Monday, July 25, 2011

Breaking News: Mitt Romney Was Born in Mexico


"Romney’s roots run deep into Mexico, remain there still; Mormon settlers found a niche" by Nick Miroff, Washington Post / July 25, 2011

COLONIA JUAREZ, Mexico - Three dozen of Mitt Romney’s relatives live here in a narrow river valley at the foot of the western Sierra Madre, surrounded by peach groves, apple orchards, and some of the baddest, most fearsome drug gangsters and kidnappers in all of northern Mexico.

Like Mitt Romney, the Mexican Romneys are descendants of Miles Park Romney, who came to the Chihuahua desert in 1885 seeking refuge from US antipolygamy laws. He had four wives and 30 children, and on the rocky banks of the Piedras Verdes River, he and his fellow Mormon pioneers carved out a prosperous settlement beyond the reach of US federal marshals. He was Mitt Romney’s great-grandfather.

Gaskell Romney, Mitt Romney’s grandfather, settled in Mexico as well, and Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, was born in nearby Colonia Dublan - raising the possibility of a 2012 presidential race between two contenders whose fathers were born outside the United States. 

If he was born in Mexico how come he could run for President?

The story of Mitt Romney’s family in Mexico is not well-known or frequently mentioned by the candidate, who is widely viewed as the front-runner for the Republican nomination. But the extraordinary lives of Romney’s ancestors, and the current struggles of his relatives against Mexico’s brutal criminal gangs, present a significantly more complex family portrait than the all-American image of Romney with his wife, Ann, and their five sons....

Today, most of Romney’s relatives in Colonia Juarez are Anglo Mexican cowboys, farmers and businessmen who speak Spanish and English with equal, unaccented ease. They live in historic Victorian homes and comfortable ranch houses with some of the greenest and tidiest lawns in Mexico, looking as if they’ve been transplanted from suburban Phoenix. Their children grow up playing football, shopping in El Paso, and studying for coveted slots at Utah’s Brigham Young University.

For most of the Romneys here, especially the older generations, Mexico is home. And like almost any prosperous family in this increasingly lawless region, the Romneys are now besieged by criminals’ extortion demands and the constant threat of kidnapping. 

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Somehow the Globe missed that story.  

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Some of their orchard managers have been abducted and killed, and one of Mitt Romney’s cousins, a tough 70-year-old rancher named Meredith Romney, was kidnapped two years ago, then tied up and held in a cave for three days.  

Must have been bin Laden and CIA-Duh.

A few Romneys have fled to the United States in recent years, joining the hundreds of other Romneys who are also descended from Miles Park. But most of the Mexican Romneys are still here in Colonia Juarez.

“We’re not going anywhere,’’ said another cousin of Mitt Romney, Michael Romney, whose son is serving in the US Army in Afghanistan. “There’s too much history.’’

The Romney family traces its ancestry to 17th-century England....  

It's ALWAYS the SAME CROWD, ain't it?


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"Romney fund-raiser lobbied for foreclosure firm; Fiorentino brought in $102,900" July 19, 2011|By Matt Viser, Globe Staff

WASHINGTON - T. Martin Fiorentino Jr., who raised $102,900 for Romney, lobbied on the legislation on behalf of Lender Processing Services, a so-called “foreclosure mill’’ that was reprimanded in April by the government for “unsound practices related to residential mortgage loan serving and foreclosure processing.’’

In the world of political fund-raising, Fiorentino is known as a “bundler.’’


The other lobbyists who are bundling money for Romney are Wayne Berman, a major GOP lobbyist at Ogilvy Government Relations whose clients include top oil and gas companies; David Beightol, a managing principal at Dutko Worldwide, a GOP lobbying firm that is run by longtime Romney adviser Ron Kaufman; Drew K. Maloney, a former staffer for then-majority whip Tom DeLay who is now at Ogilvy; and Judi A. Rhines, who cofounded the Rath Group, which is based in New Hampshire and is run by Romney adviser Tom Rath....

“The best thing you can do for this community is not to come here and give checks, to go around and give everybody a check. That doesn’t solve the problem,’’ Romney said....

Yeah, those are only meant for wars, Wall Street, corporations, Israel -- and political campaigns!