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Sunday Globe Leftovers

What I dug up when I got hungry:

"Each year in America, about 31 percent of the available food supply goes uneaten. “It’s always a slippery slope when somebody decides to rationalize and explain their situation as something more global.” It’s raised questions: Can the public be trusted to sort out compostable materials from trash? Or are we too lazy and uninformed to do it right?"

Whose we, and speak for yourself! I considered my own personal situation, and the amount I toss is in single digits. I clean the plate, always have, even when it's processed garbage. There is minimal throwout, although gristle and fat and spoiled fruits or vegetables on occasion may be tossed into the woods for the animals and composting. I don't take chances when it comes to food poisoning. What isn't appealing is the insulting elitism in the pre$$. It's reached the point of being sickening. 

As for slippery slopes when it comes to citing global concern, it's not at all when it is government and its media mouthpieces promoting a climate change carbon tax, endless wars based on lies, or whatever other do-gooder cause is being promoted by the bastion of corporate liberalism that is my pre$$.

If true, the amount of food wasted is scandalous in a society (and world) full of hunger and starvation, and the rea$ons are quite clear. I don't think of myself as hungry; however, I only eat one meal a day. It's all I can afford, and I often find hunger pangs in morning and at night. That's life. Who cares anyway?

" Q. Do you think people really care about the truth? They seem happy with secrets and lies as long as they are reassured about what they believe in.

That's what the ma$$ media thinks, huh? No wonder they are failing so miserably.

A. I think they do [care]. Look at Enron [subject of Gibney’s 2005 documentary “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room”], the Volkswagen scandals, Edward Snowden’s disclosures, Lance Armstrong’s deceptions [subject of Gibney’s 2013 documentary “The Armstrong Lie”]. People get angry when they feel they’ve been lied to. They care about the truth and when they discover someone has been lying to them they get mad."

They sure as hell do, and here it is again!

"Time for US to act in Syria" by Thanassis Cambanis Globe Correspondent  June 30, 2016



Military escalation in Syria today is the best of a set of bad options.

All these years and the plan has never changed, never wavered.

Even dissidents in the US Department of State have gone public with their desire for it.

See: Dozens of U.S. diplomats, in internal memo of dissent, urge strikes against Syria’s Assad

It's the State Department's war wing, and Kerry agrees.

The United States is already deeply involved in the Syrian conflict and has declared its desire to use force and humanitarian aid to promote a political solution to the conflict. The idea is sound but requires a greater commitment — a final chance to do better, with some of Syria’s infrastructure and institutions still intact, Turkey undergoing a regional realignment, and with interventionists in Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah reassessing their own goals with Syrian President Bashar Assad. The only intransigent parties, in fact, are Assad and the Islamic State — neither of whom is likely to be part of any political solution in Syria.

I suppose this is what the elites of AmeriKa and Bo$ton need to tell themselves, lest they see a monster in the mirror. Plus it gets the narrative out the the commissar cla$$ at large and makes them feel good. We know who the "interventionists" are and who is behind ISIS™. They set up a straw man so they can overthrow and change the regime before moving on to Iran, Russia, and China. What fun!

For the United States, the question is profoundly unsettling — how is it possible to do the right thing in a conflict this messy? Indeed, it might already be too late to save Syria. But if no one tries, more catastrophic outcomes are all but guaranteed: the full collapse of Iraq and Syria, the long-term enshrinement of the Islamic State, an acceleration of the regional war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and a wave of state implosions around the entire Arab world that will resonate for generations. 

How many times have they sold us a war saying things would be worse, only for the catastrophes to occur after action? Exhibit A is Iraq.

In Washington, the debate has tended to break along two lines — extreme isolationists, who think the United States can only do harm by getting more involved, and extreme interventionists, who’d like to see the Pentagon invade. White House policy has actually straddled the divide, dedicating considerable resources to managing the conflict but claiming that it can’t do more. The United States has deemed Syria’s survival important but not so important as to be classified a core national interest.

The time has come, however, to admit that the policy hasn’t achieved its aims. At this stage, probably, no course correction will be able to restore Syria to its pre-war level of development and unity.

Meaning the U.S. has smashed it after 5 long years.

But the fallout from Syria has proven that the integrity of the Arab state system, as flawed as it is, is a vital interest for the United States as well as for the denizens of the Middle East and their neighbors.

Not even citizens anymore. Just denizens now.

You also see what is at the bottom of all this, right?


Escalation appears to be plagued by a range of dangerous and risky options. (A study I recently conducted for The Century Foundation explores America’s choices in detail.)

The Century Foundation? Who are they?

The United States has the power to end the Assad government’s indiscriminate use of air power to drop barrel bombs on civilians and make life impossible in rebel-held areas. With occasional retribution against government air assets and targets, it can raise the cost of tactics that are also war crimes. It can also use military assets to directly protect its vetted armed proxies, so they can more effectively fight the Syrian government and the Islamic State, and gain stature within the non-jihadi armed opposition.

First of all, there is no non-jihadi armed opposition. They are all terror groups covertly supplied by the U.S. and its allies. The level of false suppositions and distorted narratives are nothing but self-serving sh**.

Then there is the whole commit war crimes to stop war crimes crap we have been getting for decades from the pre$$. Even if true, the selective omission, ignorance, or obfuscation regarding the EUSraeli empire stands in stark contrast. 

Syria has become a wild playground for the militaristic excesses of Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, the pivotal supporters of Assad’s government. These powers have opportunistically taken advantage of a void left by the United States, which has continued to intervene in the Syrian conflict but at a low ebb. 

The demonizing bias and outright distortion off those comments discredit the writer.

But a reinvigorated American role in the conflict would, paradoxically, make a political solution more likely once it became clear that Assad could never win outright. The greater chance of a political solution would not only save lives but also reestablish American stewardship of a world order that punishes war crimes, values civilians lives, and promotes rights, good governance, and open societies.

You see what is the real goal. 

Yes, this mass-murdering, war-criminal government is going to punish war crimes by committing more war crimes, one that doesn't value civilian lives (as the drone program demonstrates), and doesn't promote those three at home nor abroad.

Unfortunately, a more robust American intervention would also bring the United States face to face with an expansionist Russia and Iran. 

I suppose expansionist is in the eye off the beholder.

So what do you do when the author of a pre$$ article is either delusional or duplicitous

Washington would have to use its military force with considerable skill and restraint in order to check these belligerent powers without being drawn into direct conflict. Fortunately, the US military has the technical capacity and experience to tilt the balance in Syria’s war without become a central party in the fight, and the last five years of conflict show that for all its bluster, the pro-Assad alliance has always carefully watched the United States and calibrated its war crimes and expansionist campaigns in line with its perception of what Washington will tolerate.

Washington must be the masters of the universe, huh? 

I can't wait for the next article in my paper saying AmeriKa's abilities to form the world are limited, blah, blah, blah.


A US military intervention in Syria is neither clean nor neat.

But, you know, gotta commit a few war crimes, I mean break a few eggs if you want an omelet.

With its local and regional partners, the United States would save some civilian lives and force some restraint onto the government side, perhaps reducing its worst war crimes. 

Yes, AmeriKa will save lives by taking lives -- all to prevent war crimes by some leader they want to overthrow. I've seen this goddamn media movie before!

It would raise from zero to maybe 30 percent the chance of a negotiated settlement. It would also raise tensions between the United States and Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah.

How can he even quantify the chances of a settlement the U.S., its allies, and its band of terrorists don't even want?

Perhaps most importantly, however, military intervention would show allies and rivals in the region that the United States still takes seriously its responsibilities as the single most dominant world power.

And that is worth any price in life, blood, treasure, and infrastructure.

Then the world will get the point!! 

(Message to sh**-shoveling war propagandists: the world has already gotten the message regarding the EUSraeli empire)

By escalating in Syria, the United States would lay down a marker that Washington sees an interest in the Middle East and in a global order that stops rogue governments like Assad’s.

Unless they happen to be puppet dictators and allies or Israel. 

Btw, the ironic hypocrisy is not lost on the world either. A rogue government is going to stop rogue governments. Good luck.

Unless it wants to be seen as a force for entropy, state breakup, and fragmentation, Washington needs to put is muscle behind the goal of national coexistence, starting in Syria, where it should do what it can at this late stage to preserve a unitary state that grants equal rights to citizens of different sects and ethnicities.

Actually, the fragmentation is the goal. From the point of a globe-kicker, a divided, balkanized Iraq (or any nation) is much easier to manage than a strong, united nation behind a strong leader. They pose threats to that order he keeps talking about.

This guy is selling a prescription which those he mouths for have no interest.


The United States has spent billions of dollars on humanitarian aid and has provided just enough military assistance to the armed opposition to prevent it from being wiped out. But it has studiously avoided any action that would topple Assad. 

Good way to keep a war going and make some people some money while keeping the domestic population in a state of fear, huh? 

So when will the U.S. government start spending billions in aid on the American people instead of cutting social programs to feed the war machine and wealth?

Nearly a year ago, in September, Russia stepped into the void with a major military campaign to help Assad reclaim territory he had lost. Even Russia’s massive aid has failed to restore the regime’s position from a few years earlier, despite indiscriminate bombing of civilians in rebel-held areas and a systematic campaign to destroy hospitals, clinics, and other key infrastructure. 

At this point I wrote garbage in the margin of my paper. Forget Russia alleged systematic campaign to bomb hospitals; the U.S. has done it to Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan and Yemen as well as Iraq. Of course, those were just oopsies.

Furthermore, the United Nations has strained under the pressure of the Syria conflict, which officials describe as the greatest challenge in the UN’s history. UN officials have chosen to partner with Assad’s government. As a result, the supposedly impartial UN has become party to starvation and siege tactics employed by the government to force rebel communities to surrender.

Hey, look, they stand by and do nothing when it comes to Palestinians so.... I don't see him making a big point about that.

Even with a history of failure and seemingly endless complications of future engagement, America can still positively shape the situation. It’s time for more action — humanitarian, military, and political — in order to reduce the catastrophic human toll, contain the strategic fallout, and reduce the chance of Syria becoming a fully failed state.

If we stay on the same course, Syria is guaranteed to collapse with even more of the toxic consequences....

There he goes again!


RelatedThe media are misleading the public on Syria

And everything else, too.

That's why today's Globe just sits there like yesterday.

I mean, when I saw the lead story was this:

Baker team gears up for 2018

Doesn't the Globe know its 2016?

The lead feature is poor F. Lee Bailey, and who really gives a $hit?

The photo above the fold regards the carnage in Iraq, coverage page A3. There was a day when I would once devour what I called war reports; however, knowing that the AmeriKan and allied governments are behind both sides (with the banks behind them) has kind of taken the "fun" out of the endless chronicling of the forever wars.

Below fold is the VP hunt, who$e behind the college gun club, and what's new in building Bo$ton.

The lead story in the nation is what else? You live and you learn.

Below that, a car crash in Florida killed a bunch of Haitian farm workers, The Texas nursing homes are in bad shape, NASA will be soon orbiting Jupiter although looking further ahead, I don't see a lot up there. That's not saying I never look in fact, I do. It's one of the joys outside of life reading this slop. It fills a hole, if you will. Then it's on to Tennessee before page A2 peters out in California.

The Iraq item is paired with this nugget from Syria, while below the fold are briefs regarding the  Australian vote, floods in Pakistan, Afghans trying to get into Albania, and torture in Egypt.

Page A4 puts me on the campaign trail with page A5 not concerning me; however, the trip to Africa on page A6 that will draw some attention after I exit the world coverage for the day.

As for the rest, I'm trying to kick the habit. Tired of the bullshit, so to speak. I mean if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well.... it's a duck. And an ugly duckling at that. I'm not trying to be a party pooper; I'm just firing away at what's in front of me. As the buildings rise up I'm losing my energy and no longer want to talk about it. I'm even done dropping names.

So what's for lunch?


Pop Goes Elie the Weasel round the Burning Mullberry Bush

Genesis of Current Mass Shootings, Blasts and Suicide Bombings

Suicide Bombing Near US Consulate in Saudi

We are all being ‘suicided’

That's what I put on my plate today.


UN warns of starvation in Syrian towns

“Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who was one of Trump’s primary opponents and is one of his harshest critics, knocked Trump on foreign policy, citing his willingness to leave Syria’s president, Bashar Assad, in power.’’

No wonder the pre$$ and e$tabli$hment fear him.

KINZER Is NATO necessary?

If you want a war with Russia it is, and we all know who wants that.

Three attacks in Saudi Arabia extend global wave of bombings

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but this has turned into the most blood-soaked Ramadan yet.

Don't blame China.

Death toll in Baghdad suicide blast tops 220

Bangladesh detains, interrogates some rescued hostages over attack

Australian candidates woo allies as election deadlock continues

Skipping the citysorry. I know there is a lot more out there -- like another Texas train wreck that has tainted the soil of New Mexico; however, once again I have run out of energy.

"Monday, July 4, 2016

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel round the Burning Mullberry Bush.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today is the Fourth of July; traditionally it is a day of drunkenness, car wrecks and fireworks accidents. It is a day of countless flags waving from balconies and an endless streaming of porcine nomads pulling large carts filled with food, beach chairs and sundry, up to the boardwalk and down to the beach where they lay in melanomic splendor for hours, dreaming of something that remains a mystery to me because I am out of the loop. The Fourth of July is a celebration of many things that no longer exist, such as human rights and a constitution (written by Tom Paine) that got used as toilet paper by a cabal of nine vultures, who feed on the steaming entrails of a disemboweled society, which is now schooled in sodomy and cross dressing for the purpose of utter chaos to come … and then some.

Elie the Weasel died some handful of hours ago. He was a monumental fraud. Of course, just about everything connected to the golden heifer calf he and his cronies have been milking since they first came up with the idea in the First World War, is a fraud.

I have a severe handicap and it truly is a handicap in this world. I go where the truth takes me. For most people, their world is defined by and is an expression of 'what they want to believe', as well as what they 'have been conditioned to believe'. Because of this I have gained little and lost much, at least in the material sense. I would much rather that the truth had not turned out to be the truth but... what does one do when many, many hours of research end up proving the same thing from every angle you observe it from? Here is where conscience renders one into a variant of Prometheus. It seems one is damned if they do and most assuredly damned if they don't.

When I am compelled to explain why I find something to be bullshit; specifically in this case, I point to three powerful facts that cannot be argued away, or filed as mere opinion. Two of these are reported in this link and all of this information can be found at many another source. The first is evidence taken from The Jewish World Almanac and the second is The Official Red Cross document. Some things are even harder to understand than Chinese algebra. How do you claim a figure of six million when you have reduced the number of deaths at one camp from 4.5 million to 1.1 million and still have 6 million?

It has been admitted that 'the gas chamber' at Auschwitz was built in 1949 and every other gas chamber tale has been debunked since, including the one at Dachau. Even known liars have publicly admitted there were no gas chamber execution sites. Ah... but Visible; what about all those eye witnesses at Nuremberg? This is how they came by all that witness testimony.

We are providing a few links. We can provide hundreds and more documents than anyone has time to read. Unlike the usual scoffers, cinder-block heads, professional liars, motivated Satanists and agenda junkies, we have studied the matter enough to have a degree in it. Of course, as we have often maintained here, we only have to convince ourselves. If the rest of you are content to swallow lies and blame your indigestion on bad pasta, go ahead. It is not my concern what position another takes on a matter. That is 'their concern'. If you are comfortable furnishing the living room of your life with ridiculous lies, so be it.

We have no intention of saying that people did not suffer and die in concentration camps. Typhus is not an easy way to go. We have a problem with inflated math and fantastic lies that have been disproved many times by scholars who took the trouble to do so. No one made lampshades or soap out of concentration camp prisoners.

Do I think Hitler was a nice guy? No. Do I think the Nazis were humanitarian angels seeking to make the world a better place? No. Do I think the truth is other than we have been told? Yes. Do I think the allies were more vicious than the Nazis? Yes. Do I think the Zionist Jew slaughter of tens of millions of Russians and others stands as a far more gruesome and actual holocaust than the professional victim holocaust? Yes. Oh... there is more than you can read on the subject. Do I believe that 66 million were killed by the Bolsheviks, or 50 million, or 20 million? I have no idea but I do know it was in the tens of millions. This was accomplished by those who claim they are the victims of that other holocaust. It surprises me that they didn't take out a trademark patent on it.

There is a talk show circuit where known and exposed liars trot around the world shilling bullshit for money and to maintain a myth.

By their works ye shall know them and all anyone has to do is look at what Israel has been up to since it came into being. One should surely consider that Israel and it's alliance with the international Satanic network were responsible for 9/11.

While Americans load up their SUV's and head out to some culinary bacchanal and tell themselves they are celebrating the day their country became the free and noble democratic light of the world, their freedoms are being systematically stolen by the same people who have repeatedly done it in places worldwide for hundreds of years. There is a war on against the traditions of all the Shmoos and Teletubbies who are seated round the picnic tables today. I call them Shmoos for a reason.

It amazes me how controlled people are by what they 'want to believe' and what they 'refuse to believe'. The truth is that the truth is inconvenient. The truth is a serious annoyance when a lie provides so many comforts that the truth will take away. When lies have become the universal currency of people living in denial because their appetites and desires take precedence over their integrity and vigilance, the truth is a pariah dog. In a world, seemingly controlled by merciless prevaricators, the truth had better watch it's ass, especially in a time when everyone else is watching someone else's ass.

If anyone doubts the level of depravity that the recent generations have fallen to, one only has to look at the state of the culture and what passes for music, art and entertainment. It's right there in front of you but you can't see it with your eyes closed. The country is being herded through the paddocks and stocks to the killing floor. Physical death is one thing. Spiritual death is quite another. When people fear truth then both their courage and their vision will abandon them.

To make it against the law to question something is proof positive that there is something being hidden. In this case it doesn't matter if you can prove it or not. The law states that you can't question or deny it, regardless. It doesn't matter if it is true or not. Ernst Zundel was sent to prison for telling the truth. Not only that but they sent his lawyer to prison for representing him. More than you will ever have the time or inclination to read about this is there to be read.

I will not go in fear of these feckless fools. I don't care how powerful they seem to be or think themselves to be. I don't care how many guns and lawyers they have, or how much money or influence they may or may not have or wield. My fate is not in their hands and I know this.

I would have chosen another course for myself, if I had had a choice but... I did not. I am incapable of betraying myself in this manner. Regardless of what these positions and inquiries have cost me, it is worth it. It is one thing to have to stand in the dock and defend yourself, as I have done more than once, it is something else altogether to have to defend yourself before the kingdom throne and explain why you turned your back on the truth so that you might ride off on the back of a lie, or slither into the underbrush because serving the light came at too high a cost. There can be no greater cost than to sell off your inheritance for a mess of pottage.

Yeah... today is the Fourth of July. Today we celebrate our freedom but that's a sham. There is no freedom when you are chained to a wheel and where you have surrendered your liberty in the false hope of a non existent security. It doesn't get taken from you. You give it up. No one becomes a slave until they cease to be their own master. Like the country western song says, “If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.”

Around here, we don't say things we can't prove. Anyone who can explain to me how all these links and documents are untrue and how the official fables are true is welcome to try. I know it can't be done but you are welcome to try, knowing you will only serve to prove the points that have been made around here for so long.

Somehow I feel that by this same time next year, this world is going to be a very different place. How different and in what ways, well... that's up to all of us.

End Transmission.......


"We are all being 'suicided'

by John Kaminsky
 04 July 2016

This is the reality that has been created for us. The War on Terror. What kind of people pretend to believe what our government tells them when they already know the crooks in charge hire enemy combatants and then feign making war, shooting but missing in deliberately scripted teleplays. Then upon further inspection, the phony planted evidence is later defended by our rancid legal system as irrefutable facts, which prolong the wars they ignite into unending cauldrons of misery. This is how the big boys make their money.

Thus we spend trillions to fund both sides and go easy on the bandits we hired to cloak Israel’s crimes in a haze of rubble smoldering in destroyed Syrian cities. It’s a kind false flag drama to convince our idiot citizenry that they are being protected. Then we allow the designated outlaws to get away for further use in new acts of social sabotage in the future, both foreign and domestic, while we pile up heavy artillery around the periphery of puzzled Russia.

You might remember the photo of a dapper Tim Osman at Offutt Air Force base in Nebraska, who was later to gain lasting infamy as Osama bin Laden, who probably wasn’t buried at sea in 2011 because he died of kidney disease ten years earlier.

Personally I feel these masquerades by people deceiving the groups they are supposed to be protecting — plus the epidemic of staged public shootings that always leave more questions than bodies — are indications of a society in the process of committing suicide, only being “suicided” in the way all those bank executives, environmentalists, commodity traders, holistic doctors and microbiologists have all been suspiciously “suicided” in very recent memory.

It’s not just specialists who might be privy to trade secrets that are the target of all these mysterious murders. It’s also the general public population put more at risk by the glyphosate scandal and the suicidal push to get the public to consume GMO food, thereby expanding public medical expenses while it kills off the population. Win/win for the tyrants.

Glyphosate is the new queen in the court of tasty poisons, surrounded by sugar, wheat, canola, soy, MSG, and other misrepresented “nutrients” that are killing us one molecule at a time.

Doctors who reveal secrets of how the populations are being deliberately poisoned don’t last long. You surely remember the first of the conscientious cancer doctors who had locked onto the notion that all vaccines contain cancer causing agents or worse. It was Jeff Bradstreet, ruled a suicide by corrupt investigators who insisted he shot himself in the chest and then jumped into a river.

The total of doctors dead because they were earnestly trying to find a real cure for cancer and/or what is in the government’s vaccines is now up in the 20s, with the government’s message to the public loud and clear.

There will be no investigations — if you mess with the monster known as Big Pharma, you’re going to die and nobody is going to fight for you since these corporate titans totally control this decaying, putrescent apparatus of so-called justice in the United States.

This demonstrates the power of the pharmaceutical giants, who control all the politicians and doctors through their largesse and will tolerate no cures for cancer to jeopardize their very popular moneymaking recipe they use now to rake in the cash and eliminate the customers at the same time.

Cancer treatment is called by some the greatest mass murder scheme of all time. Newspapers never talk about it. But then newspapers never talk about anything of vital importance. They only focus on stories that will verify the myths they have imposed upon the population. Consequently, they consider all opposition to their slanted suggestions to be treason worthy of immediate social ostracism, if not death, even though they never legitimately examine the facts.

Certainly a parallel exists between CEOs maximizing profits and doctors prescribing this pill over that one because of the perks that tempt them. It all winds up at a point that can be safely called ‘rob the man next to you’ as all the good will and compassion in the world is sucked into a black vortex where only profit matters, a process that always ignites evil Jewish smiles.

Under smoky skies and beside massive fish die-offs, the groans of the Earth simply do not compute in this new era of technopop singularity, in which aggression is cultivated and ritualized to cover up the fear everyone feels knowing all their systems of belief are unreliable and, in most cases, worthy of contempt.

This cutthroat viciousness is at the heart of all these laws of Jewish bankers who rule the world. All traces of human empathy have been bred out of these beasts.

While counting their money, one Jew says to another, “Hey, what the heck, after all they’re only animals.” And America, to its everlasting discredit, has learned from the Jews to say the same thing to the whole world.

The rule of law is a crime the rich impose upon the poor. The offerings of all news media are designed to misrepresent the crimes, conceal the perpetrators, and secretly share in the profits available by misleading the public. Lawyers work this way, as well.

The average ordinary guy walks down the street, hears a snippet of something on TV, glances at an article in the newspaper, and listens to some well-coiffed demagogue in a thousand dollar suit belabor his point of view to anyone who will listen. So then this average guy goes around pronouncing himself an authority on everything who knows exactly what must be done to extricate ourselves from the danger we are in.

Few people remember it now, but back around 2003 Donald Rumsfeld announced a Pentagon program to publish deliberately false news stories in order to confuse our enemies. Since this was right after the catastrophe in New York, he already had plenty of experience lying about what had happened.

How much of who you are is dependent on what you have read on the Internet during this unprecedented expansion of human consciousness? And how much of that info was deliberately crafted in order steer you in the wrong direction, toward fabulous ideas that can’t be proven instead of hard data that can be used as proof of the crime?

The most important thing everyone forgets when they are deciding about issues in the political or sociological spheres is who they have received their information from, and why have these sources wanted to influence us.

This stipulation applies to the sum total of information everyone has received throughout their lives, and continues to receive, right up to the present moment.

Who gives you your information? And what has it done to you? What has it done to all of us?

Who was it gave us Common Core, to dumb down our children? Who approves vaccines that turn our children into defective robots unable to complete simple tasks? And who, pray tell, is flooding the country with Islamic rapists?

If we can’t figure out who these people are, and control them, we, then we have no control over our lives. To most of us, this is unacceptable.

Call them, if you like, the suicide assistance team, ready to provide you with a fatal condition at a moment’s notice. The message is clear. Everything is available to you if you just play along. Trust the people who tell you what they call the truth who have never kept their word about anything, and see what kind of disease you wind up with.

Has not the the entire political spectrum been infected, mouths slammed shut in stark terror of talking about Jews and and being excluded from polite society if they do?

By threatening you with the loss of your job, who prevents you from saying what you really feel about the way the country is being run? And why do homosexuals and disease-bearing African immigrants rate more concern from the president and the government than stalwart citizens like LaVoy Finicum, who raised beautiful children and talked like a real American, but was murdered for his respect for the Constitution by the FBI beast machine that intimidates the majority of the sheeple into a terrified silence.

To its everlasting credit, Finicum chose to follow the path recommended by his Mormon religion, and pursue truth and justice. The message the government sent in response was, blatantly written in capital letters, oppose us and you will be murdered without a second thought, especially if your sterling character inspires others to at least attempt to follow in your courageous footsteps.

The price of patriotism these days is to be murdered by public officials who then call you a terrorist for questioning their corrupt practices. These are now the new rules in America. Speak the truth and be prepared to die.

If you do choose to follow this risky path, it will drag you thought the horrors of two World Wars that never needed to be fought and a regular schedule of financial emergencies which always seem to benefit the eight Jewish families who own the Federal Reserve.

When you pursue the heart of the 9/11 story you pass through the realization that American history has been a non stop succession of Jewish crimes, from the end of the Civil War to the present day.

The battle against the Jewish parasite has been going on since well before the Fall of Rome. The systems everyone in the world chooses to believe have been molded by the hands of Jewish censors. In far too many respects, our beliefs are their beliefs, which is why America and England fell so easily into the Jewish model of the economic exploitation of the world.

It is down this path one realizes the startling degree to which we have been programmed by Jewish thought saboteurs and turned into willing killers, psychotic perverts and capable of betraying our own families (just like Jesus advised).

Though primarily known as a Jewish, the temptation to regard neighbors who are different from you as animals must be regarded as a worldwide phenomenon, with the stupidity of the white man to let the Jews steal his brain ranking near the top of the list of the most lamebrained decisions of all time.

Humanity made a lot of money, and most people lost their families, just the way the Jews wanted.

In accepting the logic of making money we relinquish our hold on what it just and true and fair. Instead, each decision you make becomes a profit calculation, and simply don’t want to know about the people who had to die to make you rich.

Yes, down this path where we realize the world is utterly out of control, everything is guided by the impulses of reckless empire builders who take no notice of the bodies in the gutters, vegetation shriveling into crisp brown shards, and dead sea creatures at an all-time high. They have shaped the laws to fit their own crimes, and those who are not accomplices to these crimes do not share in the filthy lucre ill-gotten gain by which the Jews have enslaved the entire world.

We have become government-fearing sleazeballs willing to pay anything to avoid getting robbed by the very people who are supposed to be making us rich. Because we do that, we become just like them, the guys who run the newspapers and create news out of nothing that makes their advertisers a bundle. They get rich peddling poison products.

So what if fracking poisons the world? Hey, it’s only the water supply.

This is the reality we have been immersed in for at least the past hundred years, if not for all of time.

The media comfort the Jews have provided to us have made us soft and vulnerable to being enslaved. Throughout the Depressions they were inflicting or the wars they were creating was substantial. Life in America was pristine and straightforward in the late ’50s. Decorum was mandatory in communities where everyone knew each other.

Then Kennedy was shot, Johnson changed the color ratio of immigration quotas at the behest of the Jews, and as a way out of the continuing trauma inflicted by the Vietnam war, the Jewish hippie movement couched the history of the ‘60s in a haze of dope smoke to further deflect the public from the practical exercises involved in keeping their country healthy.

But these courageous alternative attempts at living never exceeded more than a modest percentage of the population at large, who remained largely thoughtless consumers of carcinogenic foods, deliberately polluted by the kosher food manufacturers. Now the whole country has gone moldy and stale from the constant parasitism of Jewish bankers, who thrive while ordinary workers suffer.

Our reality has been crafted to make us perfectly obedient slaves to heartthrob trends and fashion manipulations to the point of not knowing who or what we actually are, or what we really want?

And we learned all these things that have led us into this perfect state of confusion about what to do and who we are while ingesting information perfectly and totally controlled by Jews, so now we have no training about how to survive on our own and no ability to live off the land should the Jews decide to blow up the world or shut off the money machines.

Nor are we able to make important decisions about crucial events in our lives because of the brainwashing we have received from those opinion molders who have indoctrinated our parents and teachers.

Reading about who we are in public media indicates we are barely conscious about the operations of the institutions that control us from cradle to grave, and as a result of this, we have a government that goes off invading the world for reasons it invents out of sheer paranoid fantasy, which now has become so out-of-control that it invents enemies and creates terror incidents merely to improve its so-called image of the great Lord Protector it pretends to be.

Worse than that, our so-called government considers us its enemy, when it probably mortgaged our future to the European bankers in 1933 that has now expanded to a number so large that it dwarfs the gross national products of the whole world.

The newspapers don’t question any of this, because they are all run by same people who commit the crimes. The people, corporations and ethnic groups who are committing the crimes are also the ones reporting them, which makes what they say — from the lowliest memo to the most controversial law — totally unreliable and provably untrue.

This is clearly what happened at the Tampa gay disco shooting, where no reliable witnesses ever saw any bodies, just like the deal at Sandy Hook.

This is the reality that has been created for us. The War on Terror. What kind of people pretend to believe what our government tells them when they already know the crooks in charge hire enemy combatants and then feign making war, shooting but missing in deliberately scripted teleplays. Then upon further inspection, the phony planted evidence is later defended by our rancid legal system as irrefutable facts, which prolong the wars they ignite into unending cauldrons of misery. This is how the big boys make their money.

There aren’t many independent newspapers anymore, nor any small mom & pop radio stations that can provide people with perspective different from the corporate broadcasters who preach propaganda but don’t ever tell us the key news of our lives. If they don’t run what the advertisers tell them to publish, then they go out of business. Which is why we only get what the soulless corporations want us to know.

And that is very bad for our health and our future. Believe this crap and you are slaves forever.
As long as the Jews are in a charge, what the Jewish Talmud says applies: We’re all hanging upside down in hell, just like Jesus, dunked in excrement for eternity. Recognition of this obvious fact reveals that the best path toward the liberation of the entire human race is the total and irrevocable neutralization of the one group trying to prevent this possibility.

If we are to survive it must begin immediately.