Saturday, August 13, 2016

Slow Saturday Special: French Swimwear

"Cannes bans full-body ‘burkini’ swimsuits from beaches" by Aurelien Breeden and Lilia Blaise New York Times  August 12, 2016

PARIS —That the debate is occurring on the Riviera, a vacation destination on the Mediterranean but also an anxious region after the terrorist attack on a Bastille Day celebration in the nearby seaside city of Nice, has only added to the controversy.

The ban comes amid heightened concerns about security after a series of terrorist attacks over the summer, but it was the latest decision by French authorities taken in the name of laicité — the French term for separation of church and state — that targets the Muslim attire that has become a regular point of contention in discussions about religion and integration in France. Politicians differ deeply over how to define laicité; some admit that the principle is increasingly used to justify measures that single out Muslims, rather than keep government out of religion and vice versa, the original intent.

The Collective Against Islamophobia in France said in a statement Friday that it was filing a legal complaint against the ordinance.

“Must we remind this mayor that about 30 of the victims of the attack in Nice were Muslims?” the statement said....


I stripped it down somewhat and "either wear swimsuits that reveal more skin or stop going to the beach."

I sit here on my own sands and view with absurdity this shallow and superficial offering from my pre$$. 

With all that is going on in the world this is the top story of my one page report?

I'm so glad the French don't have other problems, like the destruction of their living standards at the behest of bankers or the French Army patrols in Africa and beyond. It's the women in the full cover bathing suits that are the source of all your ills, regardless of the infinitesimal amount of French women actually wearing them.  Must be tied up with the migrant crisis, remember that?

Beyond that, think of the assault this is upon women. You must reveal skin or else. What do they think, suicide bomber on the beach with the pregnant bomb under the suit? They going to try another on of those false flag fakes like at the British resort in Africa years ago?

Are Muslim women even allowed to go to the beach? I mean, from what my jewspaper reports I doubt they would even be allowed to leave the house.

Time to get out of these wet things.