Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Great Swine Flu Scam

"The swine flu never scared me because we went through that when I was a kid and it was fake then too. That's the nice thing about re-runs - you know the ending! Jokes on all you young people and panic-stricken soccer moms!"

Yeah, I REMEMBER, too!!!!!

A $7 Billion Dollar Shot in the Arm

So that is all it was really about, huh, bullhorners?

And those of us truly concerned about global genocide come off looking like fools, huh? CUI BONO?

"Deliveries of swine flu vaccine vary in content. There are small doses appropriate for toddlers, for example, and the nasal spray is for adults under 50 with no health problems and who are not pregnant. Some multidose vials contain a mercury-containing preservative called thimerosal; prefilled syringes come without thimerosal. Some patients object to this ingredient despite research that has found no link between thimerosal in childhood vaccines and neurological disorders. Each day’s shipment can include a mix.


“That we have created demand for this vaccine is actually really important.’’



"In time, Sebelius says, ample supplies will be available" by Associated Press | October 27, 2009

WASHINGTON - Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sought to assure people that eventually there will be enough supplies “for everyone.’’

Dr. Anne Schuchat, who heads the Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said it’s hard to predict how long the H1N1 wave will continue, so even getting vaccinated a few months from now, will be worthwhile.


“It wouldn’t be too late,’’ she said. “We don’t know how long this increase will go on. . . . We might see another wave after the first of the year. I think it’s important for people to take steps to protect themselves.’’

I am.... by STAYING AS FAR AWAY from the NEEDLE as possible!


And here is the PROOF of WHAT LIARS your PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS are, America!

"Swine flu peaks out before vaccines even make it into widespread distribution

Mike Adams
Wednesday, Oct 28th, 2009

Swine flu infections have peaked out in the USA, even before drug companies could get their vaccines injected into everyone. According to CDC findings announced recently in Atlanta, one in five U.S. children have already experienced the flu this month, and most of those were likely H1N1 swine flu cases, the CDC says.

This comes from a survey of over 10,000 U.S. households conducted by the CDC.

Meanwhile, flu vaccine shipments are way behind schedule. There have been supply problems from the start, and as of right now, relatively few Americans have yet been injected with the swine flu vaccine. (Many have stood in line for hours trying to be injected, but were told to go home with the vaccine ran out.)

Out of nearly 14,000 suspected flu cases tested during the week ending on October 10, 2009, 99.6% of those were influenza A, and the vast majority of those were H1N1 swine flu infections. ( This is a very strong indication that swine flu infections have peaked during October, 2009.

Further supporting that notion, researchers from Purdue University just published a paper in the October 15 issue of Eurosurveillance (a science journal about communicable disease) in which researchers stated that the H1N1 swine flu epidemic would peak during “week 42″ (the end of October). Week 42 just passed. It’s over.

The AJC is also reporting this week that swine flu is “retreating” in Georgia, where hospital visits from the flu are markedly down (…) and fewer illnesses are being reported in schools, too.

Even the WHO is reporting a downward trend in many areas, saying, “In tropical areas of the world, rates of illness are generally declining, with a few exceptions. …In tropical Asia, of the countries that are reporting this week, all report decreases in respiratory disease activity.” (…)

Meanwhile, even as the swine flu infection peaks out, the shortage of swine flu vaccines means few people have yet been vaccinated. The shortage is causing “chaos” in clinics across the country, news reports say, and flu vaccination events have been cancelled due to the non-arrival of expected vaccines.

And what, exactly, is causing this shortage of vaccines? According to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, they’re being caused by “production failures” at the drug manufacturing facilities.

Too little, too late

Is she serious? People are lining up to be injected with chemicals made by companies that are suffering “production failures?” If these companies can’t meet the production targets they already promised, how can we expect them to meet the safety targets they promised?

The bigger point, though, is that by the time vaccines are available for everyone, most people will have already been exposed to the H1N1 virus and therefore won’t even need a vaccine. There’s also evidence that previous exposure to seasonal flu may confer some natural immunity to H1N1, meaning that vaccines may be redundant from the start (…).

Delivering vaccines to the public after the pandemic peaks and wanes is sort of like putting on your seatbelt after a head-on collision. (This metaphor assumes, just for the moment, that swine flu vaccines actually work. Even though they don’t.)

Through the coming holiday season, we’ll all get to watch the CDC, the FDA and drug companies desperately try to push vaccines onto people, most of whom are already immune to H1N1 because they were exposed during the peak of the pandemic. This will be quite entertaining to observe because you’ll get to watch health authorities in action, attempting to fabricate an emergency when the pandemic threat has already faded. To maximize vaccinations (and therefore Big Pharma revenues), they’ll need to keep pushing the pandemic fears through the winter months while hoping that no one notices the H1N1 pandemic has evaporated.

Predictably, the big push at that point will be based on the following logic: “Even if you were already exposed to H1N1, getting a vaccine shot can’t hurt. Might as well get one!”

The CDC, which once promised 150 million vaccines by mid-October has pushed its prediction to year’s end. Unless some new H1N1 mutation is released into the population by some bioterrorist group, it’s fairly obvious that the swine flu will have fizzled out by the time Christmas rolls around.

How to dispose of a hundred million doses of a useless vaccine…

So what will all these clinics do with all the millions of doses of vaccines that nobody really needs at that point? It might seem prudent to dump them down the river, except for the fact that their chemical additives and preservatives make many vaccines qualify as “hazardous waste” according to EPA regulations. It’s illegal to toss them into rivers or even dump them down the drain… it’s perfectly legal, though, to inject them into the body of a six-year-old.

Why don’t they just save the vaccines for next year? They’ll be useless, of course, but no more useless than they already are this year. Just save up all the vials and unleash another swine flu scare next fall to get rid of the inventory! (Don’t laugh. These people might actually take the idea seriously…)

You gotta love the pharmaceutical industry. After forty years of research into cancer (and tens of billions of dollars spent on it), they have yet to find a cure for any cancer at all. And with the swine flu fiasco, they almost managed to come up with a vaccine, but the human immune system — combined with a nation full of sneezers and spreaders — beat them to it.

It must really be depressing to wake up one day as a pharmaceutical company executive and realize you’re irrelevant… and that your “lifesaving” products are obsolete before they even hit the streets. Of course, the ridiculously high pay might make up for some of that, and if you get really depressed, you can always take your own company’s pills if you’re willing to brave the suicide risk. But in the end, the simple fact is that human beings would be better off of the drug companies didn’t exist.

The fact that H1N1 swine flu has already peaked out before the bulk of the vaccine shipments have even arrived proves, once again, how utterly pathetic and medically useless flu vaccines are in the first place. There is nothing a flu vaccine can do that simple vitamin D can’t do better, and the sad truth is that the entire flu vaccine industry is built on medical quackery and marketing propaganda.


Which is why it was SO DISTRESSING to see the region in an AGENDA-PUSHING PANIC!!!!

"BUCKLAND -- The Mohawk Trail Regional High School may have only one confirmed case of swine flu, but 27 percent of the students are out sick this week, most with flu-like symptoms, according to Susan Mitchell, nurse leader for the nine-town Mohawk school system.

On Tuesday, at least 160 middle- and high-school students were absent, or were sent home with symptoms, said Mitchell. However, none of the elementary schools have reported any signs of flu, she said.

They didn't get the mist?

That includes the four Mohawk elementary schools, Hawlemont regional and Rowe elementary.


And just down the road

"Town shuts school as students fall ill

An East Longmeadow elementary school has been closed for the rest of the week after about a fifth of its students came down with flulike symptoms. The town’s Board of Selectman voted Tuesday night to close the Meadow Brook School after more than 140 students reported feeling ill. Superintendent Edward Costa said there was no indication that any of the sick students have swine flu. Classes are scheduled to resume Monday (AP)."

Oh, I GET IT! The kid coughs and says he/she has a sniffle and the parents say "you better stay home!"

Looks like the KIDS are NOT SO DUMB after all!!!!

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