Thursday, February 7, 2013

Front Page Weather Forecast

Where is global warming when you really need it? 

"Snowstorm may bring 30 inches as anticipation builds in Mass.; Big snows, and big buildup, come with the territory" by David Filipov  |  Globe Staff, February 07, 2013

The nor’easter forecast to slam the state Friday is creating a perfect storm of expectations, fueled by increasingly dire weather reports, a flurry of tweets relying on the reams of raw data available online, and the yearning of at least some in the populace for the first major snowfall in the Boston area in two years.

Not wanting to minimize it, but can you take a number and I'll get to you when I can. The terrorists and gun violence have the fear floor right now. 

Snow is an annual rite of passage we were ­denied, or escaped, last winter. The approach of the storm — whether you view it as a potentially dangerous nuisance, an excuse to skip school or work, or a badge of New England courage — is generating a frenzy of pent-up exhilaration.

Who is generating a frenzy?

“People do get excited about it,” said Don ­McCasland, program director at Blue Hill ­Meteorological Observatory in Milton. “We call it weather porn.”

And here it is on the front page of my morning newspaper. Seems appropriate. 

As Wednesday progressed, the National Weather Service increased its estimates of accumulations to a maximum of 24 inches with blizzard conditions. Meteorologists admitted they had to battle the temptation to blow the storm out of proportion.

Well, if the power holds out you know where I will be in between shoveling. 

“How can you not get excited? I love the intensity of what Mother Nature can do,” said weather blogger and meteorologist David ­Epstein, who predicted the storm would be big, possibly historic compared to the top snowstorms of the past half-century.

Because I have to shovel it, and I don't like porn.

Two Januarys ago, a seemingly ceaseless series of winter storms piled a Shaquille O’Neal-sized snowfall on ­Boston.

Yes, something my body and me will never forget.

The crystal wonder of the first snow dissolved in the monotony of shoveling, scraping and sliding around. And then it stopped. Subsequent winter storm warnings fizzled.

But not this time, said ­AccuWeather meteorologist Mark Paquette.

“I certainly expect this to be a blockbuster storm of historical proportion,” he said. “I think you could see 30 inches.”



Boston braces for a blizzard

With storm looming, Bostonians vow: I’ll shop tomorrow

As of 6 a.m. not one snowflake has yet fallen. Too bad. Had the snow already been falling I wouldn't be going out to get a Globe.

Massachusetts coastal communities prepare for blizzard

Many businesses telling employees to stay home ahead of Friday storm

That would be a first. 

As of 7:30, a few granules have fallen. Either way, I'm sick of the fear every time weather comes this way. One wonders how humans have survived the centuries all these years without the benevolent oversight of government and mouthpiece media. At least it ties up a lot of print.