Saturday, March 28, 2020

I Am Non-Essential

Are you essential, reader?

"Baker asks all travelers arriving in Mass. to self-quarantine as coronavirus cases jump by more than 800, with 10 new related deaths" by Martin Finucane, Tim Logan, Adam Vaccaro and Travis Andersen Globe Staff, March 27, 2020

Massachusetts effectively closed its doors to tourists and many travelers Friday, as Governor Charlie Baker urged anyone arriving from out-of-state to self-quarantine for two weeks — the latest attempt to curb the spread of a pandemic that has now killed nearly three dozen people here.

They don't do it for the flu and opioids, which kill far more, and it's okay to shut state borders but not the southern border. 

At least he can open the pot shops again, right?

I mean, the “main reason” for shutting down recreational sales was because the business draws “a ton of traffic” from other nearby states, and they won't be coming anymore.

In normal times, Massachusetts’ vibrant tourism industry thrives on out-of-state visitors, but these are not normal times. The state’s number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, the severe respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus, surged 34 percent to 3,240 on Friday. The 823 new cases represent the largest single-day total to date. The state also announced 10 new deaths, mostly among people in their 80s and 90s.

These are no longer normal times, never will be again, and Bo$ton is going to lose a lot with no more Chine$e coming. As for the deaths, I will be addressing those shortly.

The increase in confirmed cases comes as the state continues to ramp up testing: The number of patients whose COVID-19 tests had been completed as of midday Friday surpassed 29,000, up from 23,621 a day earlier.

State Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel announced Friday night that she had tested positive for the virus. "My symptoms so far have been mild. I have notified my appropriate close contacts and will rest and recuperate at home, while continuing to carry out my work responsibilities remotely,'' she said in a statement.

OMFG, she tested positive for flu! I say that because I recently found out that the tests they are using are not COVID-19 specific. That comes from a scientist, folks, and medical professional. The ma$$ media and tyrannical authorities have been lumping all the cases together and calling them all COVID-19, and I'm sure some of the alleged claims from the celebrity and leadership world are false, sorry.

That means people are actually dying out there, but more than likely from flu along with pre-existing conditions. Tyrannical government in collaboration with heath authorities are goosing the death count by calling them all COVID-19. EVIL!

Meanwhile, coronavirus infections continue their alarming rise among staff at major hospitals in the state, with Massachusetts General Hospital Friday reporting 89 workers sickened, more than double the day before.

Stay the f*** away from those things.

The infections raise alarms about the ability of the hospitals to meet the challenge of a possible deluge of patients. When a staff member is infected, it has a ripple effect on close colleagues, who must be quarantined, and could spread the virus to others within the institutions.

As state officials scrambled to respond on multiple fronts, the travel advisory announced Friday is the sort of step — hard to imagine just three weeks ago — that Baker said is essential to contain the spread of the highly contagious disease that has sickened thousands and quickly shut down so much of life here.

The advisory exempts health care, public safety, and other state-designated essential workers who commute into Massachusetts from neighboring states, and there are no penalties for those who visit despite the request.

They give you papers for that so you can show the authority?

“The health and safety of Massachusetts is our top priority, and we’ll continue to take whatever steps we need to make that happen,” he said. “We’re asking folks considering coming to Massachusetts, for whatever reason, please do not travel to our community. Especially if you have symptoms.”

Yeah, sure it is.

On Friday, staff at Logan International Airport, South Station, and other transportation hubs began handing out fliers with guidance about the quarantines. Electronic road signs were placed along the Massachusetts Turnpike, Interstate 84, and other major highways, especially toward the south, where New York has emerged as the national epicenter of the coronavirus. Epidemiologists have warned cases could easily spread from New York to Boston given the close ties between the two states.

It's spreading like wildfire in Manhattan.

Amtrak has suspended its Acela service between Boston and Washington, D.C., and is running regular trains on a reduced schedule.

The trains are still running, huh?

Commuters who cross into Massachusetts for work will still be allowed to come, Baker said. He noted that most non-essential businesses here have closed their physical locations and anyone working in an essential business should know what precautions to take by now. “If you’re working in Massachusetts, that means you’re doing something that’s essential,” he said.

And if not working or your business is closed, you are "non-essential." 

How does that make you feel, and think about what that means to the genocidal psychopaths and sociopaths that are foisting all this upon us? You are "non-essential." How long before you dig your own death pit? At least that will be essential work.

Asked whether there’d be any legal penalty for people who flout the travel restrictions, Baker said that wasn’t likely at this point. Nor is the state planning to take more aggressive steps, like taking people’s temperature or asking for identification at the state line.

Okay, I want to take a minute to say something. What he is saying is they aren't going to do that YET, but that it is coming. That means there will be a martial law order with troops and law enforcement to back up the roadblocks. He said he wasn't going to issue his shut down advisory, and within 48 hours he reversed course. Anyway, you can take him at face value if you want. You shall soon see. I suggest you have your ID ready.

On Thursday, Rhode Island Governor Gina M. Raimondo issued a similar order that said anyone traveling to Rhode Island from New York should stay quarantined for 14 days. She also said the Rhode Island State Police would stop cars with New York license plates to help halt the spread of coronavirus.

Talk about profiling! Imagine if you're black and driving in Rhode Island!

What you are looking at there is a GEOGRAPHICAL COMPONENT regarding this lockdown, and that Constitution that guaranteed freedom of movement? Gone!  The HUNGER GAMES are HERE!

There are both legal and public health questions about the effectiveness of those sort of policies, Baker said, but, he said, the state would be wise, and well within its rights, to discourage visitors for awhile.

But let the undocumented come pouring in, gotcha.

Robert Plante of Cumberland, R.I., manages an auto shop in Franklin. Auto repair work is still considered essential, and Plante expects to continue traveling to the shop, but he wondered about non-work travel, especially for people like him who live so close to the Massachusetts border. “It’s literally like a mile from my house, so.....,” he said.

The order may also affect the legions of retirees who spend their winters in Florida and come home to Massachusetts in the spring. Diane Terry and her husband, Arthur Fasciane, were unsure whether to return home to Scituate in the coming weeks or stay south. Now, they will likely just stay put until further notice, Terry said. "I think it's not a stretch to say a lot of snowbirds are hunkering down," Terry said.

Others are coming home and expect to self-quarantine. Joan Dunfey of Jamaica Plain arrived back from Florida yesterday; her husband is expected home tomorrow. Both plan to stay at home and will find ways to get groceries and other essential items delivered. They’d been avoiding most contact in Florida already, Dunfey said, but it felt safer to be in Massachusetts. “The difficulty with Florida is that if it hits Florida, it’s going to be devastating. Everybody’s over 70,” she said.

Yeah, that's interesting. It's not devastating Florida. Is it possible the HEAT could have something to do with it?

Also Friday, Baker announced that the state income tax filing deadline had been extended to July 15, following a similar action by the federal government.

SeeMass. income tax filing deadline extended to July 15

That leaves bu$ine$$ more money to play with for a longer period of time, and the real concern is the state's credit taking a hit.

Baker said he disagreed with the suggestion by President Trump that the country could reopen by Easter, April 12. “Yeah, no, we’re not going to be up and running by Easter,” he said.

So he's already admitted the April 7 advisory will be extended. He just chose two weeks as to not cause concern here. He never intended to lift it, and it makes one wonder what other measures the governor intends to foist upon us in the coming weeks. The guy is simply not to be trusted. Can't take him at face value, ever!

In an op-ed published Friday by The New York Times, Baker and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy urged the federal government to help states acquire personal protection equipment and ventilators for hospitals that are in short supply.

WhereTF were you guys in the run-up to this? 

Why is every single shortage being laid at the feet of the President of the United States? 

It's almost as if OTHER AGENDAS are AT WORK beneath the ravages of the coronavirus (how would you like to walk down that aisle?).

“Our current state resources have not only been stretched to their limits; with our economies currently at a standstill, there are no new revenues coming in to support their continuation,” the governors wrote.

At least Bo$ton is a sanctuary city:

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, speaking at City Hall, continued to urge residents to maintain social distancing practices, saying that they are crucial to curbing the pandemic.

He and his do not, but do as they say, not as they do.

He said he had learned that “large numbers of people” in the city were not practicing social distancing, including group sports at some places.

"If this doesn’t change, I’m going to start naming locations in the city of Boston so people know that you shouldn’t be there,” he said.


One can see a 21st-century Bo$ton massacre happening soon!

Just wait until a hot $pot pops up!

So who knew the city of Bo$ton, the alleged cradle of Liberty, would become Berlin under the East Germans or Moscow during Soviet Times.

Who cares about "terrorists" when an invisible germ can get the government to do their work for them? Or...... (blog editor shrinks at the evil that exists in heartless men).

In an interview on MSNBC-TV, Walsh said he was still considering tighter restrictions on residents beyond the current stay-at-home advisory issued earlier this week by Baker.

"If we have to do that here, we will,” Walsh said of a possible shelter-in-place order. “What we’re looking at now is we’re working on how we would carry that out here in Boston.”

So that is coming, Bostonians (not Bo$tonians), and how many people are in that studio? Is social distancing being practiced? Did Walsh do his own makeup? Did the reporters?

As of Thursday, there were 477 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the city of Boston. Two people had died.

And he is talking lockdown. The city of Bo$ton has survived wars, the Spanish Flu, and countless other things, and yet this causes a complete suspension of liberty and the Bill of Rights. That's what the British did.

On Friday, the family of Larry Rasky, a top Boston public relations executive who died Sunday at the age of 69, confirmed he had tested positive for coronavirus.

OMG, of course! I called it, and now they are using his death which was likely only from seasonal flu (although I don't want to entirely remove the possibility of a US bioweapon given the way they are working overtime to pin this on China; I think both instances I am describing here are likely. That way truth-seekers are divided).

“Not being able to gather with family and friends has made mourning Larry’s death all the more difficult, so the impact of the pandemic was already felt,” his son, Will Rasky, said in a statement. "That said, Larry’s spirit and legacy have kept us all tied together.”

He was a public relations guy!


They are getting closer to identifying Patient Zero:

"Biogen’s two-day meeting in Boston has become infamous as the epicenter of the coronavirus spread in Massachusetts. On Feb. 26, attendees shared breakfast and lunch at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf hotel, and they congregated in the hotel’s Grand Ballroom. Crowding or weak ventilation could help cause super-spreading events. Other reasons could be simply biological. It is not known who among the approximately 175 executives from across the country and around the world brought an infection with them and shared it with so many, but it’s an idea more than a century old, dating back to when Typhoid Mary Mallon, a New York cook, was suspected of transmitting typhoid fever to 51 people in the early 20th century, possibly by failing to wash her hands thoroughly before serving up ice cream desserts....."

She later turned up dead at a nursing home.

(flip below fold)

Cash-strapped families hope coronavirus rescue arrives in time to pay the rent

I feel so very sorry for the family that will "have to figure out another way to pay the bills" and educate their kids because the checks are not coming in time (why aren't the bill collectors going to help?).

Meanwhile, the Globe editorial board is pushing the agenda by arguing that United States cannot afford to lose productive workers in the midst of a global pandemic. They are planning to house the undocumented immigrants in a “makeshift camp that will be dismantled later.”


"Trump signs $2 trillion coronavirus bill into law as companies and households brace for more economic pain" by Paul Kane, Mike DeBonis and and Erica Werner Washington Post, March 27, 2020

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Friday signed a massive $2 trillion emergency spending bill into law, which policy makers hope will blunt some of the coronavirus epidemic’s economic fallout.

I'm tired of them blaming the virus for this when the fundamentals were way out whack before this. The virus is being used as a cover, and that is why they are doing the shutdowns.

His signature came just hours after the House of Representatives passed the measure by a voice vote, and less than 48 hours after it received unanimous approval from the Senate.

‘‘I want to thank Democrats and Republicans for coming together and putting America first,’’ Trump said.

Yeah, the last three-and-a-half-years have been forgotten, Kumbaya.

Now, the White House, Treasury Department, Small Business Administration, and other agencies must rush to try and flood the economy with money under the new law.

So we can all sit on it? Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Pay bills? What fun is that?

There are now roughly 100,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US and it has caused more than 1,300 deaths domestically, figures that have been rising rapidly. To avoid contagion, much of America has shut down. Many Americans have stopped leaving their homes, devastating millions of businesses that depend on consumer spending for their cashflow.

All the corporate behemoths will swoop in and pick up all the property on the cheap. That's what the bailout money is for.

A number of economists believe the US economy has taken a nose dive from a period of relative economic strength to one of the worst recessions ever recorded. To respond, the White House and Congress assembled a massive spending bill.

The White House has promised it will swiftly implement the new law, but its economic approach to the coronavirus crisis continues to change by the day. For example, approach continues changing rapidly. For example, Trump on Friday invoked the Defense Production Act in an effort to compel General Motors to manufacture ventilators after holding back on using such a tool for more than a week.

Related: "Trump had hinted earlier in the day via tweets that he might take the action, writing what seemed like an order that GM start making the ventilators, but he did not then explicitly state that he was invoking the Korean War-era law. ‘‘As usual with ‘this’ General Motors, things just never seem to work out,’’ Trump tweeted. ‘‘They said they were going to give us 40,000 much needed Ventilators, ‘very quickly’. Now they are saying it will only be 6000, in late April, and they want top dollar.’’ 

The tweets drew rebukes from Democrats. I'm so glad they are minding the store.

Similarly, the cruise ship industry has indicated it might not qualify for any of the new emergency loans even though Trump has said multiple times that they would be beneficiaries.

Then they are $unk.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin promised in a Fox Business interview on Friday that the Internal Revenue Service would be moving rapidly to send out payments to Americans who qualify. ‘‘We’re going to have a new program up by next Friday where banks can lend. I mean that — that would be a historic achievement,’’ Mnuchin said. ‘‘This is a brand-new program the Treasury working with the SBA. We’re doing everything we can because Americans need that money now. They can’t wait for government to take three or four or six months like we normally do.’’

On direct payments to Americans, Mnuchin said: ‘‘I’ve committed that the IRS will get these direct deposits in three weeks. Again, American workers can’t wait,’’ but there are a number of logistical hurdles that the Trump administration will be scrambling to resolve. For example, officials can send electronic payments to households that have bank accounts on file with the IRS, such as those who have in the past received tax refunds, but the IRS is expected to send millions of other people checks in the mail, a process that could take much longer.

Once again, they can cut the banks a check within days, while the taxpayer paying for it all has to wait to get his chump change kickback that will be worthless by the time he gets it.

The legislation passed the House in dramatic fashion, approved on an overwhelming voice vote by lawmakers who’d been forced to return to Washington by a GOP colleague who had insisted on a quorum being present. Some lawmakers came from New York and other places where residents are supposed to be sheltering at home.

They came in empty planes and cars after flying or driving all night to help ensure passage of the $2.2 trillion rescue package (it's really $6 trillion, but one expects ma$$ media obfuscation at this point).

The procedural move by Representative Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, drew bipartisan fury, including from Trump, who derided him over Twitter as a ‘‘grandstander’’ who should be tossed out of the Republican Party.

Woah, WHY?!!

Massie, who opposes the legislation because it adds to the deficit, insisted over Twitter that he’d ‘‘sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution’’ and was simply doing his duty. The Constitution specifies that a quorum — or majority of the House — should be present for legislative business, but that is rarely enforced.

Oh, Mr. President!! 


Yes, HOW DARE an elected representative uphold the Constitution as they all swore!!

Anticipating Massie’s move, leaders of both parties had urged lawmakers to return to the Capitol if they could, and many reluctantly complied, boarding red-eyes or early flights, or in some cases embarking on long drives. Some came from New York even though people there have been urged to quarantine for 14 days if they leave.

Am I supposed to feel sympathy for them?

‘‘Today, as we have all acknowledged, our nation faces an economic and health emergency of historic proportions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the worst pandemic in over 100 years,’’ said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat. ‘‘The American people deserve a government-wide, visionary, evidence-based response to address these threats to their lives and their livelihoods, and they need it now.’’

They didn't suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights back then (did for those against US entry in to WWI, though), and please remember that statement is coming from the detestable creature that said this President was the greatest national security threat ever to the country (gave the mass-murdering war-criminal W. Bush a pass) and impeached him over a phone call so they could protect Joe Biden.

Related: "A Texas man faces federal charges after he made online posts threatening Democrats, including US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, authorities said. Gavin Weslee Blake Perry, 27, of Wichita Falls, was charged Wednesday with transmitting a threatening communication in interstate commerce. According to federal prosecutors, Perry wrote on Facebook that Democrats, including Pelosi, “will be removed at any cost necessary and yes that means by death.” Perry remained jailed Friday and court records do not list an attorney who could speak on his behalf. Federal prosecutors said Perry admitted making the Facebook posts and that he told law enforcement he did so because he wanted to warn Americans to beware of the government....."

Looks like they have those special powers they wanted, and it looks like we are all terrorists now

As House debate drew to a close, congressional leaders urged lawmakers to file into the galleries overlooking the House floor — where the public usually sits — in order to attempt to maintain social distancing among the well over 200 lawmakers present.

Then the vote was called, and Massie sought recognition. ‘‘Mr. Speaker, I came here to make sure our republic doesn’t die by unanimous consent in an empty chamber, and I request a recorded vote.’’

Massie’s request was denied as members asked to stand up to back him up remained seated. He asserted that there was not a quorum, but presiding from the chair Representative Anthony Brown. a Maryland Democrat, deemed a quorum present.

Brown then gaveled the vote shut, and cheers erupted on both sides.

Why does the term Reichstagg pop into my mind?

Reality is what they say it is, not what it really is. Recipe for disaster.

Members hurried to the exits, and with the Senate already out of session at least through April 21 — barring the need for urgent legislative action — the House, too, will now recess for an undetermined period. 

Leaving Trump in charge by himself?

Many were furious at Massie.

‘‘It’s an act of vanity and selfishness that goes beyond comprehension,’’ said Rep. Dan Kildee, a Michigan Democrat, saying Massie was putting people’s health at risk and forcing the House to model poor public health procedures. ‘‘He should be ashamed of himself and the country should scorn him.’’




What's next, they STONE HIM TO DEATH!!

Three members have now tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and a number of others were quarantined after showing symptoms or coming into contact with potentially infected individuals.

Whatever. I'm sure they will all recover thanks to the generous, taxpayer-financed health plan.


Better cancel the party:

"More than a million dancing, singing, bead-catching celebrants packed the streets of the French Quarter and other venues across this city in the weeks leading up to the sprawling open-air party that is Mardi Gras. There was little worry during the February festivities about the new virus that had infected a few dozen people in other parts of the country. The city’s top health official believed the flu ‘‘is far more dangerous right now than the coronavirus,’’ she told the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate newspaper. Thirteen days later, on March 9, Louisiana reported its first case of COVID-19. Then came another, and another. Clusters broke out in several nursing homes. The cases popping up across the state were not easily linked to each other, meaning that a galloping community spread was already underway. A terrible realization began to dawn on residents and political leaders: The famous bonhomie of the world’s biggest free party may have helped supercharge one of the most rapid spreads of the coronavirus, which is now threatening to overwhelm Louisiana’s health care system and potentially make the state one of the next epicenters....."

Too late.

"A scenic Idaho county known as a ski-vacation haven for celebrities and the wealthy has a new, more dubious distinction: It has one of the highest per-capita rates of confirmed coronavirus infections in America. Numbers from Johns Hopkins University on Friday show that with more than 80 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, Blaine County has the highest rate of cases outside New York City and its surrounding counties. The numbers themselves are far smaller in the Idaho region than in New York City but still dire for residents. At least 14 of the cases in the rural county of roughly 22,000 people involved health care workers, and at least two people have died from COVID-19. The county includes Sun Valley Resort and draws skiers and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. It’s also known as a celebrity getaway, thanks in part to its history of famous second homeowners and vacation regulars including Ernest Hemingway, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others. During ski season, roughly 30,000 people land at the county airport....."

Don't worry, the Terminator will protect you.

"Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain said Friday that he had the coronavirus and was suffering mild symptoms, becoming the first leader of a major Western country known to have contracted the virus. The prime minister, 55, said he would isolate himself in his official residence, No. 10 Downing St., but would not relinquish his duties....."

"The Spanish government warned citizens that the situation will get worse after the country suffered its deadliest day yet of the coronavirus outbreak. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez convened an emergency Cabinet meeting to try to chart a way out of the crisis rapidly engulfing the nation. The Health Ministry on Friday reported another 769 deaths, lifting the total number of fatalities to 4,858. Confirmed cases climbed to 64,059, with Spaniards near the end of the second week of a state of emergency set to last at least until April 11. The country is on almost complete lockdown and the government is counting on limited social interactions helping contain the spread of the disease, which has already killed more people there than in China, where the pandemic originated. ‘‘We may be entering a phase of stabilization, but we haven’t reached the peak yet,’’ Health Minister Salvador Illa said at a news conference in Madrid....."

I hope they practiced social distancing at the emergency cabinet meeting.

Members of the Military Emergencies Unit carried out a general disinfection at an extended care facility in Barcelona.
Members of the Military Emergencies Unit carried out a general disinfection at an extended care facility in Barcelona. (AFP via Getty Images).

Looks like a drill.

This is what makes me think a US bioweapon was in fact used:

"Iran announced another 144 deaths from the coronavirus on Friday and said thousands more were in critical condition as the military completed work on a 2,000-bed field hospital in an exhibition center in the capital. Iran has reported nearly 2,400 deaths among more than 32,000 cases. Iranian officials have repeatedly insisted they have the outbreak under control despite concerns it could overwhelm the country’s health facilities. Iran is battling the worst outbreak in the region, and Iran’s government has faced widespread criticism for not acting faster to contain the virus. On Thursday, the national committee established to combat the outbreak, which includes President Hassan Rouhani, ordered the closure of national parks. The move came ahead of Nature Day on April 1, when Iranians typically gather for outdoor picnics. Earlier this week, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, refused American aid and seized on a conspiracy theory that the United States created the virus, something for which there is no scientific evidence. In Yemen, meanwhile, the US Agency for International Development began scaling back aid efforts in areas controlled by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels over their resistance to allowing measures that ensure aid goes to those who most need it. Yemen has yet to record any coronavirus cases, but an outbreak in the war-torn country could be catastrophic....."

I suppose it is good to see the CIA cover known as USAID leaving if you are a Yemeni, and the pre$$ batting down of what the wise man says is a tell.

Pope Francis holds service in empty St. Peter’s Square

For once, I'm in favor of social distancing.

Japanese cherry blossom tourism shut down 

Once the Olympics were cancelled, the crackdown began.

‘We Take the Dead From Morning Till Night’

That is the Red Cross in Italy, where only 12% of “Covid19 deaths” list Covid19 as cause, and on the front line of the new coronavirus battlefield, doctors are being asked to defy one of the basic oaths they took because the lack of protective equipment for medical professionals is placing them in harm’s way (I guess some oaths mean more than others).

A lucky country says goodbye to the world’s longest boom

Looks like the New York Times forgot all about the fires, and where is the social distancing?

Australians seeking government aid waited in line in Sydney on Thursday.
Australians seeking government aid waited in line in Sydney on Thursday. (Matthew Abbott/New York Times)

South Africa enters lockdown as known COVID-19 cases surpass 1,000

South Africa’s 57 million people entered a three-week lockdown on Friday and took stock of a stark new reality -- which is nothing more than a return to normal reality and the days of apartheid. Must feel good and it’s time to cherish the things that can’t be taken away -- before they are.

Old treatments for a novel coronavirus

The Globe says that "to survive this surreal period with our sanity intact, we need community, cooking, nature, altruism, and calm since the coronavirus has taken away the Boston Marathon, the Kentucky Derby, most international travel, our book groups and bowling leagues, Broadway plays, a big hunk of our salaries and 401Ks, commencements, church services, even the funeral mass" (actually, authorities made a decision to take those away, not the virus).

As for old treatments, have you tried Vitamin C

Apparently, France is aware of a cure and the Russians are using a malaria drug for relief.

Of course, the pre$$ here says such stuff will kill you, and maybe you ought not take it.


So what to do while stuck inside? 

Stuck inside during coronavirus outbreak, many are using the downtime to tap into new and old skills

They are advocating that you collapse into oneself and engage in total self-centeredness. to

The licensed psychologist and founder of Azimuth, which is advising people during this “truly novel and weird situation” says to try something new, to “shift over into something that’s either creative, or more personal and meaningful, or interesting, or fun, is in general a positive thing, and to take advantage of this opportunity and look at it as sort of a luxury where, you’re home, and you have this time to do things like craft, or pick up exercise, or whatever.....”


A cry for help from inmates caught in a coronavirus outbreak in Bridgewater

Also related:

Two men arrested for string of break-ins at businesses

Expect a lot more of that as they empty the jails and order you to stay inside.

Harvard enacts worker protections, makes classes pass/fail

An Easy A!

UMass students to get refunds after coronavirus-driven closures

What will they do with them?

Coronavirus isn’t stopping pet adoptions at Scituate shelter

You have to wear personal protective equipment to rescue them.


Time to go back to work and open up the doors:

Dow closes down more than 900 points after three-day rally

GameStop to employees: wrap your hands in plastic bags and go back to work

That is how far a business is willing to go to generate revenue during the coronavirus pandemic, and HOW DARE THEY when employees have concerns!?

Hey, if the employees don't like it, they can go apply at Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and other companies that are staffing up like Total Wine in Everett, who is allegedly “hiring on the spot.”

Microsoft deal values Affirmed Networks at $1.35 billion

Lexington biotech and Sanofi plan to work together on coronavirus vaccine

They will put you out of your mi$ery.

"COVID-19: Martial Law, Digital Currency, and World Government; Is the corporate media-generated hysteria over what appears to be a normal influenza virus happenstance?" by Kurt Nimmo, March 27, 2020

I certainly don’t claim to be a financial wizard. In fact, at best, I have a rudimentary understanding of how the convoluted funny money economy works. However, you don’t need to fully comprehend the ins-and-outs of rigged monetary system to understand we’re in for big trouble and the coronavirus “pandemic” is not only accelerating the fall but will make the outcome far, far worse.

For more detail on the financial end of this disaster, read Mike Whitney’s Why Washington’s COVID-19 Relief Package Must Be Stopped!

No chance, however. As I write this, Congress passed a pork-laden “stimulus” bill.

If we can believe numbers put out by the CDC, as of Friday, March 27 there were 1,246 deaths in the US attributed to the virus. Compare this with the 1968 H3N2 “Hong Kong Flu.” It reportedly killed 100,000 people in the US and around a million around the world.

At the time, the response was not to lock down the country and destroy the livelihood of millions of Americans and usher in the severe violations of the Constitution we are now witnessing.

Short of COVID-19 numbers shooting into the stratosphere in the long run, the death rate will be nowhere near those of the H3N2 pandemic. After the virus is put down by warm temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, jobless and impoverished Americans will scratch their heads in wonderment at the overreaction by government.

Back in 1968, the US economy was doing fairly well. It was the economic powerhouse of the world. The economy began the slow process of engineered deterioration after the so-called “Nixon shock” imposed wage and price freezes in response to Federal Reserve manufactured inflation and the direct international convertibility of the dollar to gold in 1971.

10% inflation in the 1970s was “the result of the honest mistakes of a well-meaning central bank (sic),” according to the Fed.

The former Fed boss, Ben Bernanke, said in 2002 “honest mistakes” were also responsible for the stock market crash in 1929 and the Great Depression that followed (see Jerry Mazza’s How the FED engineered the Great Depression; for historical comparison of the current economic trauma prior to COVID-19, see Doug Casey: Comparing the 1930s and Today).

Is the current corporate propaganda media-generated hysteria over what appears thus far to be a normal influenza virus happenstance?

I argue the pandemic was planned or conveniently exploited, if not beforehand then in its early stage as it swept China. I am convinced the virus was arranged or exploited to make an excuse for a coming and unavoidable Greater Depression, a historically unmatched depression as a direct result of the fraud, manipulation, and gambling debts of the financial class. Blame for the pinpricks deflating absurdly enlarged and distorted asset bubbles horrendously crashing the economy will be laid at President Donald Trump’s door.

Moreover, the crash and its enforced misery—only now beginning to gain fatal momentum—will be used by the ruling elite to demand several drastic “reforms,” beginning with a call for a centralized world government. This globalist scheme, long in the planning, will be rolled out “temporarily” to confront the virus.

From The Guardian on March 27:
Gordon Brown has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 
The former Labour prime minister, who was at the centre of the international efforts to tackle the impact of the near-meltdown of the banks in 2008, said there was a need for a taskforce involving world leaders, health experts and the heads of the international organisations that would have executive powers to coordinate the response.
Brown’s “executive power” will become permanent after the virus has subsided. It will be the foundation for a global government after the world economy finally falls off a cliff—possibly weeks or months away—and the desperate masses begin rioting in the streets over food shortages and the inevitable institution of martial law (or something similar without the namesake in an end-run around the Constitution, which does not explicitly grant emergency powers to a president).

Prior to Gordon Brown’s demand, bankers and establishment economists began a heightened call for “a digital alternative to paper money” to stop the spread of the virus and “helping improve financial inclusion by addressing the needs of millions of Americans that remain unbanked, according to the FDIC.”

In January, the elite at Davos was way ahead of the curve on the effort to dispose of paper money and replace it with a digital financial and societal control mechanism.

“Users of the U.S. dollar are ‘underserved by an analogue currency in a digital world,’ Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), said during an event in Davos,” CNBC reported.
The promise of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is that it could make cross-border movement of money easier and improve traceability to fight corruption or money laundering, according to Henri Arslanian, global crypto leader at PwC.
It would also make tracking and surveilling citizens far easier and more efficient. “There are two kinds of economic surveillance to take note of. One is surveillance by companies, the other is by the state,” writes Melissa Twigg.
“It’s the companies that want to get data on you,” says [financial analyst Tom Nicholls]. “But they form the pool of data that then a state would be able to access.” It may sound very Black Mirror, but it’s already happening in China, where mass financial data from Alipay is helping to craft the country’s social-credit system, which will reward and punish citizens based on economic behaviour.
There appears to be no end to the manufacture of state and media-generated hysteria.

ABC News notes that a “Department of Homeland Security memo sent to law enforcement officials around the country warns that violent extremists could seek to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic by carrying out attacks against the U.S… The memo, which was circulated on Monday, comes after assurances from FBI Director Chris Wray in a video message that agents would be even more vigilant in monitoring threats to the U.S. as the virus spreads.”

Last August the FBI “for the first time has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat,” according to a memo circulated at the FBI’s Phoenix office.
“The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts,” the document states. It also goes on to say the FBI believes conspiracy theory-driven extremists are likely to increase during the 2020 presidential election cycle.
For those who pay attention, there is ample evidence the FBI arranges terrorist plots and has done so at least since the agency ran its unconstitutional COINTELPRO takedown of numerous political opponents beginning in the 1950s.

Both the FBI and DHS may begin categorizing those of us who differ with the state and its media on the origin and impact of the coronavirus as “domestic extremists” bent on destroying the nation.

The real destroyers and psychopathic misanthropes, however, are in high places. They are cynically and criminally exploiting the coronavirus—so far no more dangerous than seasonal flu—to shove their one-world agenda down our throats as easily frightened Americans run around like Chicken Little, begging the state to take care of us before the sky falls.


Meanwhile, in OTHER NEWS:

N. Macedonia becomes NATO’s 30th member, ending a long quest

Political turmoil in Kabul dogs negotiations with Taliban

Venezuela’s only telecoms satellite is lost in space

It wasn't shot down, was it?

New app takes aim at backlog of untested rape kits

Those will have to wait until all the coronavirus cases have been diagnosed, sorry.

Cyclist dies from injuries suffered in crash

Suspicious fire investigated at former Naval Air Station

It's another COVID-19 hot spot!


Late Afternoon Update:

Everyday I put up a post regarding the Globe I bought and in a sense I relax. Then I go search for what is really going on and it makes their reporting and journali$m trite and deceitful.

The first thing I'm drawing attention to is the video, 45 minutes in length, that throws a light on three key events and what they may mean going forward. The first seems rather innocuous and plays along partisan lines. That's how the "one-party center," as he calls it, ostracizes all those outside their sphere. That's the band of psychopaths in charge right now. 

The second point he raised is far more frightening. The Army Corp of Engineers guy talking on Rachel Maddow about repurposing structures, allegedly for hospitals, and voila, empty colleges and sports stadiums would be perfect. Wow! No wonder they sent everybody home and have cancelled seasons. That was a premeditated action designed to set the stage for what is coming. The ACoE guy said they needed to handout the contracts and get all this stuff done in about 2-3 weeks (who is being contracted, btw?). That's all we have left before the round-ups begin. Then they will start moving the people allegedly infected with the COVID-19 (the test just determines the presence of flu; it does not specifically identify COVID-19) and those NOT infected with COVID-19 into facilities.

The videographer isn't an alarmist, but he does want to know why? Why, when China is reporting no new cases, when South Korea and Germany have it under control and yet we are skyrocketing and preparing for this? Why, when Britain has already downgraded the level of contagion? Why would you move people who are not infected and not sick into a facility when the fatality rate is of coronavirus is only 1% of those infected, and most people can recover at home? What would be the purpose? He may not be alarmed and have his questions regarding certain sources; however, I can certainly see why the trains have been busy even around here. The ACoE guy pretty much confirmed it, and now we find that US Intel Agencies played an unsettling role in classified and “9/11-like” Coronavirus Response Plan. I think we now know why.

That dovetails into the third aspect, which is the cancellation of the sports seasons (there will also be no baseball this year -- but surf's up!). He shoes a video of the Superdome during Katrina. Not a good scene, man. I know that makes me some sort of stereotype in a country filled to the brim with assholes, and when such people wish us ill it is time to say goodbye as I'm considering taking this blog down for good.

The reason I say that is because of what I saw when the rose-colored sunglasses came off regarding the President of the United States. Kind of woke me up a bit.

Workers and members of the National Guard build a makeshift morgue outside of Bellevue Hospital Wednesday in New York City.
Workers and members of the National Guard build a makeshift morgue outside of Bellevue Hospital Wednesday in New York City. (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Photographer: Eduardo Munoz Alva)

It's not like I can take sanctuary in my state, either (I noticed there was not a thank you for President Trump as he approved a disaster declaration and ordered federal assistance to support recovery efforts here). It is simply a matter of time.