Sunday, July 10, 2016

Skipping Through Sunday's Globe

The tone was set as soon as I saw what was above the fold. So blue and black lives matter, but not a certain other color (or what is an absence of such if you want to get semantic about it). That's the first impression I got, and my enthusiasm for reading the thing dimmed right from the start. All lives matter to me and I've spent ten years here arguing against anyone being killed, even mass-murdering war-criminal presidents and other psychopathic world officials.

You flip it over and the below the fold story seems to indicate that the victims of police shootings sorta deserved it due to confusion. The agenda it is to promote is that of mental screens for all citizens. Thus authorities can then identify who doesn't think right. Maybe even start taking away some rights.

Upon opening it up we find Cullen in his usual spot (I skip that as a routine), followed below by Clinton talking about community health plans. I decided to bag that with the other briefs (another shooting in San Bernardino?) and move on to page A4. There I find that -- what else -- Trump voters are stoopid!

Then the special "A Nation Divided" section begins on page A5 with the turn-in finish to one front page story. Same with page A7. During that span, there are full page advertisements for Puerto Rico vacations on page A3; something called OTBi Outside the Box Interactive that is sponsored by corporate bigwigs in Bo$ton -- among them GE and defense contractor Accenture -- and it looks like some agenda-pushing elbow-rubber and great fun for agenda-pushing elites; and a window replacement company ad on page A8.

On page A9 the coverage picks up again with bomb-carrying robot that killed the patsy, 'er, suspect. You can see where it's all going, right?

Page A10 brings:

Dallas sniper outlined military tactics in journal before attack, official says by the New York Times

Army gave sniper honorable discharge despite harassment report by Associated Press

What this cover story is meant to do, imho, is disarm all the war veterans that would be the leadership in a resistance movement to this government. You will significantly weaken the people that way, and thus make it easier to round up and control them.

Minn. officer’s lawyer blames driver’s gun, not his race

Did he have one?

Page A11 tells me the Sniper fire halted strides made by Black Lives group, and pages A12 through A15 are devoted to the below the fold spotlight article.

Finally, I note some foreign news on page A16. I quickly deleted the tweet from ISIS™ and briefly gave a glance at other parts of the world before flipping over to page A17 and being greeted with these:

NATO will expand Mediterranean patrols in response to terrorism, smuggling

They said that over a year ago, blah, blah, blah, and the migrant wave surged. Now they are going to get deeper involved and deployed, cut bono?

Russia expels 2 US diplomats in retaliation for US expulsions

That's the big show we are all waiting for.

Contest for British prime minister flares over claims on motherhood

(Blog editor snorted and then dropped his chin to his chest when he saw that. Really? With all the problems they have over there? That's going to be the deciding issue?)

North Korea test-fires submarine-launched ballistic missile

Oooh, I'm scared.

The front section is closed out with a full page ad on page A18 offering a stay at the Sandals in Barbados.

That leads us to the Metro section, and Mayor Walsh once again in trouble regarding his union connections. Maybe he could change identities and cover his tracks before his administration dies.

Inside we find a lone killer on page B2 before hopping on the bike on page A3 and riding to page B5 where we find:

Roxbury rally honors victims of recent violence

I'm going to skip right past that group of mixed messages, take a moment of silence, and then drop a name before moving on to the bu$ine$$ $ection. The future is now! To war, to war!!

While on that subject, what memories, be it the Gulf of Tonkin, Kuwaiti incubators, or Iraqi WMD!

I think you can pretty quickly see why I've had my fill of the Globe, huh? Continuing to bother with them is crazy. I don't know what Adam Smith would say, but if you want to pick through some leftovers be my guest. Just follow the paper trail and maybe you will be a winner.

Well, my ride is here so you are now on your own. For a long time I have half-jokingly said this blog was endeavoring to provide an entirely new yet similar style in an exciting yet familiar format and this appears to be it! Just sort of fell into it.

Time to go watch a movie (might as well; our tax dollars helped subsidize it).


Already did a preview and I'm not liking what's the focus above the fold. Along with Dallas, the tuitions are going up while budgets are being cut.

Of course, below the fold we find Hillary Clinton will take care of it, and did that e-mail scandal ever vanish fast in my pre$$. Instead it's the same old agenda (what makes them think things are better here?). Maybe it's time to ban the duck boats, huh?

I'm going to keep my distance from certain odious cretins in my nation. It's all a big show now that we know, you know. He then escaped (or was kidnapped!) and made his way to Boston. It wasn't your ordinary Sunday, not with the ongoing protests. I don't know what is their problem, but I'll tell you mine. I've come to the conclusion that any protests covered in my pre$$ are of the agenda-pushing, controlled opposition variety. Wouldn't be in there if they were not.

I'm going to put a patch over the fire, and after 20 years it is good to see the Globe finally telling the truth.

Turning to the world, I see a civil war is brewing in Sudan; the reaffirmation of relationship in the Middle East; the results of Japanese "election"; starvation in Syria; Cambodian critics; and Australia's "election." All noted.

I've moved the bu$ine$$ section up in my reading rotation and found money. Some articles show promise, but I don't want to pet them. Can't even afford a pet -- unless I move, I guess. Now if you will excuse me, my smartphone is vibrating and I need to take this call. Check out the sandwich board if you like.

As I nurse this blog home, I'm of the opinion that this blog is dead. Nothing personal; the Globe is just no longer worth it and it is summer, the season of fun and games. Time to tune them out.