Friday, July 29, 2016

Final Friday

After ten years of fighting the “good fight against entrenched interests,” I'm giving my final address. It's been a Sampson vs. Goliath effort and I've left a lot undone, but it is time to call it an end.

I'm off to summer camp, and I know leaving children in the care of strangers is nerve-wracking, but I'm sure it's safe (I checked the weather) where they are going (counselors have been vetted).

I mean, what could possibly happen to them?

They have God on their side and wouldn't dare go down under.

Yeah, maybe a few people don't like them but the war is over and the war crimes trials are about to begin. Things start to come into focus when you add things up (Syria lost, Turks make friendly with Russia, coup attempt).

So who released anthrax in Russia?

You don't think I'm buying the dead reindeer carcass, do you?

That's like buying the limited hangout of mosquitoes causing Zika when it was likely a vaccine, and now the thing is showing the biowarfare properties of AIDS (whose treatment has morphed into a boon for pharmaceuticals).

"Chancellor Angela Merkel described a new veil of fear gripping Europe yet stood by her determination to offer asylum to those truly in need. The welcome-mat policies of Merkel’s government have come under increasing criticism and even some former supporters of the policies have raised questions after four assaults in the span of two weeks. ‘‘I didn’t say this was a going to be simple. That we could just do it. But I am still convinced that we can do it. This is a historic test in a time of globalization. Fear cannot be the guide for political action,’’ Merkel said."

Unless you need to lie your people into endless wars of conquest and control, and her comments show you that the globalist pukes -- against worldwide resistance by the people -- are moving on the agenda fast and in a big way as I sit here and type.

Time to grab my tubehop in the car, (just drive through the protest line) and take a ride on the river. Think I'll grab a hamburger for lunch and then at night there is a casino to go to, or you can curl up with a good book (as recommended by Globe critics) if you are out of money.

Time to pray to God ( I know there is something I forgot) and abandon ship!