Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maury Povich Murder in Massachusetts

It was bound to happen:

"According to investigators, Gideika said he had recently learned that the twins were not his biological children, a discovery that “set him off” and led him to start abusing prescription drugs"


"Boy killed after state left him at home" by Peter Schworm and Brian Ballou |  Globe Staff, July 10, 2013

LYNN — Child welfare officials allowed a baby boy to remain in a home where prosecutors said he was fatally assaulted by his mother’s boyfriend, despite having already placed his older brother in foster care, and after the infant and his twin brother were born with drugs in their systems.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that the Department of Children & Families, the state’s child protective services agency, removed the twins’ 3-year-old brother in June 2012 from the home that their mother, Jennifer Nelson, shared with her boyfriend, Anthony Gideika. But officials permitted the twin infants to remain despite concern over whether Gideika and Nelson could care for them.

(Forgive me for wondering what good the state does other than suck up tax loot to splurge on themselves and give away to favored interests. They simply fail across the board even when trying to do good. Maybe there is nothing they could have done, but why not admit that and rollback a bit? And WTF? With all, the damn communications being swept up how can anything happen in this country without government being aware? It's everything, folks, even the business records and such)

Gideika, 33, was arraigned on charges of brutally beating 3-month-old Chase Gideika, who died Tuesday from massive head injuries consistent with being violently shaken and slammed. Gideika pleaded not guilty and was ordered held on $100,000 bail.

Prosecutors said doctors who examined Chase had never seen another case where a child was abused so harshly....

According to investigators, Gideika said he had recently learned that the twins were not his biological children, a discovery that “set him off” and led him to start abusing prescription drugs....


Let's meet Anthony, shall we? 

(Crowd boos)

"Lynn man accused of beating 3-month-old boy to death" by Brian Ballou and John R. Ellement |  Globe Staff, July 10, 2013

LYNN - The Lynn man suspected of murdering a 3-month-old twin boy is a disabled US Army veteran who was having a “difficult time’’ accepting the news that he was not the father of the twin boys he once believed were his biological children, officials said.

(Crowd roars oooooooooooh!!)

Anthony Gideika, 33, pleaded not guilty in Lynn District Court to charges of assault and battery on a child causing serious bodily injury, but could face a charge of murder once the state medical examiner’s office establishes the cause of death for the infant, Essex County prosecutors said today....

Yeah, just to clear it up, I take no pleasure at all in my dripping sarcasm regarding these comments. You know what I'm blaming for this action.

In court was Don Purrington, a peer specialist with the state Department of Veterans Affairs, who said he was with Gideika at a Veterans Administration hospital where Gideika was trying to get himself admitted.

Purrington said Gideika was a combat engineer during the three years he spent in the US Army between 2003 and 2006. Purrington said he could not disclose details of Gideika’s service, but said that combat engineers dismantle bombs, among other duties. Gideika is 100 percent disabled as a result of his military service, his attorney said.

“This happens more and more,’’ Purrington said of the incident of domestic violence. “By no means is that an excuse for what happened, but there are underlying issues that get self-medicated.’’


Thank you, AmeriKan ma$$ media and George W. Bush administration for starting all this to do a world domination plan. Thanks. Thanks a lot. 

You know, first item in my Pentagon budget is vets health care. At the bottom are weapons contracts and ongoing occupations and covert wars. That's all cut, the troops come home, and they defend the people from this government because we will need them if this government moves.


Maury would have helped her find the father. That's the difference between Maury and Jerry. Jerry allows fights and insults for 55 minutes, then he comes on with his final thought about loving and caring for yourself and each other. At least Maury is trying to help.

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