Thursday, June 27, 2013

Breakfast Burp

"UK Coke bottler eyes breakfast" AP, June 27, 2013

NEW YORK — Get people to swap tea or coffee for soft drinks with breakfast — that’s one of the strategies Coca-Cola’s main bottler in Europe is targeting to boost sales in the United Kingdom. 

Soda for breakfast?

Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. issued a report last week that identifies a variety of ways it can increase sales over the next five years in the region. One category entitled ‘‘Complete the Meal’’ notes that breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, with about one-quarter of all drinks being consumed before 10 a.m.

“How do we motivate people to make soft drinks, like smoothies, juices and other on-the-go products, part of their morning ritual in the same way as tea or coffee?’’ the report asks. 

(Blog editor really does not now what to..... buuuuuuuurp..... say)

In a statement, the company said it was referring specifically to smoothies and juices in suggesting breakfast as an area for growth. 


The optimistic report comes as soda consumption has been fading in developed countries such as the United States amid concerns they fuel weight gain

Yeah, sugar water will do that to you. And it's not even good sugar, it's corn sugar.

To combat criticism, Coca-Cola Co. began airing TV ads this year that explain what it’s doing to fight obesity

Look, I'm not for regulating it like Bloomberg, but Coke fighting obesity? C'mon. We ain't drunk of the stuff!

Other ways to increase sales mentioned in the report include making soft drinks a pick-me-up at work or providing the right range of packages at the right prices for teens at places such as the movies

Will you kids shut up over there?

It also notes that the ‘‘Daytime At Home’’ category is largely untapped for the soda industry, with tap water and hot drinks being the most common beverages at home. 

Where do you think Americans are storing and consuming those vast value vats they can buy at the supermarket -- with their food choice and spending tracker card?


And could it be that the PACKAGING is what is CAUSING the OBESITY? 

"Study finds child obesity tied to BPA" by Mike Stobbe  |  Associated Press, September 19, 2012

NEW YORK — A provocative new study suggests a connection between the BPA chemical used in food packaging and childhood obesity, but the researchers say their findings don’t prove it is the cause.

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But Massachusetts won't?

While most people have traces of the plastics chemical in their bodies, the study found that children with the highest levels in their urine were twice as likely to be obese as those with the lowest. There are other factors that could explain the results, and many reasons why children gain too much weight.

Yeah, but if you tie it to that your are stepping on some very powerful toe$.

‘‘Clearly unhealthy diet and poor physical activity are the leading factors contributing to obesity in the United States, especially in children,’’ said lead author Dr. Leonardo Trasande of New York University.

But the study does hint that causes of childhood obesity may be more complicated. Trasande said it is the first national research to tie a chemical from the environment to childhood obesity.

One puzzling result: Significant differences were detected only in white children. For black and Hispanic kids, obesity rates were similar for those with the lowest levels of BPA as those with the largest amount. The researchers couldn’t explain that finding....

Sorry I lost the link.

Also drink: The Boston Globe's Morning Dew 

Man, am I ever buzzing after that!

Youths are not getting enough to eat
Is it a real Fluffernutter without Wonder Bread?
Childhood obesity rates drop in some cities
Obesity drops among preschoolers

It must be the hunger.

City finds shedding pounds tough

"Study puts new light on weight hazards; Some people obese by BMI had less risk of dying" by Pam Belluck  |  New York Times, January 02, 2013

NEW YORK — Fat might be protective or even nutritional for older or sicker people....

“We wouldn’t want people to think, ‘Well, I can take a pass and gain more weight,’ ’’ said Dr. George Blackburn, associate director of Harvard Medical School’s nutrition division.

Rather, he and others said, the report, in The Journal of the American Medical Association, suggests that BMI, a ratio of height to weight, should not be the only indicator of healthy weight....

They know BMI is a lie?

Specialists also said the data suggested that the definition of ‘‘normal’’ BMI, 18.5 to 24.9, should be revised....

Translation: You have been lied to and made to feel bad about being fat, kids -- all so the same people saying that to you can feast!


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No, it increases it! That's why you want more chips when drinking soda! 

UPDATESGastric bacteria may aid weight loss

"Many employers, insurers, and Internet programs dangle dollars to try to change bad habits like smoking or not exercising, but most studies have found this does not work very well or for very long. The new study, done with Mayo Clinic employees, succeeded because it had a mix of carrots and sticks."

I think I'm going to cut any more obesity item coverage. That should save me a few pounds of papers.

You gonna fry up that egg?

"Walmart is latest to drop Deen" by ANNE D’INNOCENZIO |  AP Retail Writer, June 27, 2013

NEW YORK — Paula Deen lost another chunk of her empire on Wednesday.

Walmart Stores Inc. announced that it has ended its relationship with the Southern celebrity chef, part of the continuing fallout in the wake of revelations that she used racial slurs in the past. The world’s largest retailer currently carries a variety of products under her moniker, including food items, cookware, and health and wellness products, at all of its 4,000 US namesake stores. The retailer began selling her merchandise several years ago.

‘‘We will not place new orders beyond those already committed,’’ said Dave Tovar, a Walmart spokesman.

The severed ties with Walmart are the latest blow to Deen’s business. Her name is being stripped from four buffet restaurants owned by Caesars....

Meanwhile, the celebrity chef’s representatives distributed nine letters supporting Deen from other companies that work with her, as she fights to keep her business empire from crumbling....

Deen appeared in a ‘‘Today’’ show interview earlier Wednesday, dissolving into tears and saying that anyone in the audience who’s never said anything they’ve regretted should pick up a rock and throw it at her head. 

She's got a point there.


Damn, burned it!