Thursday, July 21, 2016

Globe's Animal Farm

Already visited the zoo:

"The tegu is a black-and-white reptile that can be kept as a house pet, according to Tammy Cohen, a manager at Zoo Creatures, a Plaistow, N.H., pet store that sells the lizards. Cohen said the animals are harmless, and a fairly common choice as a house pet. “They are legal,” MSPCA spokesman Rob Halpin said. “They are not very common pets in Massachusetts, though, because they’re not very friendly.”

Also see:

Sheep shot to death while grazing on Leominster landfill

Tales of animal abuse emerge at Westport farm

Parents won’t sue Disney over son’s death by gator


Westport farm with abused animals closed off to public

I wonder what is really going on at that farm and why federal officials have moved in. 

Hope you don't mind me ducking out early today.

Farm that once benefited the homeless now run by fast-food chain

Dog chews off part of paw to escape tether

That's crazy

Thankfully, lightning rarely strikes twice.