Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Not Worth It Tuesday

Didn't even look at it today because the Globe is like ‘‘some kind of factory that turned lying, telling untruths, into an industrial assembly line’’ that churns out nothing but sh*t.

Berkshire Hathaway cuts 43 jobs at Buffet’s hometown newspaper

After they just got a $29 billion gain related to the tax overhaul that became law in December.

Maybe GE can come to his rescue.

Top Revenue aide hired for ‘technology rollouts’ had no experience in data security Former state tax commissioner Michael Heffernan picked a neighbor and friend for the $121,000-per-year post, which was filled despite a hiring freeze.

You got $crewed.

After huge storm, coastal areas face concerns

With another one on the way.

Also related:

Hundreds of trees were knocked down by Friday’s powerful nor’easter

Nor’easter uncovers 160-year-old Maine shipwreck

To protect right whales, scientists propose major changes for lobstermen

There is a ‘supercolony’ of penguins on the Danger Islands in the Antarctic

New York tree sweaters to stay in place

Judge OK’s $300M loan for Puerto Rico power company

Notice how the coverage of the California fires has died down?

Ryan, GOP lawmakers move to block Trump’s planned tariffs

Also related:

"A historic expansion in US borrowing during a period of economic growth, alongside rising bond yields, will cause a surge in the cost of servicing American debt, according to Goldman Sachs Group. “Federal fiscal policy is entering uncharted territory,” Goldman analysts wrote in a note to clients. “In the past, as the economy strengthens and the debt burden increases, Congress has responded by raising taxes and cutting spending. This time around, the opposite has occurred.” Because the average maturity of US debt is almost six years, rising yields will take some time before they send the interest rate the Treasury pays to borrow above the growth rate of the gross domestic product, Goldman estimates. When that happens, it will send the ratio of debt to GDP, which is already elevated, climbing further. If current fiscal policies are extended, the analysts predict, US net interest expense relative to GDP will exceed levels seen in the 1980s and early 1990s by 2027. And debt-to-GDP will probably be higher than 100 percent, “putting the US in a worse fiscal position than the experience of the 1940s or 1990s,” they wrote....."

Well, it has been a war economy for the last 15 years.

Trump company donates foreign profits but won’t say how much

Can't see the video, either.

UMass president calls for greater affordability for students

Maybe he can sell the $975,000 condo.


Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg says he’ll likely cooperate with Mueller after all

They have him on audio recordings.

Roles reduced, Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s fate uncertain

Watch: Judge, police help oust Trump Hotels from Panama property

Thad Cochran of Mississippi plans to resign from US Senate

Trump endorses Romney’s bid for US Senate

Florida Senate passes bill restricting gun sales

How do we make our schools safer? It’s not as simple as cameras and locks

I went to a gun show to find answers. All I was shown was the door

"As horrific as the massacre at the Florida high school was, the murder of Deane Stryker in the Winchester Public Library hit me even harder. It seemed more real....."

Looks like Cullen has seen the light, and yet it is Schilling taking heat.

Also related:

Burlington police, SWAT team confiscate AR-15 rifle from man with criminal record

Child, 4 adults shot outside Texas restaurant

West Virginia teacher dispute enters new week

Former Ohio official now regrets bowing to National Rifle Association

Also see: 

Bill Cosby goes to court to stop accusers from testifying

Judge declines to block Cosby retrial, as lawyers fight to limit testimony

Opioid crisis weighs on New Hampshire’s chief medical examiner

It is pot that is the problem in Massachusetts, and maybe they should look to New York City for answers.

Overshadowed by the opioid crisis: a comeback by cocaine


"Monday’s meeting between Trump and Netanyahu in the Oval Office was mainly a celebration of the embassy move that both hailed as a sign that Israeli-US relations have never been stronger. Netanyahu lavished praise on Trump, and Netanyahu mentioned the goal of peace with the Palestinians only in passing and focused instead on the topic he always makes his top priority when he visits Washington, namely the threat from Iran. Iran and its growing presence in Syria and Lebanon are a major concern for Israel, and Netanyahu made clear that addressing this threat is his highest priority....."

That's odd; I was told just two days ago that beneath the veneer of US-Israeli unity there is lingering disagreement and suspicion.


Aide turns state witness as Israeli leader visits Washington

US to open talks on Saudi nuclear program in shadow of Iran deal

Israeli settler leader says outposts grew rapidly in 2017

Making Israel Great Again!

UN convoy begins aid distribution in Syria’s besieged Ghouta area

"The presence of multiple regional and world powers and their proxies underscores the difficulties of enforcing a truce in Syria. Elsewhere in Syria, ‘‘Eastern Ghouta is hell on earth.’’

Turkey issues warning against Syria

Turkey is now an enemy because they exploit children.

South Korean envoys meet Kim Jong Un to advance talks with US

"South Korea’s president joined a growing number of supporters of that country’s MeToo movement, adding momentum to recent allegations of sexual misconduct against some of the most powerful men in the nation’s art and entertainment industry. Also Monday....."

I suppose anything is possible.

China to boost defense spending 8% in 2018

Protests rock Kashmir after deadly shooting by Indian troops

Also relatedPartners HealthCare will outsource jobs to India

Maybe Trump Jr. can get 'em back.

Italian populists say center-right parties ready to form nation’s next government

Feathers fly as chicken shortage shuts KFC outlets across Britain

Abuse case against cardinal poses risks for church

Indonesian volcano unleashes towering ash column

The "terrorists" did it.

17 killed in garbage dump collapse in Mozambique

No more Uber in Morocco

Just like in Pennsylvania.

Venezuela selling digital tokens to raise cash

Oxfam says workers in Haiti threatened witness to sexual misconduct

Haiti suspends Oxfam pending investigation into sexual abuse

Case against activists threatens Kuwait’s political openness

‘‘While overshadowed by 9/11, the 1993 bombing represented a pivotal moment in the history of the World Trade Center, in the history of New York City, and, frankly, our own national reckoning with terrorism in a global age,’’ said Sept. 11 museum president Alice Greenwald. ‘‘It had so many of the elements that we would later come to associate with 9/11.....’’

It was "an event that became a precursor to 9/11" -- in more ways than one.


I have no opinion on what I did not read.


In a new book, Chessy Prout says culture at St. Paul’s School allowed sexual assault

Former teacher at St. Paul’s is arrested after alleged relationship with student 

They are finally cracking down.

‘Verbatim, he said, “I made you mayor.” You don’t forget words like that.’

Turns out Bill Galvin is a complete a**hole.

At Harvard, activists gather on immigration

Related4 members of MS-13 gang convicted in federal court

That is their fate, and the Globe says they need a hug.

MBTA chief opposes raising fares before July 2019, but board members won’t commit to that

Somerville man held without bail in slaying of Chelsea teen

AG Healey announces settlement with Care.com over background checks

"The video, posted on Facebook, captured a short and tense verbal exchange last week between a young black Roxbury man and a young white Boston police officer. In the recording, the officer asked the man’s name, grilled him about where he lived, and quizzed him about why he wasn’t at work on a weekday afternoon. The man was not accused of committing a crime. The man, recording the incident on his smartphone, asked why the officer wanted such details. At one point, he calls the officer a pig, and in another moment he got close to the officer’s face. “Why are you bothering me?’’ the man asked the officer. The video of the confrontation, lasting a little more than two minutes, ended peacefully, but it exploded on social media during the weekend....."


Boston might require developers to set aside more low-income units

Will Somerville’s Union Square become the next Kendall?

Zareh menswear store survives, under new ownership

Related: Tuesday's Globe Was Ill-$uited For Me

At FDA, there’s stability, but few regulatory acts

Google to sell Zagat to an upstart review site

Stocks power higher in market’s latest lightning shift

US asks Qualcomm to delay meeting for review of Broadcom bid

Amazon tours D.C., Maryland, and Virginia in search for new headquarters site

RelatedWomen get sex toys in packages they didn’t order

UPDATEAmazon set to bring at least 2,000 more jobs to the Seaport

Also see:

Fidelity promotes two to run its equity division
Shkreli must forfeit more than $7.3m, including his Wu-Tang Clan album
Founder of Court TV to found company to detect fake news
Owners of Topps weighing a sale
Ford to temporarily lay off about 2,000 workers
AXA to buy XL Group in a deal worth more than $15 billion
Walmart to offer meal kits in more stores
Netflix founder makes list of richest people
Gap’s CEO is stepping down

Avid Technology ousts CEO, citing improper conduct

It wasn't for using a racial slur.

"Johnnie Walker is rolling out a female version of its iconic logo, an attempt to draw more women to the world’s best-selling scotch and acknowledge a broader push toward gender equality....."

Getting shitfaced and possibly taken advantage of is considered liberation.

"After years of targeting health-conscious beer drinkers with Michelob Ultra, Anheuser-Busch InBev is going after an even choosier consumer: the organic shopper. The brewer is introducing a new beer in the United States called Michelob Ultra Pure Gold that’s made with organic grains and approved by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The idea is to capitalize on the popularity of organic food and beverages — and win over people who might turn up their noses at big beer brands."

Try this drink then:

"Tyson Foods Inc., the largest US meat producer, wants to get deeper into the snack game. In its latest attempt to move beyond traditional chicken products, Tyson has put together a team of seven employees focused on snacks and product development. Their goal is to develop a new consumer product to put on store shelves in six months. Sales of meat snacks have surged almost 30 percent over the last four years, hitting $2.9 billion in 2017, Nielsen data show. Consumers are embracing high-protein products as they cut back on sugar. Tyson is looking to capture some of that zeitgeist. In its so-called innovation lab, Tyson is looking to make snacks by capitalizing on another hot foodie topic: the issue of waste. The team started in January and is developing a protein snack that the company says will use ingredients like poultry scraps, spent grain from brewers, and vegetable pulp from juicers. Tyson’s move to packaged products comes as traditional food companies struggle to compete with trendy upstarts like Chobani and Kind Snacks."

You first.

Facebook to pay $35m to settle lawsuit over IPO

They lied about the value so they could pump up the price before dumping it.

NLRB targeted over member conflict controversy

Because she is Jewish?

Firms see incentives to bolster pension plans

Little late, isn't it?


Oscars suffer a big dip in TV ratings

It was the lowest number for the event ever as people are increasingly disgusted with the culture of Hollywood as well as their pos films.

Kraft was courtside at NBA All-Star Game

Did you see who he was with?

"Heather Locklear was arrested for investigation of domestic violence and fighting with sheriff’s deputies at her California home, authorities said Monday. The victim of the alleged domestic violence was a boyfriend....."

Just getting even for the centuries of abuse.

"In addition to Michelle Obama, speakers at his year’s Simmons Leadership Conference will include former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, former president of entertainment for Telemundo Nely Galán, economic strategist Edie Weiner, and former CIA operative Valerie Plame......"

I'm surprised they didn't boycott her.

You know what I'm boycotting.