Sunday, April 24, 2016

Yesterday's Sunday Globe Was Special

I'm looking forward to giving them more than a glance during the games later:

I'm told he was caught on a wiretap making threats on behalf of the union. 

Who needs a union these days when you have a Federal Labor Board from a corporately-controlled government looking out for workers' best interests? It's not like they would be engaged in breaking unions or anything. 

So what did Walsh do wrong to offend the federal government or Obama? I mean, ever since he's been mayor he has turned his back on labor just as Reagan did.

Yeah, the un$ightly image of the e$tabli$hment denying the will of the voters has reached it's limit in the charade (flip-flop-flip) that is called the US presidential election.

Flipping to below the fold I find such sweet music that really hits the bullseye.

Next up is a lesson in Irish history and you can go down that road if you wish. There were brief stops in Bangladesh, South Africa, and Korea, but the Globe missed them.

They didn't miss Obama saying his goodbyes in London while pu$hing his corporate and global trade agenda that will take the shirt off your back and shoes and socks off your feet (just friends being honest with each other for the common good). 

It's all in the context of his return from Saudi Arabia regarding U.S.- and Saudi-supported ISIS™ that was cover for pressure regarding oil production (thus the implied threat regarding 9/11, as if the entire world didn't know that was an USraeli job using Saudi patsies) before he waved goodbye and was off for Japan to call for a world without nuclear weapons -- meaning the Israelis have to give up theirs, right? I know, dumb idea -- as the titular head of the only country that has actually detonated them in the two greatest individual war crimes of all time (how do the Japanese say the word hypocrite?) and is tempted to do so again from the safety of Chicago.

Still looks like the same old plan for regime change in Syria despite the reassurances, and if I walk like an Egyptian it leads me to Mexico. Can't remember how I got there, though.

It's shocking that you would see something like that in Kasich's Ohio.

I'm sure he was a real Prince, but I never cared much for his music (made a good pancake, though) and there are questions regarding what really happened.

There is already a problem with the polls, God help us all.

Sorry to be so brief, but I've got to get moving.

I know it is none of my business, but was it sleeping pills or hypnosis?

Or was he just not looking where he was going?

Might even catch a fight at the restaurant, and if you are lucky you might even get a new gig.

I'm even going to look up that section later.

All part of my travels through the Globe and AmeriKa:

They aren't funny anymore, I don't care who is drawing them.

So will the patient.

I have no idea what to do there.

After hunting around for some letters, I found one at the bottom of the bank vault.

Time for me to say Mass and then be out of sight, out of mind while reading the Globe.



View is wait and see on Walsh and labor probe 

Turns out he ticked off the Globe by failing to respond to records requests.

Democratic primary focuses attention on Sandy Hook

My printed headline said "Democrats' focus on guns gives new hope to activists," and the web replaced it with this?

Revenue up, tickets down after city introduces parking app 

I'm parking the whole paper for later; have things to do this morning.

What would a third Conn. casino mean for Mass.?

Le$$ of an increa$ingly $hrinking pie?

Assisted living facilities push to add medical services

I'll be nursing home a blog about those soon.


Solar-powered plane completes journey across Pacific Ocean

Have you seen the cockpit on that thing?

Cause sought in Arizona fire that forced 70 to flee homes

Investigators seek motive in slaying of 8 in Ohio

Teen shoots 2 outside prom before officer kills him

Republican activist says Hillary Clinton might be best option

So the Kochs are for Clinton, 'eh?

Then the play is the thing, and you could just as easily substitute her name for Palin.

Clinton praises Tubman as ‘feisty, determined woman’

That her running mate?


Obama, Merkel jointly push for trade accord

A goodbye kiss and salute.

Nepal marks anniversary of quake that killed nearly 9,000

Serbia’s pro-EU populists win vote, initial results show

Evidence points to torture of suspects in Mexican students’ case

Fighting rages in Syria, killing at least 26 

Once again talks of peace and cease fires have dissolved in my war paper. Been ten years of it.

Turkish-Dutch journalist detained over Erdogan tweet


Right-wing candidate wins first round in Austrian presidential election


White House poised to release secret pages from 9/11 inquiry

Meaning the Saudis wouldn't budge on oil production, thus they must be slandered in the mouthpiece media.

US directs cyberweapons at ISIS for first time

More fighting themselves, and who benefits?

ed: Hydro power needed to meet state’s 2020 carbon goal


School closings are tough but necessary

Legalized marijuana is too much, too soon

Circus elephants are a thing of the past


‘Heartbroken’ family identifies toddler killed by ambulance

City to hold hearings on body camera pilot program

Mass. firefighters seek ban on flame retardants

Turns out they cause cancer.

Bernie Sanders draws 7,000 to Rhode Island rally

But somehow not enough turn out to vote, and even if they do Clinton still gets more delegates. How does that work?

High lead levels found in fountains at two Boston schools

Those the ones set for closure?


Suspect in custody after 2 random shootings in Duxbury

Scheming seal spotted again in Charles River

Man killed in early morning Dudley fire


State trooper accused of choking girlfriend


Boston housing prices are rising, but city’s not in the top 10

Why an obscure Supreme Court case is a big deal for prescription drugs

Where’s the cable guy? Your phone can show you

Six bold ideas for proposed Winthrop Square skyscraper

Who are Generation Z?

The Globe put that last article in the garage and I have nothing more to say at this point.

Names: ‘Jungle Book’ still tops

I always look for the Monday box office receipts before finishing the day with the best part of the paper.