Friday, June 21, 2013

Hernandez Held on Murder Charges

Not yet, but.... 

"A hint that Hernandez was with man found slain" by Mark Arsenault and Meghan E. Irons |  Globe Staff, June 21, 2013

Video images taken early Monday morning appear to show New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez together on Fayston Street in Boston with a Dorchester man whose bullet-ridden body was discovered later that day in a North Attleborough industrial park near Hernandez’s house, say two law enforcement officials.

Hernandez, an up-and-coming NFL star, is not cooperating with police, said a law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the investigation.

The existence of the video evidence and a second video showing Hernandez later that morning in North Attleborough came to light Thursday as police continued to search the industrial park where the body of Odin L. Lloyd, 27, an acquaintance of Hernandez and a semipro football player, was discovered. The source of the videos was not immediately clear....

In a surreal scene uncannily reminiscent of O.J. Simpson’s infamous white Bronco chase, 19 years ago this week, television news helicopters trailed Hernandez’s white sport utility vehicle Thursday, following him from his home to Gillette Stadium, in nearby Foxborough, and to his lawyer’s office in Boston. He declined to speak to a surge of reporters when he stopped at a gas station.

And I missed it!

An attorney for Hernandez, Michael Fee, emerged around 8 p.m. from the offices of Ropes & Gray, a law firm in the Prudential Center. As a small group of reporters followed him asking questions, he said his client had left the building, though did not say when. He declined to comment on the substance of the meeting.

Fee did not return a call and e-mail seeking comment.

Meanwhile in Florida, lawyers for a man who says that Hernandez shot him in February, leaving him disfigured and half-blind, refiled a federal lawsuit seeking damages against the football player. The case, originally filed last week, had been withdrawn Monday so that an error could be fixed in the text of the complaint.

Alexander Bradley, 30, of East Hartford, Conn., says in the suit that Hernandez pointed a gun at him after an argument in a Miami strip club and, either intentionally or through negligence, fired.

Bradley’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, said the police investigation in Massachusetts does not directly affect his case, “except that if he’s not playing football, he might not have any money for us to collect once we get a damage award.”

Jaroslawicz could not explain why Bradley stymied the criminal investigation into the shooting by telling Florida police in February that he did not know who shot him, as police described in reports.

“I haven’t seen the police report,” Jaroslawicz said in a phone interview. “You know more than I do. Bye.” Then he hung up.

In July 2006, Bradley was convicted in Connecticut of selling drugs and sentenced to five years in jail with the balance suspended after 18 months, according to court records....

Just wondering why the guy who was shot is being treated like the guilty one, don't you?  

Must be all the $elf-$erving connections.


"Patriots have lost their way" by Dan Shaughnessy |  Globe Staff, June 21, 2013

Hernandez slipped in the draft because of maturity issues and failed drug tests while at the University of Florida. A lot of teams passed on him, but the Patriots took a shot. And so he came here and he played well. In August of 2012, the Patriots broke from standard operating procedure and rewarded Hernandez with a $37 million contract extension, which included a $12.5 million signing bonus. When Hernandez immediately gave $50,000 to the Myra Kraft Giving Back Fund, Bob Kraft called it, “one of the touching moments since I’ve owned the team.’’

“Some people might see all the tattoos on him and think . . . ,’’ Kraft continued. “Maybe 10 years ago, I was in that class. [Now] I think, ‘wow, this guy’s a good guy.’ ’’

That same day, Hernandez recited the franchise party line. He said the Patriot Way changed his life. He pledged to “live life as a Patriot.’’

Now this. Hernandez is in a heap of trouble. Like every American, he is innocent until proven guilty, but at best he is surrounded by a cast of nefarious characters and trouble keeps finding him. At worst, he’s going to prison for his connection in a murder. In any case, he’s going to have to answer to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who does not need courtroom convictions to make rulings.

Thursday was one of the stranger days in local sports history. New England was sleepy-eyed after yet another Bruins Stanley Cup Final overtime game and we learned that NBA commissioner David Stern was not going to allow a Celtics deal that would have sent coach Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett to the Clippers.

But the strangest of the strange was the O. J. Simpson-esque coverage of Hernandez’s trip from his North Attleborough home to Gillette Stadium. News cameras in helicopters followed Hernandez’s white SUV and when the tight end tried to refuel at a Gulf station, he was swarmed by folks with cameras and microphones. Rumors of his “impending” arrest swirled on the Internet as more stories of his checkered past spilled out for public consumption....

We all go to the internet now. This is only to show you what s*** the flagship paper of New England is feeding me.


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I found it strange that the Globe reported nothing regarding the destruction of Hernandez's security system and cellphone or the cleaning crew he brought into the house on Monday?

How many other things are they not telling us, and not just in this case?

UPDATE: No arrests yet in slaying of man acquainted with Hernandez 

And nothing about his security system, cellphone, or the cleaners, either.


"Some media outlets reported earlier today that an arrest warrant had been obtained for Hernandez charging him with obstruction of justice. But a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation said no one has been arrested and no warrants have been obtained for Hernandez or anyone else.... Also today, the company that makes “Muscle Milk’’ announced that it had ended its relationship with Hernandez about 11 months after he was signed to an endorsement contract."

Still nothing about his security system, cellphone, or the cleaners.

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At least it 's get the media focus of Tebow.

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Who cares which elite group owns the Globe?