Friday, April 22, 2016

Migrating Through Germany

You have to get through Hungary and Austria first:

It's a fateful choice that must be made when you are barred from the train, stranded at the station, and caught in a stampede before finally being allowed to leave.

"Migrants rush into Germany on trains; Travelers cheer end to visa checks; Hungary targets flow from Serbia" by Marko Drobnjakovic and Shawn Pogatchnik Associated Press  September 07, 2015

HEGYESHALOM, Hungary — Hungarian police stood by as thousands of migrants hopped cross-border trains Sunday into Austria, taking advantage of Hungary’s surprise decision to stop screening international train travelers for travel visas.

Arabs, Asians, and Africans who often have spent weeks traveling through Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans to reach Hungary, a popular back door into the European Union, found to their surprise they were permitted Sunday to buy tickets to take them all the way into Austria and Germany. Hungary had insisted last week they would no longer be allowed to do this.

The UN refugee agency says most of the migrants flooding Europe should eventually be classified as refugees, giving them special status and preventing their deportation because they would face persecution in their homeland.

The rest are considered economic migrants, who are fleeing poverty or seeking better economic opportunities.


"The migrant crisis that has rattled Europe and fractured its already shaky unity — producing heart-rending images of squalor, death, and the joyful celebration of those who made it through — has now found fresh focus on this flat, forested border at the edge of the European Union.

With refugees, fleeing from war, and migrants, weary of poverty, pouring in from the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Africa, any obstruction quickly creates growing pools of the desperate. That is what happened last week at Budapest’s Keleti train station when Hungary temporarily cut off access for migrants to westbound trains.

“Asylum seekers and refugees cannot be turned away from the border,” said Babar Baloch, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Hungary. “We want them to apply international rules under which they have obligations to these people.”

You need to change the name of your country to Israel.

With migrants struggling to find new routes into Europe, thousands of refugees had poured into northwestern Turkey over the weekend. A hundred of them, gathered in a small square in the heart of Edirne, demanded a solution to the crisis.

“We want the world to treat us as humans,” said Nawar Alghousini, 21, who arrived in Turkey nine months ago from Syria. “We are not terrorists. We escaped war, and we want to have a normal life.”

The Serbians disagree, and international organizations cast a skeptical eye on the new Hungarian laws."

That would be building a fence and closing its border.

Maybe they will get better care in Romania because they are not learning anything while staying in Hungary.

Whatever you do, don't hop a truck to Austria:

"Europe reeled from more shocks in its escalating migration crisis Friday, with reports of 150 drownings in the Mediterranean and news that far more corpses had been found crammed in an abandoned refrigeration truck in Austria than first thought. Damage to the vehicle’s side raised the possibility that victims had struggled to escape. At the root of many of the deaths are the practices of human traffickers who overload boats, cars, trucks, and vans with those willing and able to pay the high cost to cross the Mediterranean or European borders." 

The root is not the wars??!!

The traffickers were a "Bulgarian citizen of Lebanese descent, a Bulgarian citizen, and a Hungarian, while 2,500 people have died at sea this year and about 3,500 died or were lost last year."

"Four men suspected of being involved in the deaths of 71 migrants found in a truck in Austria were placed under preliminary arrest Saturday by a Hungarian court. Three Bulgarian suspects are aged 29, 30, and 50, officials said, while the fourth suspect — an Afghan — is 28. The refrigerated truck with the dead migrants was found Thursday."

The truck had stalled and thus there could be no rescue.

"In Austria, about 15,000 more migrants crossed into the country from Hungary and Croatia, with no letup in sight for the influx."

Due to the avalanche of migrants, Austria came to the same conclusion as the Hungarians before attempting to fly them out:

Austrian pilot dies in air show crash.... The fatal accident was the latest in a string of such crashes in Europe. On Aug. 22, a vintage jet plane crashed on a road in Great Britain, killing at least 11 people. On the next day, two planes from a German stunt team collided over Dittingen, Switzerland, killing one of the pilots."

That cost them some money, and there was another guy who flew planes in Britain. In fact, we are getting close to his hometown before crossing over into Germany:

"Germany, with Austria, France, and Sweden, has taken in the bulk of the hundreds of thousands of refugees flocking to Europe, but countries across the continent are struggling to cope with the influx. In Hungary, a day after police said 2,533 immigrants had entered the country from Serbia on Tuesday, the highest one-day figure this year, officials planned to send the army, mounted police, and dogs to its southern border to confront the migrants, Reuters reported. Hundreds of neo-Nazis and far-right National Democratic Party members threw objects at police and shouted “Heil Hitler” during the protests in Heidenau. Merkel called the clashes and anti-immigrant protests “shameful and offensive.”

"The arrival in Germany of the migrants was the culmination of 10 days of tragedy and emotion that at last caught the world’s attention, as war and chaos in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East set off one of the largest emigrations since World War II."


Unlike in 1990s, Germany welcoming migrants warmly
Germany willing to accept 500,000 refugees annually
Germany registered 965,000 migrants through November
Many migrants in Germany falsely claim to be Syrians
Germany reverses course, implements border controls
Germany will tighten rules that permit refugees to bring families
German Cabinet backs measures to ease deportation of criminals
German Cabinet approves measures tightening asylum rules
Germany steps up deportation of failed asylum-seekers 

Including women and children, and that just raises a whole host of memories and images regarding the past and what was witnessed in the Fatherland in those years of unity after the fire (reputed to be a plot by the Nazis to enable certain measures) when those who went after the bankers were saluted.

If only an assassin could have got to him first:

"A leading candidate to be mayor of Cologne was stabbed and seriously wounded Saturday by a man who claimed anti-foreigner motives, an attack that Germany’s interior minister said underlined growing concerns over hatred and violence in the refugee crisis. Henriette Reker was stabbed in the neck at a campaign stand set up by Christian Democrats at a market. Her condition was stable. Reker, an independent candidate, heads the city office responsible for refugee housing."

There has been so much press regarding stabbings that I believe it is all false flag Gladio garbage if not complete fiction.


German court deems ex-guard at Auschwitz, 93, fit to stand trial

Last survivor of Nazi’s Treblinka death camp dies at 93

94-year-old former SS guard to face Auschwitz trial

Trial of former SS medic at Auschwitz verging on collapse

World’s oldest man has lived 112 years — including 2 at Auschwitz

He will never forget.

Then the party was over. The trains stopped running, Hitler was nearly assassinated, and the German war machine broke down. They tested the poison on his dog before committing suicide and Nazi leaders confessed to the atrocities. That is what history tell us anyway. They all gone now.


The crash led to a sell off, and as suspected, the nation was broken in two and given a new name.

"Ruling party wins Slovakia’s election as neo-Nazis gain seats for first time" Associated Press  March 07, 2016

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — The leftist ruling party won, but in a surprising development, a neo-Nazi party gained parliamentary seats for the first time.

The prime minister favors a strong state role in the economy, has been critical of Western sanctions against Russia, and is known for strong anti-Muslim rhetoric. Slovakia has not been part of the European route that hundreds of thousands of refugees are using, and a recent teachers strike over low pay, nurses quitting hospitals en masse, and corruption scandals in the health care system have overshadowed the migrant crisis in the country. Still, Prime Minister Robert Fico had made it the central tenet of his campaign.

The pro-business Freedom and Solidarity became the second strongest party with 12.1 percent, or 21 seats, ahead of another center-right party, the Ordinary People with 11.0 percent.

The ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party, Fico’s potential partner, returned to Parliament after a four-year-absence with 8.6 percent while the traditional party in the predominantly Roman Catholic country of 5.4 million, the Christian Democrats, didn’t get enough votes to be represented.

Most notably, the neo-Nazi People’s Party — Our Slovakia got 8 percent, or 14 seats.

Fico said it is his duty as the winner to create a meaningful government....


Now another German leader finds themselves isolated over the issue and losing on the battlefield. The plan is going down and defeat is only a matter of time (certain allies will also be brought down, but so will an enemy) until people find the mass graves and look somewhere else for leadership.