Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Splitting Up Sudan

Hate to say I told you so (and I really do here), but I told you so!

"Sudan leader says south might secede" by Associated Press | October 27, 2009

CAIRO - Southern Sudan might secede from the Muslim-dominated north of the country in an upcoming referendum because unity has become “unattractive,’’ the south’s leader said yesterday.

Salva Kiir accused the Khartoum government of never making “unity an attractive option’’ for the mostly Christian and animist southerners. Sudan’s savage two-decade civil war ended in a 2005 peace agreement that included a provision for a 2011 referendum for the southerners to choose if they wanted to remain in the country.

Gee, that sure is odd:

"The Darfur conflict began in February 2003, when ethnic African rebels took up arms against the Arab-dominated Sudanese government government"

When did it start, MSM?

A southern decision to secede could well reignite one of Africa’s worst conflicts, which has claimed 2 million lives....

The worst one: 10 million (and counting)


Kiir also accused the northern government of failing to implement fully the peace agreement including the demarcation of the oil-rich border region between the north and the south.

That's what it is ALL ABOUT and why its in the paper!

He said the maps should be ready next month. The peace deal put an end to the 21-year-old civil war between the mostly Arab and Muslim north and rebels in the Christian-animist south that left 2 million people dead and 4 million displaced.

So either the MSM is LYING ABOUT the start or the U.S. has been DICKING AROUND in there for DECADES!

But the deal is plagued by distrust between the two sides and has repeatedly threatened to unravel, bringing the two sides to the brink of war.

Well, you can always hope, 'ey, War Press?