesday, right after she started her shift, and a colleague pointed to Dowd when van workers asked if anyone was unvaccinated and would like a shot.

“I didn’t have to make an appointment or go somewhere, and I think that was probably most of my reasoning because I am so busy with work and bringing kids to school and afterschool stuff,” said Dowd, who got her first Moderna shot that morning, “and maybe,” she said, “I’m not the only one that thinks like this.”

Let's hope so, but I'm sure she is not.


I guess only in the eyes of God are we all created equal:

"Conservatives aim to commandeer Southern Baptists" by Ruth Graham and Elizabeth Dias New York Times, June 12, 2021

They are going to ‘take the ship!’

Next week more than 16,000 Southern Baptist pastors and leaders will descend on Nashville, Tennessee, for their first annual meeting of the post-Trump era. It is their most high-profile gathering in years, with attendance more than double the most recent meeting in 2019, after a pandemic cancellation last year. It caps months of vicious infighting over every cultural and political division facing the country, particularly after the murder of George Floyd.

The outcome has the potential to permanently split an already divided evangelical America. Like the Trump movement within the Republican Party, a populist groundswell within the already conservative evangelical denomination is trying to install an anti-establishment leader who could wrench the church even further to the right, while opponents contend that the church must broaden its reach to preserve its strength. For three days, thousands of delegates known as “messengers” — most of them white men — will fight over race, sex and ultimately the future of evangelical power in the United States.

God help us all.

An event that has historically been compared to a family reunion may look more like a brawl. In the past several weeks, Baptists have pored over leaked bombshell letters and whistleblower recordings, and traded accusations of racism, apostasy and sexual abuse cover-ups. Leaders have taken barbed potshots at each other. Others have headed for the door.

Messengers will confront a series of measures likely including the propriety of women delivering sermons, the handling of sexual abuse and a denunciation of critical race theory, the concept that historical patterns of racism remain ingrained in modern American society and institutions.

Those hoping to “take the ship” maintain that piracy is nothing more than a cheeky metaphor for a dry, democratic process. Still, the swashbuckling imagery has taken hold. There are “Take the Ship” T-shirts and pirate car flags, GIFs and memes; many supporters attach a pirate flag emoji to their Twitter handles.

In the wake of the racial justice protests and the ongoing disinformation about the election, there has been “a sifting” going on in the church over race and justice in particular, he said.

“The annual meeting is an opportunity for denominational leaders either to sensitively address the concerns and racism that Black people have experienced or to side with the status quo which favors white people, particularly men,” said Jemar Tisby, assistant director of narrative and advocacy at the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research.

It's okay if they are Jewi$h, the one $upremaci$m that can not be uttered from their mouthpiece pre$$.

Southern Baptists split from their northern counterparts in 1845 in support of slavery. After the denomination repudiated its role in slavery in the 1990s, a portion of its national leaders have attempted to diversify its churches and seminaries. At its 2019 meeting, the convention affirmed that critical race theory could be an “analytical tool” useful to faithful Christians, a move that many conservatives describe as alarming. Its current president, J.D. Greear, urged Southern Baptists last summer to declare that “Black lives matter.”

Some high-profile Southern Baptists have also pushed back on some strictures against female church leadership.

Still second in line and a second class citizen, ladies, but at least you are in front of the White Man.

The most high-profile vote at the meeting will be the election of a new president, a race whose leading candidates are Mike Stone, a Georgia pastor who is the favorite of many conservatives; Ed Litton, an Alabama pastor who has largely avoided culture war battles and has the support of the denomination’s first Black president; and Albert Mohler Jr., a lion of the denomination who helped usher in a conservative revolution decades ago and is now in the awkward position of being labeled a moderate “compromise candidate.” Stone, a onetime underdog, is considered a serious contender.

No matter which side emerges triumphant from the meeting next week, a schism looms.

“If Mohler or Stone wins the presidency, or if resolutions are passed that affirm racism, in his view, he will leave,” said Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, who has been leading anti-racism efforts in the denomination.

That is when the printed sermon ended.

Hostility over critical race theory among the Southern Baptists, which came to the foreground after Thanksgiving when seminary presidents denounced it, is interwoven with its weaponization by the GOP, he said. “The litmus test now for being a Baptist is you have to denounce CRT as they do?” he said. “We would be completely off our rockers to submit, give that kind of power to a white denomination, particularly on the subject of race.”

The convention has historically reflected divisions in the country. The most recent meeting, two years ago in Birmingham, Alabama, focused on sexual abuse in evangelical churches. The year before, tensions were political. Mike Pence, then the country’s vice president, gave a keynote address to rally evangelical support for Trump before the midterm elections.

So there has always been a schism?


The denomination vowed at its convention two years ago to address sexual abuse in its congregations, but many victims’ advocates have warned that little has changed. Southern Baptist leaders have also not publicly addressed an allegation of abuse at one of its most prominent megachurches, the Village Church in Texas.

#MeToo, #Ep$tein

In one of two fiery letters that leaked after his departure, Russell Moore, the denomination’s influential head of ethics and public policy who left on June 1, accused leaders including Stone of impeding the denomination’s attempts to root out abusers, and of “bullying and intimidation” toward survivors of sexual abuse. (Stone responded in a video statement, calling the letter “as inflammatory as it is inaccurate.”) Later, an ally of Moore released audio recordings of meetings that included Moore, Stone and others debating how to handle abuse, with another high-placed leader, Ronnie Floyd, saying his priority was not to worry about survivor reactions but rather to “preserve the base.” (In a statement, Floyd apologized and said his remarks were mischaracterized.)

Opponents of the conservative campaign are not as centrally organized, with a less targeted voter turnout operation. Last month, their preferred candidate, Litton, held question-and-answer sessions for about 30 pastors in West Virginia over takeout Chick-fil-A, and another for a similar group in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

No matter what happens in Nashville, the conservatives are pressing on to strengthen their institutional and cultural power. Tom Ascol, who leads Founders Ministries, an influential conservative group, has been hosting regular calls with fellow pastors who are newly engaged in the fight.

Next year Founders will host a conference called Militant and Triumphant, whose website makes its ambitions plain:

“We indeed do not wage war against flesh and blood, but we do wage war.”

We are in a Holy War because of CVD and those behind it.


That deliverance brings us here:

"Inside the bizarre Arizona audit fueled by Trump’s false claims of election fraud" by Jess Bidgood Globe Staff, June 12, 2021

PHOENIX — What former president Donald Trump seems to think is his best hope to unravel the 2020 election looks a lot like an outsize board game — a game with few apparent rules and no clear endpoint.

On a recent day on the floor of a sports arena with a roof shaped like a Pringle, there were four teams of ballot-counters clad in cartoonish colors: banana yellow, Gumby green, Cookie Monster blue, and Elmo red. They were clustered in groups of three around big round tables, each outfitted with a lazy Susan that matched their T-shirts and whirled ballots past their eyes, as if on a carousel.

That is what has become of the Globe.

”Product coming in, product coming out,” said one officia who would not give his name, as he pointed to the stacks of cardboard boxes of ballots — all sealed shut with tape that matched the team colors — that lined either side of the stadium floor. 

“Data in the black box,” he added, pointing to a black monolith of a server in the center of the floor, with blue cords spilling out like silly string that presumably tracks the results of the ballot review.

Black box voting machines flipped votes, but no one wants to hear it, not even Republicans.

I sadly predict nothing will come of this audit and the stolen election and coup will be complete.

We are fucked either way, as the country will be torn apart were Trump to be reinstated as the rightful president he is, and he isn't even Trump anymore.

This is the scene at the election audit ordered by the Arizona Senate of Maricopa County, the fourth-biggest county in the country, where 2.1 million ballots were cast and where Trump, to his disbelief and fury, lost to Joe Biden by a margin of 45,109 votes. Conducted not by the state’s elections officials but by a Florida-based company called Cyber Ninjas, it is widely seen as a fever dream of an effort to expose and root out the imagined voter fraud that Trump and his backers have railed about since Election Day, locking a large swath of the country in an endless cycle of relitigating the 2020 vote.

It’s easy to dismiss this as a sideshow, a weird epilogue to an election that some Trump supporters still aren’t ready to concede, but democracy experts and election administrators warn that the audit here speaks to a dark and worrisome current of distrust that has been intentionally stoked by GOP leaders. It’s a carefully cultivated atmosphere of paranoia that is eroding confidence in the country’s bedrock political processes and could lay the groundwork for fiercer challenges by losers in elections in 2024 and beyond.

Well, the cultivated atmosphere of paranoia applies the fear-monger pre$$ and its promotion of the CVD fraud while omitting and ignoring the adverse effects of the vaccines and the faultiness of the tests; however, as far as the sideshow of distrust, it wasn't a problem the last four years with Democrat sabotage and lack of acceptance. 

The shameless hypocrisy is one thing, but the FACT that TRUTH NEVER FEARS AN AUDIT means this is a preemptive Globe smear due to the fact that The Democrats not only stole the presidential vote, but the Senate seat in Arizona as well as the two in Georgia that gave them control of the government.

”This process is undermining not just elections in Arizona, but democratic self-governance,” said David Becker, executive director of the Center for Election Innovation and Research. “My primary concern is that we will find ourselves in a perpetual state of half the state or the county or the country denying that those legitimately elected by the voters have the power to govern.”

Well, when you steal an election as brazenly as they did.....

Rejected by the courts and proven wrong by recounts, Trump supporters are telling themselves Arizona will be the first “domino” to fall in a series of election “investigations” that will overturn the 2020 election result — which President Biden won decisively. Trump, who has sent out statements encouraging “forensic audits” in Georgia, New Hampshire, and Arizona, has reportedly told friends he believes he will be “reinstated” to the Oval Office this summer, and while that idea seems pure delusion, the ripple effects from the audit here are already obvious as state lawmakers and other Republican officials from Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alaska, and elsewhere make their way to Phoenix and carry strands of the conspiracy theory back to their supporters at home.

”I gotta tell you, I’m impressed,” said state Senator Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania, in an interview with the far-right blog The Gateway Pundit, after touring the Arizona site last week and before he held a rally at his own state Capitol calling for an audit there. “This is a model for any audit in any nation or the world.”

Pennsylvania has no plans to exhume the ballots of the November election, in which Biden beat Trump in the Quaker State by 80,555 votes, but Republicans are pushing efforts to reexamine the election results in several other states, a process that keeps a baseless narrative about election fraud alive, benefiting the former president.

This comes from the same people who lied about Iraq and everything else the last 20 years, so consider the agenda-pushing source.

In Wisconsin, the conservative speaker of the state House has hired three former law enforcement officers and an attorney to investigate tips about the last election, although the state’s professional election administrators completed their work months ago. Trump himself has seized on an audit of a local race in New Hampshire to make fantastical claims about broader election fraud. His supporters are trying to organize a push for an audit in Michigan, while election doubters have successfully sued for a “forensic audit” in Fulton County, Ga., although that case is currently tied up in court.

This comes from the same pre$$ that hollered Russian collusion and interference the last four years while minimizing Chinese and Israeli influence and control.

“If you’re against an audit, you’re part of the corruption,” said Garland Favorito, a prominent Georgia conspiracy theorist and a plaintiff in that case, after he visited the audit in Arizona. He spoke during a fawning interview on the right-wing news outlet One America News Network, which has taken to referring to the Maricopa spectacle as “America’s audit.”

That term has been thrown around like a $20 hooker and has lost all its meaning -- especially when all the "conspiracy theories" have been proven or are coming true (like the vaccine passports that were scoffed at last year).

This is really abhorrent journali$m and an abomination.

The audit here is the latest example of how Trump-supporting Republicans have weaponized basic election machinery to pursue a fake narrative about the last election — and how much power that narrative has on the ground.

The only fake narratives are those the pre$$ pushes.

While most congressional Republicans have acknowledged that Biden is in fact president, oblique references to ”irregularities” in the voting processes pushed by the likes of House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik give way to a full embrace of conspiracy theories by state parties and local activists who are backing sham audits or even running for office themselves on a platform of finding fraud. One of Trump’s most visible allies, former national security adviser Michel Flynn, has suggested the US needs a coup, and one recent poll found nearly 30 percent of Trump supporters believe he will be “reinstated” as president this year.

Typically, audits are a standard fixture of electoral bureaucracy immediately after the vote, a dull process carried out by civil servants that barely draws any notice. In Georgia, the November ballots were audited before the election was certified, but the audit at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix is something different

This incredible $kank called a reporter is sickening!

It began at the behest of the Republican-controlled state Senate, which subpoenaed 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County over the adamant objections of the Republicans who run the Board of Supervisors there, and handed them over to Cyber Ninjas, a company with no reputation for conducting election audits and whose founder has openly questioned the election. The Senate has covered a small part of the cost, but a review by the Guardian newspaper and OpenSecrets, a group that tracks money in politics, found much of the effort is being paid for by undisclosed donors, some with connections to Trump.

I a$$ume it isn't $oros.

“I have the full support of him and a personal call from President Trump thanking us for pushing to prove any fraud,” wrote Senate President Karen Fann in an e-mail released earlier this month, according to the Arizona Republic. In another e-mail, the paper reported, she acknowledged Biden won and said the audit was to disprove people’s suspicions about the election system, or to find ways to improve it.

Seasoned observers of audits and experienced elections officials say that what is happening at the coliseum, where a sign for the WNBA basketball team the Mercury says “Mad House is our house,” can barely be called an audit. In addition to the ballot-counters, there are long tables where people in gray T-shirts examine ballots under a camera; the security presence includes the Arizona Rangers, a civilian auxiliary force with no real law enforcement power.

To critics, the goal of the exercise does not appear to include finding out who people voted for in 2020.

The ballot counting is winding down, but ballots are still being examined. Officials with the audit did not respond to e-mailed questions about when a final report might be released. While the audit report would do nothing to change the outcome of the 2020 election, there are concerns that its release could further fan the flames of anger among Trump supporters over his loss, which already sparked a violent attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6.

That's the narrative regarding the staged and scripted false flag event at the Capitol.

“With their lack of procedures and inconsistencies, and just everything they’re doing, they’re creating an atmosphere that’s prime for cooking the books, which we are fully sure that that’s what they intend to do,” said Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, who has defended the security of the state’s 2020 vote and is now running for governor.

“I don’t know if I can emphasize enough how much there’s a bloc of voters in our state, and from around the country, who actually believe that I stole the election, which equates to committing treason,” Hobbs added. “It’s very dangerous.”

Outside the stadium, in a parking lot baking in 108-degree heat, a group of demonstrators cheered on volunteers as they drove in to count the votes and unfurled a banner that called for Hobbs and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to be jailed.

“It’ll show that he won Arizona probably in a landslide,” said Kelly Johnson, a 60-year-old lawyer with a revolver on his hip who had traveled here from Southern California. “We also believe that Trump won California, and won big.”

Yeah, he did. 

That's what the Germans saw before the Dominion servers were seized. Trump won 410 electoral votes, and the California recall should prove that if it is a free and fair election. It won't be because Newsomn is refusing to come out of the state of emergency, so the vote fraud will continue.

Time to start imprisoning and executing politicians and election officials for such things.

Larry Grafanakis, a Glendale resident who recently showed up outside the federal courthouse in Phoenix to support the so-called QAnon Shaman who was arrested after he broke into the Capitol during the failed insurrection on Jan. 6, arrived at the demonstration with three granola bars and a couple of Trump flags.

Yeah, drag that intelligence agency psyop into it, too. Trust the plan as the bold pours out the back of your head.

“I just came from inside actually, counting the votes,” said Grafanakis, who said he had been trained for a couple of hours and had come six or seven times to help count. “If they don’t add up, then we do it again sometimes.”

“This is important for the world,” he said, as some of his fellow demonstrators became agitated by the presence of this reporter, whom they asked to leave.

Just down the block, a graffitied message on a sign showed what the state’s entire election apparatus has already proven. “TRUMP LOST,” it said, with a sad face.

One really gets the feeling that the audits will prove Trump won as the Globe attempts to prevent the next insurrection by seeking to prosecute Trump and make it clear that no one is above the law except for Biden, the Clintons, Obama, other assorted Democrat $cum, and sex-traffickers that service the ruling cla$$ $atani$ts. I know because I am the Pulse of the people.


What's Left of the Resistance as they celebrate the freedom of enslaved people in America and consider what it means to be Black and free:

They don't even know what day it is as we skate along:

"A prominent girls’ ice hockey coach in Central Massachusetts has been suspended by the US Center for SafeSport, marking the 14th time a person involved with youth ice hockey in Massachusetts has been disciplined for sexual misconduct after investigations by SafeSport or USA Hockey, the sport’s national governing body. With the suspension in May of George J. Barrett Jr., the former owner and operator of the Worcester Lady Crusaders, no Olympic development sport in Massachusetts has had more individuals in its ranks sanctioned for sexual misconduct than ice hockey. Nationally, the only state that has amassed more disciplinary actions for sexual misconduct in youth hockey is Minnesota, with 16. In the rest of New England, four individuals have been punished, two each in Connecticut and Maine. The high number in Massachusetts has raised questions....."

Hockey, of course, is a White sport and thus racist.

Austin is not only a left-wing bastion in Texas, it's home to vast military centers and controlled opposition Alex Jones so grain of salt, please.

The agenda was made clear in the article below it:

"Rash of mass shootings stirs US fears heading into summer" by Kathleen Foody  Associated Press  June 12, 2021 

CHICAGO (AP) — Two people were killed and at least 30 others wounded in mass shootings overnight in three states, authorities said Saturday, stoking concerns that a spike in U.S. gun violence could continue into summer as coronavirus restrictions ease and more people are free to socialize.

Yeah, better to be in freedom-killing, unhealthy lockdown like the WEF wants.

The attacks took place late Friday or early Saturday in the Texas capital of Austin, Chicago and Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah’s police chief, Roy Minter, Jr., said the shooting may be linked to an ongoing dispute between two groups, citing reports of gunshots being fired at the same apartment complex earlier in the week.

“It’s very disturbing what we’re seeing across the country and the level of gun violence that we’re seeing across the country,” he told reporters Saturday. “It’s disturbing and it’s senseless.”

He means gangs of migrants, right?

The attacks come amid an easing of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in much of the country, including Chicago, which lifted many of its remaining safeguards on Friday. Many hoped that a spike in U.S. shootings and homicides last year was an aberration perhaps caused by pandemic-related stress amid a rise in gun ownership and debate over policing, but those rates are still higher than they were in pre-pandemic times, including in cities that refused to slash police spending following the death of George Floyd and those that made modest cuts.

Enlarged because it's something you need to keep in mind going forward.

“There was a hope this might simply be a statistical blip that would start to come down,” said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum. “That hasn’t happened, and that’s what really makes chiefs worry that we may be entering a new period where we will see a reversal of 20 years of declines in these crimes.”


Tracking ups and downs in crime is always complicated, but violent crime commonly increases in the summer months. Weekend evenings and early-morning hours also are common windows for shootings.

Here is the thing, though. It is NOT COMPLICATED!

It is only complicated to prevaricators and liars like my pre$$!

Many types of crime did decline in 2020 and have stayed lower this year, suggesting the pandemic and the activism and unrest spurred by the reaction to Floyd’s death didn’t lead to an overall spike in crime.

Now for the bombshell:

The number of mass shootings in 2020 was the lowest in decades, according to a database compiled by The Associated Press, USA Today and Northeastern University, with only three mass shootings occurred at public places — the lowest total for that category in a decade — out of 19 total mass shootings in 2020.

We were told only four paragraphs ago that they spiked in 2020. 


The database tracks all mass killings including shootings, defined as four or more people dead not including the perpetrator.

James Alan Fox, a criminologist and professor at Northeastern University, said “It’s worrisome,” Fox said. “We have a blend of people beginning to get out and about in public. We have lots of divisiveness, And we have more guns and warm weather. It’s a potentially deadly mix.”

Expect staged and scripted false flag events gone live or otherwise all summer long, folks, as a predicate to disarm the American people.

What you kids need is guidance:

"City Council candidate participated in controversial counseling sessions for Boston students" by Laura Crimaldi and Naomi Martin Globe Staff, June 12, 2021

Since the 1990s, Kelly Bates, a lawyer and civic leader from Hyde Park, has been a steady presence in local political and nonprofit circles, building a resume she hopes will convince voters to send her to the City Council as an at-large member in November, but for years, she has also played a role in the use of an unorthodox brand of group therapy known as Re-evaluation Counseling, or RC, with high schoolers on the Boston Student Advisory Council, a prestigious group that advises Boston Public Schools leaders on education policy.

Since students revealed the council’s use of RC in March, Superintendent Brenda Cassellius has ordered two investigations and cut ties with Youth on Board, the nonprofit program that introduced the counseling, and with its leader, Jenny Sazama, an RC devotee and youth engagement leader in the RC organization. The first BPS investigation found students described RC as “weird, uncomfortable, cult-like”; following a Globe report, Cassellius ordered a second, expanded probe.

Bates is also a longtime practitioner of RC, in which participants relate difficult experiences and “discharge” intense emotions by crying, screaming, or laughing. Bates was one of 13 RC teachers in Massachusetts listed in the July 2020 issue of an RC journal, and in a December 2018 e-mail obtained by the Globe, Sazama called Bates an RC “area leader,” meaning she oversaw several local RC groups.

E-mails show that Bates was aware of, and encouraged, students’ involvement in RC; in 2019, Youth on Board sent Bates the council’s summertime RC schedule. And in 2018 and 2019, at Sazama’s behest, the nonprofit’s staff e-mailed Bates contact information for students who regularly attended RC to ensure they were informed of RC activities outside the Boston Public Schools.....

Time to go off on your own:

As Trans Resistance MA sees its influence expand, Boston Pride grapples with a boycott fueled by accusations that the organization is not inclusive.

Here is where you can send a complaint:

It's a safe place to complain in the “Crybaby” community instead of airing grievances on other local social media pages.

Speaking of crybabies:

As residents fear becoming homeless, Boston police found three firearms in a residence after tip from 12-year-old and arrested a 34-year-old Roxbury man for unlawful possession and improper storage of a firearm.

Why is that old, white racist getting a statue?

It should be TORN DOWN and all connections to the past should be severed!

Now hit the beach, something that was contentious last year because of CVD, so get out there and $ell your wares:

The event aimed to combine the atmosphere of a party with the calculated strategy of advancing Black-owned businesses from Rockport to Plymouth as in-person shopping never felt so good, and in a post-COVID world, there’s a craving for outdoor dining to stay on the menu.

I'm going to waltz out of here and become invisible, and I leave you with my memories and an unheralded movie that will bring Boston alive for you as I pass on the basketball game.