Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mass. Cries Poverty Over Workers

WTF are they talking about?

"The chamber study, which analyzed local and national labor markets, found the state is not increasing its pool of skilled workers fast enough to keep up with employers' needs. As a result, 90,000 jobs go unfilled in the state each year, the study said"

Where are those jobs? India?
Because they sure as hell ain't here!

"State expects to see fewer young skilled workers" by Robert Gavin, Globe Staff | November 1, 2008

The pool of younger skilled workers in Massachusetts is expected to shrink over the next five years, posing a threat to one of the state's key competitive advantages, according to a study released yesterday by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

"Immigrants have helped fuel what little growth Massachusetts has had in the past decade"

The state's population of 18- to 54-year-olds is projected to shrink by about 100,000, or 4 percent, by 2013, the study said, and the growth of the number of workers with a bachelor's degree or higher is projected to be the lowest in the nation.

"Talent has long been our greatest resource," said Paul Guzzi, chamber president. "As we continue to compete with other states and countries to grow jobs in industries such as financial services, high tech and life sciences, this natural resource becomes even more critical."

So let's see: We screw our schools, then claim the kids don't have the smarts, then have to either outsource or bring in foreigners. What a RACKET, 'eh?

The chamber study, which analyzed local and national labor markets, found the state is not increasing its pool of skilled workers fast enough to keep up with employers' needs. As a result, 90,000 jobs go unfilled in the state each year, the study said.

The chamber study made these recommendations: improve teaching of science, technology, engineering and math in public schools; raise limits on visas for skilled foreign workers; expand internships at Massachusetts companies; implement Governor Deval Patrick's initiative to help more students graduate college; and lower business costs. --more--"


And about the schools? BUDGET CUTS!

Of course, "flushing . . . millions of dollars away supporting a highly profitable industry" when it comes to $300 million in taxpayer dollars for Hollywood is o.k., and paying $13 million for a computer software system that could have cost less than $3 million is all right, and the lottery shelling out "millions of dollars" for sports tickets for "lottery officials, their family members, and friends" is fine, and making interest payments to banks to the tune of "a staggering $22 billion" for the Big Pit and paying off banks like UBS, who can "demand repayment of an additional $2 million a month beginning in January" while also receiving a "$179 million payment," while the state pension fund loses $1 billion dollars -- which still didn't stop the executive director from carving himself a nice "$64,000 bonus on top of his $322,000 annual salary." Oh, and did I not mention the golf courses, the tv ads, or the RECKLESS BORROWING while SITTING ON $2 BILLION DOLLARS! Need one final insult?: Massachusetts Gives More Money to Hollywood

Also see: Massachusetts Literally Throws Tax Dollars Away

Think that $5 million could help some kids' education?

And yup, we NEED BIOTECH because that is where the JOBS are!!!

"CombinatoRx to cut 50 after drug disappoints

CombinatoRx Inc., a Cambridge biotechnology company that recently reported disappointing clinical results for its lead drug candidate, a treatment for osteoarthritis, plans to cut nearly one-third of its staff to conserve cash. The firm said it will shed 50 of its 140 employees in Cambridge, but did not say which departments were affected or how much money would be saved. CombinatoRx, which also has 20 employees in Singapore, said it will provide more details when it reports quarterly earnings on Wednesday. The news comes three weeks after the firm reported that a midstage clinical trial found its Synavive drug was not much more effective than a placebo or steroid in reducing knee pain caused by osteoarthritis (Boston Globe)."

Oh, and did I not mention the $1 BILLION dollar giveaway to the pharmaceutical corporations, even though "it's never been easy to turn a profit in biotech?"

And the hits just keep on coming:

"39 Mass., R.I. Verizon engineers may lose jobs

At least three dozen Verizon Communications engineers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island will lose their jobs by the end of the month, union officials said, as part of a plan to eliminate 2,700 management-level jobs nationwide. The cuts were reported in a Verizon filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this week. The New York company's total workforce - about 13,000 in Massachusetts, and 228,000 nationwide - will not be reduced because of hires it is making in other areas, according to Verizon spokesman Philip Santoro. He declined to say how many Massachusetts employees would lose their jobs. But union spokesman Rand Wilson said at least 39 engineers who work in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have been told they are being laid off (Boston Globe)."

But somehow we got 90,000 jobs unfilled out there!