Friday, March 23, 2018

Dead Again

All the questions have been answered:

Trump names former ambassador John Bolton as his new national security adviser

So Trump lied to McMaster (if the reporting is to be believed), and the only reason Bolton didn't get the job from the beginning was "in part because of [Trump's] negative reaction to Bolton’s walrus-like mustache" -- or so I am told. 

So Trump's presidency is basically Bush’s 3rd Term, and in light of the continuing betrayal of the all the Trump turds out there,  it's over.

How Stormy Daniels is beating Trump at his own game

Porn on the front page, Globe? You have sunk that low now?

Is she the reason for the divorce or is it simply irreconcilable differences over money?

Oh, they are calling it an amicable separation as he gets with his new girl (awkward)?

That is just so wrong. What think you ladies?

Looks like it will soon be President Pence after Trump took the "biggest economic gamble of his presidency ordering tariffs on Chinese goods. The dispute sent US equities tumbling, with the Dow average falling 724 points and even central banks, which normally stay above the fray of trade spats, weighed in." 

I would get out of Dodge even though it could work, though.

A case is dismissed, and the cloud that loomed over Walsh dissolves

Now the mayor can get on with his political agenda after the embarrassing failure for federal prosecutors.

If only Cosby could be so lucky, but he is likely to get tatooed.


Four’easter turns into fake storm 

It was a bust because the ma$$ media promoted the most extreme of 30 or so computer models. Fear is a good distraction if nothing else.

Adults marvel at youth-led gun control movement

The kids are going to be on the cover of Time!

One would think they have more important things to be worrying about.


Florida high school requiring clear backpacks after shooting

When Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students return from spring break, they’ll be issued clear backpacks and wear identification badges at all times. 


You might as well call the schuls concentration camps then.

Doesn't anyone see the danger here, or are all the kids "brain dead?"

Where are the protests?

Austin bomber’s motive still unknown despite recovered video, police say

Austin bombings revive trauma of Alabama explosion death

Mental triggers exploding all over the place.

Hurricane Harvey’s toxic impact deeper than public told

It was "more widespread and severe than authorities publicly acknowledged," and what else is new, be it a hurricane in Texas or the DoR here in Massachusetts?

California rain brings flooding streets, swelling rivers

California has had three days of rain. I sure hope officials are not minimizing it.

See anything off the coast?


EU leaders back Britain in blaming Russia for poisoning of ex-spy and his daughter

They also blame them for this:

Ukrainian lawmaker stripped of immunity on coup charges

She was aware of being wiretapped and she talked about the attacks as a ‘‘surrealist political provocation’’ to mock the government. Savchenko, who has declared plans to run for president in the March 2019 election, is regarded by many as a national hero and a symbol of resistance against Russia. In March 2016, a Russian court sentenced her to 22 years in prison, saying she acted as a spotter for mortar fire that killed two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine. During her trial she sang the national anthem and raised her middle finger in a show of contempt for Russian authorities. Her defiance earned her the nickname of Ukraine’s “Joan of Arc.” Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned her shortly afterward amid international outrage at her sentence and she returned to Ukraine amid great fanfare. She remains popular despite falling out with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s government, accusing it of corruption and incompetence. ‘‘The Ukrainian government is the main evil in Ukraine,’’ Savchenko told booing lawmakers Thursday. ‘‘The entire people of Ukraine think so.’’ She accused Ukrainian authorities of profiting from the fighting in the east, saying that ‘‘Ukrainians on both sides want peace.’’ She also mocked lawmakers for making an about turn and casting her as an enemy, displaying her Star of the Hero of Ukraine award to the media, the nation’s highest award. “To accuse me of treason against Ukraine . . . and to make anti-heroes out of yesterday’s heroes simply because they do not agree with the policies and positions of the current government, that’s all the authorities can do,” she said. Shortly after the vote, Poroshenko thanked law-enforcement agencies in a Facebook statement for ‘‘preventing terror attacks and exposing the Russian special operation against Ukraine.’’

Looks like another U.S. coup attempt to me. They want to place the increasingly unpopular and erratic Poroshenko with a fresh face, and once again the AP repeats the lie that Russia annexed Crimea. 

And they wonder why no one believes them anymore?

Slovakia gets new govt amid crisis over slain reporter

It is not clear if the shake-up will reduce tensions over the slayings. Antigovernment rallies scheduled for Friday in the capital of Bratislava and elsewhere were canceled, but.....

So how is that investigation going anyway?

Protests and strikes across France disrupt travel, schools

Nearly 50,000 demonstrators protested in Paris to call for more investment in public services. The protest was mostly peaceful, although localized scuffles broke out between some protesters and riot police used tear gas and water cannons. Even the Palace of Versailles, one of France’s top tourist attractions, was closed Thursday because workers there went on strike. Union leaders said the strikes were a warning to the government.

Or what?

Hamas kills man wanted in attack on Palestinian PM

They are claiming the assassination attempt was all the work of a lone wolf!

At least 14 dead, several hurt in car bomb in Somali capital

At least 14 people were killed and 10 others wounded in a car bomb blast near a hotel in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, Somali officials said Thursday. Al Shabab claimed responsibility. The Horn of Africa nation continues to struggle to counter the Islamic extremist group. Concerns have been high over plans to hand over the country’s security to Somalia’s own forces as a 21,000-strong African Union force begins a withdrawal expected to be complete in 2020. The US military, which has stepped up efforts against Al Shabab in the past year with dozens of drone strikes, has said Somali forces are not yet ready.

Al-CIA-Bob claimed responsibility because they wouldn't convert, huh?

Suspected US drone strike kills 7 al-Qaida fighters in Yemen

The United States is believed to have carried out at least five drone strikes in Yemen since the beginning of March. Yemen was plunged into civil war three years ago. Al Qaeda and an Islamic State affiliate exploited the chaos to expand their presence.

It was not a civil war, it was the Saudi invasion that led to the rise of Al-CIA-Duh in Yemen.

RelatedTrump assailed for phoning Putin, but feting blood-soaked Saudi dictator is OK

Time to impeach based on the corruption if nothing else.

Meanwhile, Turkey will have to be reckoned with because they have become an “undeniable force in Syria.”

Wreck of the Juneau Is Found

But they can't find the wreckage of Flight 370?


Time to wake up:

Should Facebook and Google Pay Users When They Sell Data Collected from Users?

Of course, the only reason they’re examining Facebook’s sleazy behavior is because Trump won and the reason the coverage is fading is because it was supposed to be an attack on Trump but immediately backfired and took out the Democrat's man, the vile and crooked monster Zuck.


Winthrop man, 70, allegedly carried assault rifle in vehicle to fight ‘jihadists on the highway’


"A 70-year-old man was arrested for possession of an assault rifle and high-capacity magazines containing more than 350 rounds of ammunition, and a 29-year-old woman was apprehended for heroin possession in Dorchester on Tuesday, according to Boston police. Police Commissioner William B. Evans said in a statement that such military-style weapons make the city’s streets more dangerous. “There is no need for any citizen in the city of Boston to be carrying high powered weapons of this kind, and there are just too many of these guns out there,” he said. Officers from the department’s Neighborhood Drug Control Units were conducting an investigation near the intersection of Columbia Road and Massachusetts Avenue around 1:15 p.m. Tuesday when they saw the woman, Krista McCaffrey of Winthrop, get out of a Ford Explorer, walk into the nearby KFC, and conduct what appeared to be a drug deal, according to the statement. Officers followed McCaffrey back to the Explorer, where she climbed into the front passenger’s seat and 70-year-old Stephen White, also of Winthrop, waited in the driver’s seat, police said. When the officers approached the SUV and spoke to McCaffrey, she produced a plastic bag containing a brown powder that appeared to be heroin, police said. White told officers that he was armed, and they found that he had a loaded .45-caliber handgun on his belt, police said. Elsewhere in the SUV, he also had an AR-15-style assault rifle, 10 loaded high-capacity magazines, and a tactical ballistic body armor vest. Police arrested White and charged him with knowingly being present where heroin is kept, unlawful possession of a large-capacity firearm, and 10 counts of unlawful possession of a large-capacity feeding device, police said. Officers arrested McCaffrey and charged her with possession of class B drugs. White and McCaffrey were arraigned Wednesday in Dorchester Municipal Court. Bail was set at $7,500 [for] White, [who] was also ordered to surrender all firearms. No bail was imposed on McCaffrey, according to the Suffolk district attorney’s office....."

At least she didn't overdose.

"The FBI is searching for a woman who robbed a South Boston bank Monday afternoon, claiming she needed the money to pay for cancer treatment for herself and her son. Police responded to a panic alarm at 12:53 p.m. at East Boston Savings Bank at 430 West Broadway after the suspect fled with an undetermined amount of money, Boston police spokeswoman Maisha Miraj said. In a statement posted to the Mass. Most Wanted website, the FBI said the woman entered the bank, stated she and her son had cancer, and demanded $5,300. She said she had a bomb and showed the teller an unknown device before fleeing on West Broadway. Investigators described the suspect as a black female, 30 to 45 years old, 5 feet 1 inches tall, with a medium build, wearing a red hat, a white hospital mask, black jacket, blue hospital scrub pants, purple gloves, and black shoes. The FBI said she appeared emotionally unstable and was crying. The investigation remains ongoing. The Bank Robbery Task Force is asking anyone with information to contact the FBI."

Boston does rhyme with Austin!

She wasn't on drugs, was she?


Goldman Sachs CEO talks retirement during Boston visit

Doing God's work, he said.

Nuance says Paul Ricci is stepping down as CEO

Changes could be coming to Staples as new CEO arrives

Just got dropped off at the curb:

"The pedestrian killed Sunday by a self-driving Uber Technologies Inc. SUV in Arizona had crossed at least one open lane of road before being hit, according to a video of the crash that brings fresh scrutiny to the ride-hailing company’s autonomous vehicle technology. Experts who reviewed video of the crash released by the Tempe Police Department on Wednesday say Uber’s self-driving sensors should have detected 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg as she walked a bicycle across the open road at 10 p.m., despite the dark conditions. Bryant Walker Smith, a University of South Carolina law professor who studies self-driving cars, said the video doesn’t fully explain the incident but “strongly suggests a failure by Uber’s automated driving system and a lack of due care by Uber’s driver (as well as by the victim).”

That's odd because I was told it was her fault alone, that she “came from the shadows right into the roadway.”