Thursday, March 30, 2017

Race Ya'!

"Police issue dozens of tickets in crack down on street racing" by Dylan McGuinness Globe Correspondent  September 21, 2016

Boston police launched a crackdown on illegal street racing in the Newmarket area over the weekend, issuing 75 tickets and 35 criminal complaints, the department said.

Police also asked the Registry of Motor Vehicles to revoke the driver’s licenses of several people, saying their actions made them threats to public safety, police wrote on

Since February, the number of racers and onlookers has steadily increased, police wrote. Racers came from all over the state, they said.

The Newmarket area is by the South Bay shopping center near Interstate 93.

Participants drove modified cars, trucks, ATVs, and dirt bikes in the races, police said.

Previous attempts to catch the drivers had been frustrated by the large crowds, police said.

“In the past, any attempts at overt police enforcement resulted in the crowd dispersing [en masse], allowing the perpetrators to flee the scene undetected,’’ police wrote.

Last weekend, police were able to identify the organizers and participants, leading to the citations, criminal applications, and revocation requests, police said.