Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday's Feces

Taking it from the top and as noted:


Trump officials tied to Nunes’s reports Two White House officials helped provide Rep. Devin Nunes with the intelligence reports that showed that President Trump and his associates were incidentally swept up in foreign surveillance.

What does that have to with issue of spying on campaign and transition and the evidence of "incidental" collection? The headline infers that something untoward and nefarious is going and I'm already predisposed to not read it. Trump tweets about the campaign and transition spying was a broadside to put down the Obama-led destabilization protests with the sub narrative for impeachment now being provided through controlled intelligence via committees. Nunes is a good guy that is standing in the way, thus the effort to remove him or set up a special select cover-up or frame-up committee. 

Who can say no to a nun? Attleboro can

I can say no the Globe. 

It seemed a simple request when three nuns asked the city to install a crosswalk so they could walk safely to their shrine.

I'll keep on walking.

Making demolition plans, Wynn spends millions to clear out Everett neighborhood Wynn Resorts is making plans to demolish a three-block section of a closeknit neighborhood just across the street from the casino. 

Place your bets

Senate Republicans scramble to muster votes targeting Planned Parenthood VP Mike Pence cast a rare tie-breaking vote not once, but twice, to get a family-planning measure across the finish line.

You don't want to know what they are doing with the tissue.

Accused in Haiti, Malden man is latest to face lawsuit here Jean-Morose Viliena is the latest in a string of foreign officials brought before US courts to answer for alleged human rights violations in distant lands.

At least he wasn't smoking pot (I'm sure I saw a printed report in my paper), and he wasn't undocumented

The Nation

Trump appeals Hawaii judge’s new ruling blocking travel ban President Trump appealed the latest court ruling against his revised travel ban to the same court that refused to reinstate the original version.

The presses must have already been running because it didn't make print, and I don't blame him for looking that way one bit. 

Ryan, Rubio may have been targets of damaging Russian social-media campaigns Russia experts painted a sinister picture of Russian meddling in the 2016 election Thursday.

But they won big anyway, and welcome to McCarthyism 2.0 in AmeriKa.

North Carolina repeals contentious law restricting transgender rights

Was my page A2 national lead.

Fire causes interstate overpass to collapse in Atlanta

Turkey, US remain at odds over Kurds’ role against ISIS

That article was in the World section of my printed version, and it leaves you with nothing but Kurdistan confusion. The point of the convoluted versions of what is going on over there is an attempt to provide cover for the greater plan -- an independent Kurdistan that will chop of chunks of land from Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq and function as a base for western intelligence. The area has done that for a long time and is something of which the rest of the world is well aware.

Lawyer wants information about drugs for Arkansas executions

A spike in US heroin use has hit young white men the hardest

Must be why the death rate is rising.

Quest for new antibiotics gets first major funding from global partnership

‘We must fight them’: Trump goes after conservatives of Freedom Caucus

Welcome to the George W. Bush administration 2.0

In empty offices, critics see evidence of Trump devaluing science

Spacewalkers lose piece of shielding, use patch instead

Kansas governor vetoes expansion of state’s Medicaid program

Pedestrian deaths spiked in 2016, distraction cited

Gotta watch where you walk in the Globe.

‘Angel of Death’ serial killer dies after attack in prison

Mercifully, the Nation section has ended.

The World

Israeli leader set to approve first new settlement in decades Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is projected on a screen in Washington as he speaks to attendees of the AIPAC Policy Conference 2017 via satellite from Israel, Monday, March 27, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta) By Isabel Kershner It was not immediately clear whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had received a green light from the White House for Thursday’s announcement. 

The fact that he went ahead and did it means he did or didn't need it, and that's the first I've seen regarding AIPAC's 2017 meeting in the Globe this whole week -- although the town meeting went fine, according to the web (they were complaining about what?)

Despite outward calm, Ethiopia extends state of emergency Ethiopia’s Parliament voted unanimously Thursday to extend the country’s state of emergency for another four months after top officials warned of the continuing threat of unrest.

Another populace sick of being suppressed by a U.S. puppet.

Trump Said to Ease Combat Rules in Somalia Intended to Protect Civilians President Donald Trump has relaxed some of the rules for preventing civilian casualties when the U.S. military carries out counterterrorism strikes in Somalia, laying the groundwork for an escalating campaign against Islamist militants in the Horn of Africa.

This guy is stacking up civilian corpses all over the place. Some people are actually arguing he's escalating to deescalate in what is obscenely twisted logic.

Putin, in First Remarks on Russian Protests, Warns of Potential Chaos

Negotiator denies UK is blackmailing EU on security

Mosul shows difficulty of removing militants from urban area

Concern for civilian casualties in my war pre$$? Not really.

Malaysia says Kim Jong Nam’s body released to North Korea

Who doesn't want peace on the peninsula?

Editorial & Opinion

Kushner’s new post takes ‘Innovation’ from a buzzword to a buzzkill Take a familiar, trite, or even half-baked idea, and give it a title with “innovation” in it. Presto! You’re Mark Zuckerberg 2.0.

Going after the boy again. You know, Netanyahu stayed at the house and they didn't talk about slum lord father that Christie bagged (Trumps never forget), but he can't stay at 666 Fifth Ave. anymore(!!). Good thing they moved

Is Trump’s ‘secret plan’ to defeat ISIS dragging us into another Iraq war? The president is pressing our military to go faster and has authorized more forces to fight.

Wasn't in print; an opioid editorial was in its place.

As Trump retreats, citizens step up on climate With Trump shifting to a do-nothing policy on climate change, other actors are picking up the slack. 

I'm stepping back and taking a Flier:

Dietary supplements: Nobel or ignoble

You can read the letters if you like.


Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez takes stand in Aaron Hernandez trial Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez seemed to frustrate the prosecution when she repeatedly said she could not recall details about her conversations with Hernandez.

Good girl.

Cambridge to DC: Trump has got to go The City Council in the famously liberal bastion plans to consider a resolution asking the House of Representatives to begin an impeachment investigation.

Remember when a Vermont did that to W Bush? Where did that go, and what has Trump done so far that violated the law?

Author says Catholic college revoked speaking offer over Planned Parenthood award Jean Kilbourne said she had planned to focus her speech at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind., on negative images of women in the media and advertising. 

Sure are mixed, that's for sure. The same people scolding you for objectifying them are the one$ promoting the objectification.

Moulton calls Russia biggest threat to national security 

(Blog editor just sighs and shakes head)

Jewish donors express faith in Catholic Charities’ immigrant services

Sick of the agenda-pushing self-centeredness, I mean, really.

A banner week for ‘Lock’em Up’ Hodgson

I never read Cullen.

Bernie Sanders visits Boston for three sold-out events Friday 

I'll be sure to miss them. He got robbed, btw.

Daily lottery play linked to gambling addiction

That was on page B2, upper-righthand corner -- as opposed to this leading the front page.

Worcester student walks across state for Spring Break

Made it just in time, although it looks like the spring snowstorm is already fizzling. Cruel April Fools joke just to yank your chain?

Bigger dugouts, new food, at Fenway this season

Self-serving in the extreme (The Globe's owner owns the Red Sox. Reporter trying to make points?).

‘The Codfather,’ a New Bedford fishing mogul, pleads guilty

I rarely eat fish.

Anti-transgender bus rolls into Boston, is promptly greeted by protests

‘Never underestimate the impact you have’

His was a backfire.

Massachusetts man infected with E. coli linked to soynut butter

Pedestrian deaths in US surge as drivers, walkers distracted by phones

The rest is literally names and dates.

Business & Tech

Mass. may finally be getting serious about early education


Access to early education programs is not just a workforce issue but one that can help working families who find themselves teetering on the financial edge.

He couldn’t believe it was butter. So he sued Dunkin’ Donuts. A Worcester man claims Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t use real butter on his bagel.

As long as it wasn't soy.

Baker signals that he’ll make supporting life sciences a priority Governor Charlie Baker outlined a vision for extending the state’s life sciences initiative after it expires next year.

Does Big Pharma really need a tax subsidy?

Drug startup Tango will focus on cancers with no treatments

Here is hoping no one has to dance with that.

Not all local biotech news this week is upbeat: Two companies are cutting jobs

What? Not $cratching you where you itch?

Senate votes to kill rule that would help cities launch retirement plans

Already have been; it's called long-term unemployment.

Anthem likely to retreat from Obamacare for 2018, analysts say

US economy grew at steady 2.1 percent rate in Q4

Amazon seeks to lure retailers out of the aisles

Maybe they lit the fire.

Volkswagen to pay over $157m to settle emissions claims by 10 states

I thought $omething was $tarting to $tink.

US aims for NAFTA provision to reinstate tariffs

Talking Points

Where's the beef?

Nasdaq hits record high as US stocks climb

So much for the Trump bubble bursting.

Time to put this post to rest.

Speaking of the dead (politically speaking), what is John Kasich going to do in 2020 and why would anyone care?

Have a good Weekend, dear reader.