Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Globe Special: Taking a Second Look at Some Japanese Masterpieces

"Last year, China became the world’s biggest art market. The appetite for contemporary art, in particular — from Japan, China, India, and elsewhere in Asia — has exploded. Biennials, art fairs, and new museums have been springing up all over. Opportunities for meaningful and mutually profitable exchange abound.

So inevitably, one wonders: Has the MFA squandered an opportunity to do something bolder in Japan?

Not for me.


Hey, it's an elitist paper. Just serving their dwindling readership.

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It seems like a lot of the same themes are repeatedly hit upon a Sunday; either that, or a lot of one-day wonders that vanish down the old media memory hole. 

Yeah, just forget about FukushimaWouldn't want to upset or trouble elite, impressionable minds as they spend the day with their increasingly thinner Sunday Globe.