Saturday, March 3, 2018

Marching Backward

About face!

‘It’s all gone now’: After deaths of 4 in West Brookfield, questions linger

Related: Woman and three children found dead in West Brookfield home

Winds, flooding wreak havoc on Mass. as nor’easter batters state


These women are leading the charge against Trump in Mass.

Trip to Rio tripped up by Delta’s bad info

He should have read the fine print.


BSO report finds new claims of sexual misconduct by conductor

They were all in the maestro’s thrall.

Group of friends bought the old marble steps from Chelsea City Hall — and then tragedy struck

Parents’ petition declares ‘no confidence’ in transgender principal

They are still trying to grapple with the new abnorm.

State trooper accused of posting racist comments online suspended

"State Police spokesman David Procopio said in a statement that the department has opened an “immediate investigation” into the posts....."

I suppose I would feel better about the investigation were it not for the judge's daughter and the trooper's drug-dealing girlfriend.

Attorneys for Michelle Carter appeal involuntary manslaughter conviction to SJC

What a face, huh?


"Friday capped a week of conflicting signals from Trump and the White House on what the president wants to do in response to the shootings in Florida, which has led to confusion over what policies he would like Congress to advance....."

As he was surveying the targets McConnell made Markey back down. They say they are going to expand mental health screening at the same time they are cutting Medicaid

Once again we are told the FBI fell down on the job (where was the ATF, btw?). It angered the crisis actors, 'er, kids (them taking the lead was the red flag) and Connecticut is the template (notice how this has dispatched BLM and the far more pervasive problem of authorities killing citizens, more in the past year than all the mass shootings combined, down the old memory hole?). Just bumping the agenda along until it collides with the Supreme Court.

Fla. students face an NRA that’s even more powerful than before

That's scary,"channeling fear into political action," and organizing a walkout of classes. The teachers aren't happy about the growing youth movement and defiance even in the name of safety.

Some who despaired about gun control see new dynamic

The inspiration is as exploitative as it gets, and the event happened in "Parkland, a well-to-do suburb, with a median household income more than twice the national average.


"The new questions added to growing inquiries over both the department’s response to the attack and its prior interactions with the suspected shooter. Authorities have faced criticism about the series of unheeded warning signs that preceded the Feb. 14 massacre....."

Coward or the simple knowledge of a crisis drill as he was directed to stay put during the Valentine’s Day shooting

Once again, we are told the authorities were warned as the official account becomes more ridiculous by the day. 

Trump consults conspiracy theorist on guns

If they are no longer welcome in Dallas..... there is a chink in the armor

Of course, there is nothing like good old Massachusetts hypocrisy (better late than never, right?).

"The move marks an escalation of the stances businesses have taken in the past week in the gun debate since the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., last month that killed 17 students and staff members....."

Investors rethink holdings in gun companies

Some boycotts are approved and applauded, others slammed as we hit bottom

So what is post-Parkland after the return to classes (anyone remember Vegas)?

Two dead in fatal shooting at Central Michigan University

Almost on cue.

Pentagon exploring new job for McMaster

He ran afoul of President Jared and they are trying to blame it on Kelly.


"Diplomacy on Mexico was being routed through the White House via the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner....."

The Zionists have a stranglehold on this administration.

Also seeOngoing inquiry delays Kushner’s security clearance 

Notice the perpetual shit-eating grin; he knows he is above it all and the investigations will go nowhere. He's of a certain chosen group of slumlords that are untouchable.

"Colorado lawmakers Friday expelled a Democratic representative accused of sexually harassing five women, after one of his accusers — a fellow legislator — pleaded for a ‘‘yes’’ vote based on abuse of power. Representative Faith Winter, a suburban Denver Democrat, told her colleagues she suffered verbal retaliation, harassment, and humiliation by Democratic Representative Steve Lebsock after she accused him of accosting her at an end-of-session party in 2016....."

Related: "State Senator Tony Mendoza’s resignation last week spared his fellow lawmakers from a difficult decision about appropriate punishment after an investigation found he probably engaged in flirtatious and sexually suggestive behavior with a half-dozen women. But more misconduct investigations are pending (AP)."

Whatever happened to #MeToo in Massachusetts anyway?


Netanyahu is questioned in 3rd corruption case

That's how they forced Olmert out. That's why he is trying to start a war with Iran

Suicide bomb in Afghan capital kills girl, wounds 22

US makes Cuba staffing cuts permanent after ‘health attacks’

US and Russia clash over blame for Syria chemical attacks 

The Jew York Times is blaming North Korea!

Extremists stage deadly attacks in Burkina Faso capital

I'm confused.


Biogen, AbbVie pull MS drug after several patients suffer brain inflammation

Small effects, big risks come with Trump’s new trade tariffs

When W. Bush did it, it was no big deal, and investors are questioning how far Trump will end up going.

City Sports to open its first new store, post-bankruptcy

Four directors will leave Wells Fargo’s board

Motor Mart garage to get a makeover


"Boston police last year spent more than $8.5 million to pay officers to work extra hours on investigations, making it the costliest item on the department’s overtime bill, according to figures released Friday afternoon....."

That is why we call it Slow Saturday, and you now know whom to blame.

Man accused of murdering woman in Winchester library sent to psychiatric hospital 

I may be crazy, but.....

Woman dies after stabbing at Winchester Public Library Some Winchester residents said the attack had an echo of the Florida school shooting in which a teenager who was well known to authorities allegedly killed 17 people.

That just raises suspicions that this is another mind-f*** psyop for whatever reasons. To take away knives now? Everyone must now get a state mental screen? Metal detectors and backscatter X-rays in all public facilities? All of the above? Or just reinforcing narratives?

It doesn't help that the victim was -- ta-da -- Jewish, with more red-flag warnings as the search for peace goes on before being laid to rest.

Oh, well, back to the Good Life.