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Where the Journey Continues

Picking up where I left off....

"In downsizing, Rockefeller operation to quit legendary Room 5600" by Sam Roberts, New York Times  November 24, 2014

NEW YORK — Since it opened in 1933, a 70-story limestone skyscraper has towered over mid-Manhattan as a symbol of global capitalism and of a prolific American family that remains synonymous with prodigious wealth.

The family patriarch, John D. Rockefeller, was America’s first billionaire, and it was his son, John Jr., who dauntlessly broke ground for 30 Rockefeller Plaza in the midst of the Great Depression. Through it all, into what is now the seventh generation, the Rockefellers’ vast financial and personal empire has been managed by as many as 200 employees from a lofty command post adorned with priceless artwork, known humbly and simply as “Room 5600.”


David Rockefeller Jr., John D.’s great-grandson, would say only, “We got a deal we are not at liberty to speak about.”

There are a lot of things he is "not at liberty(?)" to speak about.

Jerry I. Speyer, chairman of Tishman Speyer, which co-owns Rockefeller Center, also declined to discuss details. But, he said, “I would be surprised if they weren’t worried about rent. I think sensible people respect money.”

The Rockefellers are by no means pleading poverty. As philanthropists, they have endured pretty much intact longer than most American oligarchies that originated in the late 19th-century Gilded Age, and many of them no longer feel beholden to a paternalistic family office that since 1882 has managed the Rockefellers’ financial and personal affairs....

After all, they have a planet to rule.


One of their chief spokesmen and architects:

"Henry Kissinger’s words of wisdom" by Nicholas Burns, Globe Columnist  November 06, 2014

For 91-year-old Henry Kissinger, establishing a stable, balanced world order has been the overarching goal of his extraordinary life and career. “World Order” is also the title, not coincidentally, of his important new book, further affirmation of his place as one of the most distinguished foreign policy thinkers and diplomats in American history.

You left out the word New, although there is really nothing new about it.

Kissinger returns to Harvard University this week, where he first made his mark as a brilliant young student and professor, following his service in World War II. He will talk with students about his most challenging negotiations with China’s Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, the Soviet Union’s Leonid Brezhnev and the leaders of Israel, Syria, and Egypt after the October War of 1973.

This “Lion in Winter,” as the Aspen Institute’s Walter Isaacson calls him, has authored a compelling book to help Americans make sense of a shifting, unsteady global order, and our own place in it.

And it is just in time. This year’s seismic international shocks confirm we are experiencing challenges to global peace that, left untended, could cause even greater violence and disorder in the year ahead. In the burning Middle East, the people’s revolutions of 2011 have largely failed, with nearly every country worse off as a result.

And who benefited?

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s continued aggression by subterfuge in Eastern Ukraine threatens Europe’s cherished democratic peace won with such promise at the end of the Cold War. A newly self-confident and assertive China is contesting the legitimate borders of the Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan in the South and East China Seas. And, an important new UN report warns that the impact of climate change may be greater than even the most sober scientists had thought.

Talk about shoveling the whole agenda here!

These and other tests undermine, in Kissinger’s construct, the international order he rightly believes is a necessary precondition for global stability, prosperity, and peace.

As if that is what the US empire has delivered all these decades it has waged wars on lies as it continues to do so.  This is about the globalist $cum maintaining its position of dominance at the expense of the rest of the world.

Together, they are challenging President Obama’s diplomatic dexterity in a way few would have imagined when he was reelected two years ago.

Kissinger worries that the durable and remarkably successful post-World War II order pieced together by Harry Truman, George Marshall, Dean Acheson, and others is now breaking down. For Kissinger, rebuilding that system is essential for a 21st century where the United States will remain the most influential country, but will need to share power with China, Russia, India, and others.

Reads right out of the Project For the New American Century, doesn't it?

Americans will need to help manage this global order through a mix of idealism and realism and resolve, as he wrote, “to act in both modes.” This middle path is imperative to restore peace and to avoid a potentially catastrophic superpower struggle.

As the same people he speaks for are pushing us there.

These takeaways from Kissinger’s book speak directly to what I believe is Obama’s central challenge in his last two years in office. The United States must rediscover its self-confidence as the lead international actor. We must honor American ideals by opposing Russian aggression in Ukraine and Chinese adventurism in Asia while doing what we can on a selective basis to contain violence in the Middle East.

We have brought more violence to the Middle East than anyone, even Israel. This guy is so full of arrogant hubris that he's either delusional or a fantastic liar. 

These conventional myths that have been built up by the propaganda pre$$ are sickening.

At the same time — here is where realism comes in — we must also keep lines open to Moscow and Beijing on issues where they have great influence — climate change, terrorism, Iran, and North Korea.

Yeah, use them when they suit our purposes but screw 'em otherwise. You don't think people see right through that?

Despite our many differences with the Russians and Chinese, we simply can’t operate in isolation from them. This generational challenge is rooted in intellectual and historical terrain that Kissinger may understand better than any other American. The United States can’t afford to leave the world’s center stage that Republican and Democratic presidents built because, in Kissinger’s warning, “reconstruction of the international system is the ultimate challenge to statesmanship in our time.” Words of wisdom from a remarkable American.

And war criminal!


Burns, the former State Department in the George W. Bush administration, also says Syria is Obama's next challenge, and he is calling for an invasion.

"Grant will help city nurture dialogue on race; Boston to receive Rockefeller funds" by Meghan E. Irons, Globe Staff  December 03, 2014

A foundation spokesman said officials were impressed with the mayor’s sophistication on this issue, particularly around developing ties between government and communities.

“Community cohesion is a big part of resilience,’’ said Max Young, director of global communications and marketing for the foundation.

The network includes Dallas and Chicago; Athens and Paris; Montreal; and cities in Ghana, Tanzania, Japan, and Cambodia. This year’s grant recipients will join 32 cities picked last year to respond to social, economic, and physical shocks and stresses that afflict many communities, the foundation said.

Yup, Rockefellers taking care of us all with their altrui$m.


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