Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday's Muddle

If at first you don't succeed....

The greed above the fold of my Globe this morning literally stinks (why the hold-up then?), but the Globe is checking up on Caitlyn while promoting DNA ancestry tests (no worries about data collections, 'eh?) that in the end don't tell you anything. It's a great trick the supremacist pre$$ has going, promoting diversity and inclusiveness while driving ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, age, generational, and whatever wedge of division they can use. My mistake was viewing each and every individual as a unique life entity and moving past such labels and cla$$ifications. Silly me.

Underneath is the Next Day Update stuff I would have provided in the past.

"Trump to begin work on tax overhaul, reversing Obama climate plan" by Alan Rappeport New York Times  March 27, 2017


WASHINGTON — After health care: the daunting challenge of tax reform even more difficult.

Administration aides signaled Sunday that the president will now seek to build support among moderate Democrats to help push his legislative proposals through Congress.

Yeah, going to have ‘‘real reforms’’ now and “this president is ready to lead.’’ 

That means his administration got the message and is reverting to bu$ine$$ as u$ual. Btw, the tax breaks will sail through, you watch. Every Congre$$critter will be lapping at the trough like they always do.

What I then noticed in preparing this post is that the entirety of the article posted on the web has been rewritten and my printed copy dumped altogether. Not the first Time the NYT has censored their own articles, and my Google search revealed a complete scrubbing regarding the "targeted assault" of policies "in the crosshairs." 


Thanks for saving me the time.

Feel like I missed something, but...  

"Trump may court Democrats in bid for health overhaul" by Hope Yen Associated Press  March 26, 2017

WASHINGTON — The bill was pulled from the House floor Friday in a humiliating political defeat for the president, having lacked support from either the conservative Republicans or Democrats.

Trump initially focused his blame on Democrats for the failure and predicted a dire future for President Barack Obama’s health law.

But on Sunday, his aides said Trump would be seeking support from moderate Democrats, leaving open the possibility he could still revisit health care legislation.

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus scolded conservative Republicans, explaining that Trump had felt ‘‘disappointed’’ that a ‘‘number of people he thought were loyal to him that weren’t.’’


‘‘It’s time for the party to start governing,’’ Priebus said on ‘‘Fox News Sunday.’’

You guys have been in charge of Congre$$ for the last six years; WTF you been doing?

As he ponders his next steps, Trump faces decisions on whether to back administrative changes to fix the Obama law or undermine it as prices for insurance plans rise in many markets.

Senate minority leader Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, said Democrats stood ready to work with Trump to fix the Obama program if he is willing to drop attempts to repeal the law and not undermine it. He warned that Trump is destined to ‘‘lose again’’ on other parts of his agenda if he remains beholden to conservative Republicans.

They weren't happy with the health bill, and this from the guy who is leading the opposition to all things Trump (except the war agenda, of course; not a peep there)!

‘‘If he changes, he could have a different presidency,’’ Schumer said on ABC’s “This Week.” ‘‘But he’s going to have to tell the Freedom Caucus and the hard-right special wealthy interests who are dominating his presidency . . . he can’t work with them.’’


Their comments came after another day of finger-pointing among Republicans, both subtle and not-so subtle.

On Saturday, Trump urged Americans in a tweet to watch Judge Jeanine Pirro’s program on Fox that night. She led her show by calling for House Speaker Paul Ryan to resign, blaming him for defeat of the bill in the Republican-controlled chamber.

Priebus described the two events as ‘‘coincidental,’’ insisting that Trump was helping out a friend by plugging her show and no planning occurred. ‘‘He doesn’t blame Paul Ryan,’’ Priebus said. ‘‘In fact, he thought Paul Ryan worked really hard. He enjoys his relationship with Paul Ryan, thinks that Paul Ryan is a great speaker of the House.’’

A spokeswoman for Ryan, AshLee Strong, said Ryan and Trump spoke for nearly an hour Saturday and again on Sunday about moving forward on the agenda, saying ‘‘their relationship is stronger than ever right now.’’

In their Sunday conversation, Trump ‘‘was clear his tweet had nothing to do with the speaker,’’ Strong said.

The White House faces a tough task in gaining support for its congressional agenda. Trump, for instance, now lacks the savings anticipated from the health care bill to help pay for tax cuts, while expected legislation to invest $1 trillion in roads and infrastructure and to cut down on illegal immigration will probably need support from Democrats.

So much for being the next Hitler, huh? 

Maybe the Russians are putting him up to this, huh, 'eh, huh?

Priebus said Trump was looking ahead for now at debate over the budget and a tax plan, which he said would include a border adjustment tax and middle-class tax cuts.

‘‘It’s more or less a warning shot that we are willing to talk to anyone, we always have been,’’ he said. ‘‘I think more so now than ever, it’s time for both parties to come together and get to real reforms in this country.’’

Like the wiretap tweet that toned down the protests?

Representative Mark Meadows, Republican of North Carolina, chairman of the Freedom Caucus, acknowledged he was doing a lot of ‘‘self-critiquing’’ after the health care defeat. He insisted the GOP overhaul effort was not over and that he regretted not spending more time with moderate Republicans and Democrats ‘‘to find some consensus.’’

‘‘It’s incumbent upon those two groups, the conservatives and the moderates, to come together, hopefully in the coming days, to find consensus, to present something to the president that certainly not only gets him 216 votes, but hopefully 235 votes,’’ he said.

Meadows also said he was open to a tax plan that is not fully ‘‘offset’’ so it is revenue neutral. That’s a shift for a fiscal conservative.

Wow. Trump threatened him in the meeting and he backed right down.

Trump left the White House on Sunday morning for the Trump National Golf Course in Potomac Falls, Va., returning in early afternoon....

Yup, nothing has changed at all when it comes to the presidency.


Oh, meanwhile, the pre$$ is bemoaning the shutdown of the nuclear plants (Vermont Yankee did it and it had no effect, but don't believe me, believe the lying agenda-pu$hers) while reporting weeks after the fact that Puget Sound is being despoiled by sewage (well, not since February 16th anyway; so what's with the deceptive headline and presentation for what I'm sure will be another one day wonder? And if it's been shut down why are they rushing to fix it? Where is that overflow going? Into the ocean somewhere else like in Fukushima?).

Sick of the gasbags yet?

Looks like South Carolinians are more compassionate than greedy, and God smiles on them, doesn't he?

As for Joe Biden, well.... I coulda been a bicycle had I been born with wheels.

Related: Dispute erupts over whether Trump could have beaten Obama

Interesting photo with the headline, 'eh?

Let's face it, none of them were going to win -- as if it really mattered.

Turning towards the World, I see the approved protests (after they were all over the pro-Trump protests yesterday) lead the way. I don't know what happened in Bulgaria, but I'm starting to smell a lot of rigged votes (like the recent results in Holland thanks to the Turks) -- and based on the votes it can't be Russian interference (looks like Le Pen will be losing, too)! They are no longer leaving it up to the ballot box even if they have to commit massive fraud. Only one box left then.

Somalia is suffering as bad as some other African nations, only worse (yeah, the vaccines will save you! Ugh!). Then there is the Western Hemisphere's Somalia. Glad the Globe noticed endless inaction again. UN taking the fall for the outbreak if you believe in cover story crap.

Speaking of crap cover stories.

Anybody for war with Iran? Or China

Be lucky to survive it.

And about the stacking up of bodies I was noting yesterday? 

I'm met with a brief protest and a back page clean-up of an airstrike.

I don't go to the club, and diagonally opposite that article is the same ad again for another kind of club. Not really interested in their opinions anymore, with all due respect. Just going to walk right past them and I'll get there quicker than the school bus (so what's the latest batch of excuses regarding municipal incompetence, 'eh? Hackers are good now and they didn't talk to the drivers? Suppose there will be no need for them soon) or the T. Either way, you are going to be late to school, the protest, or the trial (avoid Lawrence).

You know, "nothing says democracy like a town meeting in Massachusetts." Just don't expect it from the statehouse or governor's office. Either that or I'm from outer space.

And now a quick pause to remember the dead before getting back to Bu$ine$$.

New rules for long-term care insurance would not cap rate hikes

God damn Trum.... oh, wait, he had not one thing to do with it?

Does good food count as health care? New research aims to find out

You are what you eat, and "primitive people" have known this for thousands of years. 

Then again, what would you expect from a GMO-promoting organ? 

Then there is the old saying "you are what you read" -- which is why I'm full of sh**. 

Push for Internet privacy rules moves to state houses

Yeah, whatever. Government that violates your privacy going to protect it. 

I'm sure I've missed something but that's easy amongst the bull sh**.