Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Coup Attempt Failed

I tried.

The front page lead is overshadowing all else, including Trump's convention, which the Globe promptly poops on as it opens. Wow. I'm already getting that same familiar feeling I have been getting lately, and that means moving along.

In preparing this post I gave the Xfinity news a whirl and saw that the narrative has been flipped on its head, with the ma$$ media declaring what happened in Baton Rouge a war on police and was reminded of the same thing happening in New York City a couple years ago.

Now, I haven't read any pre$$ or watched any ma$$ media regarding the events, other than to see that several shooters has once again devolved down to a lone gunman. It's the same script we have been seeing, and as noted in the post immediately below this we are being subjected to crisis after crisis on a weekly basis when it comes to terror or shootings now, in fact, it's become an almost daily rerun.

That's how far over the top all this ma$$ media mental manipulation and agenda pushing has become, and it is boding ill for the future. The propagandists are desperate and are thrashing around; the best thing to do is stay calm, hunker down, and ride this out.

At least the Globe is good for a laugh, sort of.

Is that the next psyop coming down the pike?

Turning to the Nation, I see a race war being pushed under the cover of unity. It's a great trick government and the opinion-shapers of ma$$ media have going right now. Be it the wars or a domestic narrative, the government plays both sides. They create the terrorists they must fight, they are the biggest drug smugglers (benefits banks at bottom), and are behind both sides of any divisive domestic issue. I now also understand why ESPN put out that O.J. special just before the eruption across the country. We were all being prepped for the coming narrative, been that way for two years now, ever since Ferguson.

Moving along it's the rise of Trump (and Code Pink) again. Maybe they should be Code Red.

A suicide bomber in AmeriKa, huh? On the eve of the Republican convention?


All this began with the Clinton e-mails, of course. That scandal has been wiped clean (pun intended) from the pre$$. If you can't take the heat.... get out of the kitchen. Just don't get bogged down on in the daily grind of war.

Which brings us to the wider World, where all the talk is Turkey. Beyond that, Bill Gates is going to rescue Africa; Syria continues to slip away from the U.S.; Pakistanis defend their honor; South Korean corruption; migrants being shown the door to the Brexit; and Bahrain, base for the US Navy’s 5th Fleet.

I'm of the opinion that no one should commit violence against a police officer for any reason. That doesn't help the cause, and who does it benefit?

Kinzer seems to support the coup attempt in Turkey, which confuses me, and things could be much worse than is being reported.

What isn't confusing is something that should be obvious to all.

Long ago I postulated a predictive theory regarding presidential elections and their results. I regard it as a starting point for studying electoral fraud in AmeriKa. The theory rests on two themes, Peace and Prosperity. A president that has those wins; ones that do not, should not. For the purposes of time and modernity, let's take it back two generations. In 1972, the perception was that "peace [was] at hand" and the economy, while stagflation, wasn't like it was today. U.S. government debt and such was different in those days. So Nixon cruises, and is then undone by Watergate.

In '76, Ford loses to Carter because the economy is starting to tank. He had the Peace part of the equation because Vietnam had ended, but was best remembered for pardoning Nixon. That pissed people off. Carter goes on to lose in 1980 on both counts, Peace and Prosperity. Iran had our hostages for over a year, there was no October Surprise (the Reagan campaign made sure of that, and when he took office the hostages were immediately released. Then the WH started shipping Iran arms via Israel), and Carter's economy was destroyed by inflation.

In 1984, illusionary as it may have been, it was "Morning in America." U.S wars had gone covert (Afghanistan, Nicaragua, to name two) and the initial Reagan recession blossomed into recovery with tax loot showered on corporations. Scandals late in the administration (the Iran-Contra affair, which had it's genesis in the October Surprise) tarnished Reagan but Peace (thanks to Gorbachev) and Prosperity was enough to carry Bush to victory in 1988.

By 1992 the slime had started to ooze. H.W. Bush thought the "war" against Iraq would be enough, but you need both pillars when president. Bill Clinton was right, "it was the economy, stupid," and the presidency was passed off to the only person who could keep the secrets safe -- the sexually compromised, and thus easy to blackmail, governor of the state where guns were sent to the Central America and drugs were brought back through Mena air base. In 1996, Clinton secured both legs. The world was at war (Yugoslavia), and Clinton continued to bomb (Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan), but the alleged Clinton economic expansion was taking off (along with the factory jobs to Mexico and overseas) and thus Dole was defeated.

That brings us to the presidential election of 2000. Al Gore had both legs. The Bushes stole Florida. Then came 9/11. And Iraq. By 2004, Bush had lost the Peace leg. This time it was Kerry that got screwed, but in Ohio instead. Not that it would have mattered much given Kerry's record as secretary of state. In fact, his main argument during the campaign was he could do a better job of running the empire than his fellow Skull-And-Boneser Bush.

Obviously, by 2008 the Prosperity part of the equation was lost for Republican nominee McCain. The Lehman Brothers implosion took that rug right out from under them, and thus we got Obama. Honestly, in hindsight, he'd lost both of those legs by 2012. He had initiated wars in Libya and Syria while failing (and now escalating as he leaves?) to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as he promised. The prosperity leg was gone because wealth inequality has yawned to its widest point since before the Great Depression. When you think about it, Mitt Romney would have been the perfect president: a corporate CEO for a corporate government, and it would have been fun watching conservatives tear him apart over immigration. That's not an endorsement of Romney, either. It's just a recognition that for the third time in four outings we had a rigged presidential election, and 2016 is looking like it might be the fourth in fifth years should Clinton gain office. She's running on Obama's record as a member of the administration, and there is neither Peace or Prosperity. At this point Trump has become the lesser of two evils, and while that's not saying much, history would seem to indicate victory.

And with that I offer my vote as it were. As it stands now, I won't be casting one this fall.

I guess the Globe will be watching.

At least the cops didn't kill anyone Chelmsford --yet. Let's all pray he doesn't die.

Time to step up and shove off. College presidents are saying screw you kids, although it's good to see the Boston police taking precautions. Thankfully, none of them are drunk and banging on the door as they stumble around. You might want to send the kids to their rooms so they don't see it. Give 'em a snack or some water. Your hedging things by taking away their phone, though. But back to the business at hand.

After whistling past the graveyard, the back page of the Metro section starts dropping names. Not very Nice, but but don't let it make you blue. Just shake a leg and run along. No different than a Prince or some other celebrity.

Are the Red Sox on today? I like to do the crosswords during the game.


I'm still trucking along and didn't want you to miss these:

"The Turkish government moved swiftly to calm investors before financial markets reopen Monday after a failed coup, with the central bank promising unlimited liquidity to lenders and the deputy prime minister posting on Twitter that there’s “no need to worry.” Turkey’s lira plunged the most against the dollar in eight years on Friday. Officials sought to prevent a sell-off when stocks and bond traders have their first chance to react on Monday. “We’re on duty,” Simsek said on Twitter. “Turkey is normalizing rapidly. Our country’s macroeconomic foundations are solid.” The central bank said it would support the lira by removing the limits on foreign currency deposits that commercial lenders are allowed to use as collateral. Oil and gas imports and exports are unaffected by the coup, an official at the energy ministry said. The failed takeover threatens to destabilize an economy that depends heavily on capital inflows to finance its current-account deficit. And Turkey had geopolitical risks for investors to consider before Friday, including Erdogan’s intensifying military campaign against autonomy-seeking Kurds."

The pre$$ is continually referring to Erdogan as authoritarian, so we know which side they are on. It's taking some doing, but maybe they finally turned on Turkey.

The other a$pect that is amazing, and it $hows you who really runs the world and how governments can be pre$$ured. Think John Perkins. Should you hold out or be recalcitrant, you shall be removed, one way or another. War, in this $en$e, is the final option. I expect that capital flight will continue to squeeze Turkey; however, they do have other nations they can turn to and occupy such a key nexus of land and sea routes that it may ultimately be ineffective as far as war planners are concerned.

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Says who?

Took a stab at them, anyway, and a whirlpool must have pulled the swimmer down at Red Rock. That's tragic, and the search for the body continues.