Wednesday, June 9, 2021

May Flower: Swatting at Flies

That was front-page fare, and flipping beyond that one found that an armed man was wounded in an exchange with an F.B.I. agent outside the C.I.A.’s headquarters in Virginia before that odd story was buried amidst the tens of thousands of people are admitted to hospitals for gun injuries every year, according to researchers at the Rand Corp., a California-based $think tank -- but don't call out the Guard after Abram Markofski and an associate(!!) were arrested in Wisconsin!

You know the old sawing: given a choice between a Republican and a Republican, you take the real Republican. Now put Crist back in the closet as the voter rolls shrinkHe's the coward of the county and we deserve better than that -- as do the women (or whatever):

"For the first time since COVID-19 scrambled daily life last year, social workers within Massachusetts’ child welfare agency will resume in-person visits for all of the 40,000-plus children they oversee, state officials said Tuesday, adding that they expect to see each child by month’s end. Linda Spears, the commissioner of the Department of Children and Families, announced the policy change, which took effect last week, in response to questions during a wide-ranging legislative oversight hearing into the death of David Almond. State officials emphatically defended the direction of the agency under pointed questioning from lawmakers, who asked whether officials have confidence in their ability to protect children given DCF already experienced a string of other high-profile deaths shortly before and after Governor Charlie Baker took office in 2015. “I have complete confidence in Commissioner Spears and her ability to lead the agency from 2015 forward” to now, Sudders told state Senator Adam Gomez, the committee’s Senate chairman. “Honestly, I’m sort of taken aback by your question, sir.”

Look at the HUBRIS of that CRIMINAL MONSTER!

She should be exiled if nothing else.

The emperor literally has no clothes.

Of course, no one is making a racket about it because they all lack courage:

"A virtual community meeting to discuss concerns over dirt bikes and loud parties at Boston’s Franklin Park ended abruptly Tuesday after it was Zoom-bombed with sexually explicit images and racist language. Councilor Matt O’Malley, an organizer of the meeting, said he is hoping to reschedule the meeting for either Wednesday or Thursday. More than 200 people had tuned into the meeting, which was billed as an opportunity to hear solutions from city officials on multiple issues relating to the city’s park. Acting Mayor Kim Janey, was asked what she planned to do about dirt bikers around Franklin Park during a Monday appearance on WBUR. City Councilor Michelle Wu said that the city “must be very intentional here about not perpetuating the overpolicing of Black and brown youth, so we can find solutions that engage young people, protect pedestrian safety, and keep our parks and open spaces welcoming for all.”

What about the wheelchairs?

Time for breakfast:

"Frog legs rolled in worm flour could be the next culinary delight for European haute cuisine after the European Union gave its blessing for the first time for an insect food. Dried yellow mealworm can now be sold across the 27-nation bloc after a Monday decision from EU governments and a food safety assessment, the European Commission said on Tuesday. EU officials suggest it could be used as a protein boost for cookies, pasta, or baked goods, as they try to reassure fussy eaters that millions of people around the world already eat insects."

I think I will go with pizza instead:

"A former owner of a Beverly pizza shop was arrested Tuesday on charges that he defrauded a federal COVID-19 relief program of more than $660,000 by spending the funds on personal items, including a Vermont farm and several alpacas, federal authorities said. Dana L. McIntyre, 57, the former owner of Rasta Pasta Pizzeria, allegedly filed a fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program application in April 2020, prosecutors said in a statement. Funds from the program are meant to cover business expenses, including payroll, during the pandemic. After McIntyre received a loan of more than $660,000, he sold the pizza business and used the funds for personal expenses, including “to purchase and upgrade a farm in Vermont as well as to buy several alpacas, at least two vehicles, and weekly airtime for a cryptocurrency-themed radio show,” prosecutors said. McIntyre, who lives in Grafton, Vt., is charged with wire fraud and money laundering. “He does deny the allegation and will have further comment at a later date,” McIntyre’s lawyer, Jason M. Stelmack, said by email....."

I was taught not to talk with my mouth full so that's the end of this piece of shit.


"The Boston-based digital payments company Flywire made its public market debut Wednesday on the Nasdaq exchange, after raising $250 million in an initial public offering. Flywire’s stock ended its first day of trading up more than 46 percent to close at $35.10, and its valuation is north of $3 billion. The company was founded in 2009 by a management consultant from Spain, Iker Marcaide, who had enrolled at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and discovered just how challenging it was to make sure that his tuition payments were delivered across international borders — on time. Mike Massaro joined the company in 2013, and now serves as its chief executive. I spoke with Massaro just before he and other Flywire employees rang the Nasdaq opening bell in Times Square on Wednesday morning. For Massaro, it was the first time he’d seen many of his co-workers since the start of the pandemic. What follows is an edited transcript....."

Also see:

"A standoff involving local police and a SWAT team ended Wednesday after the 41-year-old male suspect died of a “self-inflicted gunshot wound,” authorities said. Members of the SWAT team entered the home on Union Street and found the suspect after a drone located him inside the basement, Police Chief Allen Aldenberg told reporters at the scene. No officers fired any shots during the standoff, he said. Aldenberg said officers did not hear any gunshots. He said the officers did “outstanding,” quick work at the scene. He also thanked Nashua police for sending officers and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for their support. “We had this thing contained very, very quickly,” he said. He said there was an incident at the house in July 2020, but said it is too early to know if the incidents are related. He declined to comment on the weapon the man used or if he had a criminal record. The standoff occurred after federal marshals serving an arrest warrant heard gunfire from inside the suspect’s residence, prompting a SWAT team to respond and a shelter-in-place advisory for neighbors to be issued as police worked for hours to try to remove the barricaded man from the home, authorities said. He added that it wasn’t yet clear if any of the shots had been fired specifically at law enforcement. None of his officers returned fire, the chief said."