Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday's Insanity

I must be well because I didn't read it.

A handful of articles that caught my eye aren't worth the time and if I don't attack the paper with my morning coffee, the chances that I read it drop precipitously.

I know I'm supposed to be happy that civilian war dead are finally on the front page of my war pre$$ (below the fold, of course); however, it's just not getting it done for me anymore and I'm not seeing any editorials calling for an end to the wars either.

I see they are going after Trump's son-in-law now and I'm sure that will provoke a reaction from the White House.

(Btw, did you know he lives in the same neighborhood where Obama is running a shadow government?) 

Nothing to do but wait for the impeachment process to begin I guess.

I see Spain, after having dropped charges against Israeli leadership for war crimes in Gaza, is revealing itself as another Zionist tool -- as are all the governments of Western Europe.

My position on the nuclear ban may surprise you; unlike the hypocritical U.S. government, which preaches nonproliferation while modernizing and improving its own arsenal, I say we should keep them unless Israel gets rid of theirs. The last thing I want is a world where only Israel has nuclear weapons.

The article, of course, paints the North Korean as the threat but beyond that, have you noticed that the EUSraeli Empire never attacks those who have nuclear weapons (North Korea, Pakistan) but DOES ATTACK those that forgo them (Iraq, Libya)? There is a lesson in there somewhere as we pray for the Iranians (under Russian umbrella?).

Then, way in the back of the business section is the motive for the recent staged and scripted "selfie" terror fiction and false flag in London.

Looks like Trump's bubble has burst, but we saw that coming.

Beyond that, the rest of the paper -- imho -- is nothing but sound and noise. No offense intended towards anyone or anything. Just not interested anymore.