Thursday, October 22, 2009

Irish Speaker Likes Playing the Ponies

These guys are the same everywhere!

It almost makes you wish for an Islamic government, because at least those guys don't steal! If you do, they think it is against God; westerners have no such compunction.

"Ireland’s parliament speaker quits; Criticism focuses on expenses, travel" by Shawn Pogatchnik, Associated Press | October 14, 2009

DUBLIN - The speaker of Ireland’s parliament, John O’Donoghue.... continued to travel the world at taxpayer expense....

The biggest headline-grabbers included hotel rooms exceeding $1,400 a night in Liverpool, Paris, and Venice; $700 for travel by car between two terminals of the same airport; and trips to horse races from England to Australia, usually accompanied by his wife, with a limousine standing by 24 hours a day, all at taxpayer expense.

O’Donoghue published his most recent expense claims on a Friday night - the most common time for governments worldwide to bury bad news - on a day, Oct. 2, when Ireland’s news agenda was dominated by a national referendum on the European Union.

That is kind of disingenuous, isn't it, AmeriKan MSM?

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Boston Globe Knows About News Suppression

Oh, not our governments when we do it here, no.

Those documents demonstrated he was continuing to travel in his new job at exceptional levels, running up $135,000 worth of trips - travel that received a further $30,000 subsidy from Ireland’s state-funded agency for horse racing promotion....

And they're off....