Sunday, August 14, 2016

Slow Saturday Special: Cold Clam Chowder

It is by now. 

Maybe some mustard gas will thin it out:

"A fishing crew apparently pulled up unexploded ordnance while clamming, leading to a fisherman being hospitalized with second-degree burns and the destruction of more than 700 cases of chowder, officials said. It’s unclear what the ordnance was, but fishing vessels along the Atlantic Coast routinely dredge up munitions, including mustard agent, that were dumped at sea decades ago when environmental laws were far more lax. The injured fisherman was treated at a hospital in Philadelphia for burns and blisters, said US Coast Guard Petty Officer Seth Johnson. Such injuries are consistent with mustard agent exposure....."

Did you see what else the Globe fishing net pulled in and threw back? 

It's rather fishy that they want us to worry about climate change (aka carbon tax) rather than Fukushima or the poisons in the oceans. Chinese know about it. 

And wouldn't you know it.... it's lunchtime. 

You know what I'm not having.

There a Sox game on today?