Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Full of Hate

What else is left when you are all out of love?

Globe lowered the temperature big time because of the Trump cave-in to the generals and war hawks last night:

"Stunned historians wrestle with calls to remove Confederate statues" by Michael Levenson Globe Staff  August 21, 2017

As universities and municipalities rush to remove Confederate monuments, many historians have been stunned. For decades, they say, it was difficult to even broach the idea that the monuments were symbols of white supremacy. Public sentiment, they said, would not allow it.

“I never thought I’d live to see these monuments coming down,” said David Blight, a Yale University historian of the Civil War and Reconstruction.

But even as historians have been heartened to see the statues cast in a more critical light, the increasing calls for their removal have touched off an anguished debate among many who worry about obliterating public memory of the Jim Crow era, when most of the monuments were built. 

I HAVE A SOLUTION and will help to turn a NEGATIVE into a POSITIVE!!

The Washington Redskins is right! A term that is not only offensive, but in-your-face with no real uproar, will go from being just that to the worthiest sort of worship. Statues of Native Americans and their tragedy will have to be erected everywhere and proper context given. 

For instance, in Massachusetts, statues of Chief Metacomet will replace the icky white founders and others long dead and buried (oddly enough, the town next door is named after a guy who butchered women and children at a watering hole). The mass murder of the colonialists will have to be described in all its gory glory while the matriarchal nature of many Native American societies will need to be exposed. You see, tribes didn't go to war unless the women gave their approval. They made the supplies the braves would need for the campaign. If they didn't make the supplies, you weren't going to war! What a concept, huh? 

As for the Confederates, they can have Stand Watie replace Robert E. Lee -- although he kind of did if you read through the history. Don't know what I am talking about, that's fine. 

“Instinctively, historians are not in favor of the erasure of the historical landscape,” Blight said, adding that he believes the monuments should be removed from public squares, where they loom over civic life, but remain in Civil War battlefields, where they serve as historical markers.

“Willy-nilly removal of the statues is risky business,” he said.

Alfred L. Brophy, a University of Alabama legal historian who studies the antebellum and Jim Crow eras, argued the monuments should not be removed.

“When you remove a monument it facilitates forgetting that there were once people in charge who celebrated the Confederacy and supported the ideas of white supremacy associated with it,” he said. “In my calculus, that is more dangerous than maintaining many of these monuments.”

The monuments, which are located predominantly in the South but also stand in the US Capitol and in the North, in places including New York and Massachusetts, were mostly erected between 1890 and 1920, said Kirk Savage, a University of Pittsburgh historian and author of “Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves: Race, War, and Monument in Nineteenth-Century America.”

The monuments were built by the sons and daughters of Confederate soldiers as part of a “systematic campaign,” he said, to recast the history of the Civil War as a heroic battle for the “Lost Cause,” in defense of Southern values.

“It was, of course, a whites-only history that was used to sugarcoat slavery and the Confederacy and justify the reassertion of white supremacy after Reconstruction,” Savage said.

As opposed to the Zionist and banker's versions you don't even realize are there due to the ejewkhazional $y$tem in AmeriKa.

Historians said the emblems of the Confederacy started to turn toxic after Dylann Roof, a white supremacist who adored the Confederate flag, shot and killed nine African-Americans in a South Carolina church in 2015.

That's when Dukes of Hazzard was taken off the air, and some question whether that event was nothing more than a staged and scripted fiction like so many we have seen since.

The tide against the symbols surged, they said, when neo-Nazis and white supremacists protested the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee in a rally that turned deadly in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12.

All orchestrated, all staged, for the obvious purposes.

“It’s sad and terrible that this has happened, but I think the far right has itself to blame,” said Blight, lamenting the South Carolina church massacre and the killing of a 32-year-old counterdemonstrator in Charlottesville. “There’s a way in which they are their own worst enemy and have created a politics that has led to what appears to be a consensus in favor of removal of the statues.”


Consensus may be an overstatement. Sixty-two percent of Americans believe the statues should remain as historical symbols, and 27 percent think they should be dismantled because they are offensive, according to a Marist poll taken last week.

That's using a rather polite term for the lie the professor told; however, it is gratifying to see the Globe confirm what I posted days earlier. 

Do yourself a treat, give the blog a scroll.

And President Trump has staunchly defended the monuments, writing on Twitter, “It’s sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments.”

Savage rejected that argument. He said the statues do not accurately represent history because they glorify the Confederacy, which he called “the only nation ever created on the face of this earth for the express purpose of protecting the institution of slavery.”

“These monuments were part of a campaign that told a false historical narrative and erased histories, so taking them down could actually help us build a more truthful and inclusive history than what we now have in places like Richmond, Virginia,” he said.

Savage said the monuments should be relocated to museums but cautioned that would only be one small step. “Where do we go from here, and how do we grapple with the legacy of white supremacy, which is everywhere?” he said. 

Just ignore the Jewish supremacy, okay?

Trump has also warned that removing the statues could lead to the toppling of statues of some of the Founding Fathers, who were slaveholders.

“I wonder, is it George Washington next week?” Trump said. “And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?”

Blight dismissed that argument.

“George Washington and Thomas Jefferson helped invent the nation and helped create the nation,” he said. “Confederates devoted their lives and fortunes to destroying it. There’s a very big difference.”

Okay, Bushbama helped destroy it!

Imagine how the Founding Fathers would have felt about the dragnet data collection and all the King's spies?

Lawrence D. Bobo, chair of the Department of African and African-American Studies at Harvard University, said Trump “seems to be woefully ignorant of American history.”

Then he is like most Americans.

“He talks as if the Confederate states did not have an overtly racist constitution preserving race-based slavery, which they did,” he said. “To me, [Confederate monuments] represent mainly an unfortunate attempt to rehabilitate those who had waged war in defense of slavery and racism. Yes, these statues reflect a piece of American history, but not a piece of it we should be honoring and valorizing.”

One of the latest universities to take down statues is the University of Texas Austin. University president Gregory Fenves abruptly announced late Sunday that four statues would be removed, including one of Lee, saying such monuments have become ‘‘symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism.’’ Crews worked through the night amid a heavy police presence.

Sneaky and underhanded! 

No Southern honor there!

‘‘Erected during the period of Jim Crow laws and segregation, the statues represent the subjugation of African-Americans. That remains true today for white supremacists who use them to symbolize hatred and bigotry,’’ Fenves said.

I wonder how that Vietnam Memorial looks to the Vietnamese.

In Massachusetts, state officials are determining the fate of what is believed to be the state’s only Confederate memorial, located on Georges Island in Boston Harbor. It is a headstone commemorating 13 Confederate soldiers who died while imprisoned at Fort Warren during the Civil War.

The marker has been boarded up since June 16.

Was boarded up before all this?


The globe says historic buildings should be named after businesses, and they ARE the moral voice of our times!

"University of Texas removes Confederate statues overnight" by Jonah Engel Bromwich New York Times  August 21, 2017

NEW YORK —The University of Texas statues were the latest to be removed this year, mostly after the events in Charlottesville.

In April and May, at night and under guard, New Orleans removed four Confederate statues that had been the subject of controversy for years. Last week, Baltimore removed four statues in the middle of the night, in a swift operation similar to the one in Austin.

Like a thief after you were blinded by the sun (can't seem to find my printed article, but that's okay. Was from Charleston, S.C., an icky place that started all this. They seceded and fired on Fort Sumter).

In a letter to the Texas campus community, Fenves wrote that after the events in Charlottesville, it had become clear to him “that Confederate monuments have become symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism.”

He said the statues’ historical and cultural significance was compromised by what they symbolized.

In a separate development, dozens of Liberty University alumni said they plan to return their diplomas in protest after the university’s leader, Jerry Falwell Jr., defended President Trump’s response to the white supremacist rally and deadly car attack in Charlottesville.

At a city council meeting Monday night in Charlottesville, its first since the rally and violence, anger boiled over, with some residents screaming and cursing at councilors and calling for their resignations.

Scholars are worried about obliterating public memory of the Jim Crow era, when most of the monuments were built.

Scores of people packed the council’s chambers, and The Daily Progress reported Mayor Mike Signer was interrupted by shouting several times in the first few minutes of the meeting. As tensions escalated, the meeting was halted. After talking with members of the crowd, Councilor Wes Bellamy said the council would drop its agenda and focus on the crowd’s concerns.

Speakers, some yelling and hurling profanities, then took turns addressing the council, expressing frustration that leaders had granted a permit for the Aug. 12 rally that had turned violent. Others criticized the police response to the event, which drew hundreds of white nationalists and other counter-protesters.....

The police were told to stand down so they could have the spectacle, and it was the left-wing antifas that violated the law by showing up without the permit. 

The solution is, of course, to ban all protest of any kind. Thank you, controlled opposition flunkies and agent provocateur assholes.


Also Monday:

"Feds: Texas Man Tried Planting Bomb on Confederate Statue" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, AUG. 21, 2017

A Houston man who's previously been convicted on explosives-related charges has been arrested after allegedly being caught trying to plant explosives on a Confederate statue at a Houston park, authorities said Monday.

Prosecutors allege 25-year-old Andrew Schneck was caught on Saturday evening near a statue of Richard Dowling, a lieutenant in the Confederate army. A Houston park ranger found Schneck holding two boxes with duct tape and wires as well as a bottle and a small tube containing compounds that tests later revealed were explosive materials, according to a criminal complaint.

You are kidding, right? 

A nice you Jewish boy stirring up trouble?

Schneck's arrest comes after events in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a white supremacist rally over the removal of a Confederate statue resulted in three deaths, and the removals of other statues nationwide, including at Duke University and late Sunday evening at the University of Texas at Austin.

Well, at least this exposes who is behind all this and who expects to benefit.

Schneck was charged with attempting to maliciously damage or destroy property receiving federal financial assistance. He made his initial court appearance on Monday and was to remain in federal custody until a detention hearing on Thursday.

Philip Hilder, Schneck's attorney, declined to comment Monday.

I'll bet we will never see this guy again. 

So who was he working for, the SPLC or the ADL?

Schneck had been arrested in 2014 on a charge of improperly storing explosive materials at his Houston home. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years of probation. According to court documents, Schneck has a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Austin College in Sherman, Texas.

In an age of terror?

In November, a federal judge approved a request by Schneck's attorneys for early termination of his sentence. In his motion, Hilder had written that Schneck "is not a risk to public safety" and that "his focus is no longer concentrated on high-risk activities."

They let him out to do this!

Investigators were still determining a motive for Saturday's attempted bombing but there are "no indications of any additional threats to the Houston area," said Deron Ogletree, assistant special agent in charge with the FBI's Houston office. 

I think we know the motive!

The statue in Houston, located in Hermann Park, is of Richard W. "Dick" Dowling, an Ireland-born Houston saloon owner. His Confederate unit defeated a Union invasion force at the Battle of Sabine Pass in 1863. Dowling was hailed as a war hero in Houston, and the end of the war saw him resume his successful business career until his death in 1867.

"When asked by (the park ranger) if he wanted to harm the statue, Schneck responded that he did, and that he (Schneck) did not 'like that guy,'" according to the criminal complaint.


Authorities allege that Schneck was caught with a plastic bottle with what is likely nitroglycerin, an active ingredient in the manufacture of explosives, and with a small aluminum tube that contained a white powder that tests showed was Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, which is used as an initiating or primary explosive. When he was confronted by the park ranger, Schneck tried to drink the bottle that had the nitroglycerin but spit out the liquid and then poured it out on the ground.

Where did he get the tubes, Iraq, and he tried to drink it? Really?

The Houston police bomb squad said a timer, wires connected to a homemade detonator, battery and the Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine found in Schneck's possession "were capable to produce a viable explosive device," according to the criminal complaint.

Schneck told police he had other chemicals at his Houston home. On Monday, houses located near Schneck's home were evacuated as authorities worked to dispose of materials found in his home, where he lives with this mother.

The materials were disposed of during a small controlled detonation at the home Monday afternoon, said Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Peña.

Like how they knocked down the three WTC towers.

Authorities declined to specify what materials they found in the home, citing the ongoing investigation.

Schneck's mother told authorities that her son uses one of their properties "to conduct his chemistry experiments," according to the criminal complaint.

He's released early and no one was keeping an eye on him? That's a stink!

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner had previously announced the city had begun compiling an inventory of its Confederacy-related statues to determine if any action should be taken with regard to them.

"I'm going to ask everybody in this city to remain calm. I understand everybody has a First Amendment right. But you do not have a First Amendment Right to deface any of the public art, any of the statues, the monuments that exist in this city," Turner said."

I have.

Bail denied for suspect in slaying of two Florida police officers

I predicted an upswing in that sort of thing, but my judgement was still of:

Man who shot Ohio judge was father of teen convicted of rape

We are told “violence against judges represents an attack on the Rule of Law, the foundation of our country.”

Forget the baloney regarding the rule of law here. It's the timing that sure is odd.

Now about those Trump voters:

"Trump voters in the aftermath of Charlottesville" by Diane Hessan   August 21, 2017

President Trump’s base is in disbelief — not about the president, but about the hysteria.

Trump voters take offense at the narrative that links them to the white supremacist movement. It goes like this: Neo-Nazis are disgusting, and they wouldn’t be so bold if Trump were not president, therefore people who support Trump are racists and bigots, so anyone wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap is to blame for all the hatred. If liberals are not to blame for James Hodgkinson, the deranged radical who shot Republican members of Congress practicing for a baseball game, then why, they say, would you blame Trump voters for a reactionary running people over with a car?

No, you see, he was sick and thus excused!

Instead, they see a president delivering on his campaign promises despite the resistance. They send me article after article, video after video, of Trump denouncing the KKK and neo-Nazis, they count the number of Jewish and black people on the White House staff, and they conclude that calling Trump a racist is a lie intended to distract us from what Trump is doing to help the country.

Says Russell, 77, from California, “The stock market is way up, the economy is starting to really crank, we have 1 million new jobs, housing sales have doubled, companies are getting the message that they will be celebrated if they build in the US, unemployment is at a new low, the borders are significantly more secure, we have a brilliant new Supreme Court justice and a freeze on government hiring. Say that this is not all Trump’s doing, fine — but we have so much good news, and also so many huge challenges in our country and world. Why are we giving all of our air time to the lunatics and skinheads who marched in beautiful Charlottesville — and why do we insist on blaming our president for James Alex Fields [the man charged with driving the car into the crowd in Charlottesville] and for those disgusting Nazis?”

Isn't it obvious?

Trump voters are not ignoring his words, but the overwhelming majority are not racist demons. They hate the KKK as much as the rest of America. They were desperate for change, and thought Hillary Clinton was, at best, a continuation of the greed and bureaucracy they see in Washington.

They also believe that Trump is not political enough to read a script and walk away. They believe that actions speak louder than words, and they like his actions. Conversely, many of them liked the words of Obama, but felt that his actions left them on the sidelines. As a result, their standards for the role of president are just different. Rather than looking to their leader for moral leadership, they look to him for leadership on growing the economy and on protecting our citizens. They are more likely to shake their heads, state that he is a flawed man, and go elsewhere for moral leadership: their local leaders, their churches, their families.

Not the CEOs?

We can ignore the perspective of these Trump voters, but realistically, we must understand that they exist, there are plenty of them, and they are our fellow Americans. It might feel good to read the recent New York Times article by a Trump voter who finally changed his mind, but this is not a signal about a trend — at least from my data. Of the 200 Trump voters I speak with weekly, only 4 say they would have voted differently.

I did not vote for either scum. My hands are clean and so is my conscience.

Outrage, justified as it may be, accomplishes little. Anger and hatred is an addictive cocktail and many of us are drinking it, surrounded by our Facebook friends with similar viewpoints.

Speak for yourself!!!

It’s human to feel the anger, and therapeutic to express it with friends, but it would be ideal to do more. A few of the Clinton voters in my research are talking about impeachment. Most agree, however, that although several Republican senators and representatives have complained bitterly about Trump, that doesn’t mean they’ll vote to get rid of him. While they are waiting around for Robert Mueller to produce a smoking gun, they believe that the country and the government will go on.

Finally, if you’re concerned about racial hatred and white supremacy, do something nonviolent to take it on. Donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center (which has identified 917 hate groups in the United States) or the ACLU or the Anti-Defamation League. Go to social media to thank leaders who believe what you do, independent of party. Take Josh Bernoff’s pro-bono pledge to dedicate your time and expertise to groups that fight intolerance. It’s time to all work together to stop the madness.....

The same madness they helped to create, and the an$wer is to donate to supremacist organizations!


I'm told “this can’t possibly last another three years,” and I don't think I can last that long either. 

Time for a divorce. When is the next election?

Far-right student leaving BU for Ala. to be with ‘more like-minded people’

Nicholas Fuentes, the budding right-wing provocateur, is on the plane as I type.

There’s more than one side to the story

Yeah, the real enemy is across the Pond (according to the bull on the blotter), if I recall correctly:

Police kill alleged van driver in Barcelona attack by Patrick Kingsley New York Times

He was shot to death after he flashed what turned out to be a fake suicide belt at two troopers who confronted him and cried out ‘‘Allah is great’’ in Arabic, said Major Josep Lluís Trapero, the Catalan police chief.

(Blog editor just rolls his eyes)

At least 1 person killed when van rams into bus stops in French city

I guess that makes sense, seeing as they are in things together.

Finland Attack Suspect, a Moroccan Youth, Was Flagged for Extremist Views

It's always the same old script!

Inventor says journalist died on his submarine and he buried her at sea by Martin Selsoe Sorensen New York Times

I'm going down, readers.

"Romania’s coast guard intercepts boat carrying 70 migrants" Associated Press  August 21, 2017

BUCHAREST — Romania’s coast guard said Monday it has intercepted a fishing boat carrying 70 migrants suspected of trying to illegally enter Romania.

Border police working for the coast guard said they spotted the vessel late Sunday near the Black Sea port of Constanta. Authorities escorted the boat into port and allowed the migrants to disembark. Some received medical treatment.

They said the group was made up of 35 men, 12 women, and 23 minors, who told authorities they were from Iraq and Syria. The statement said an investigation was underway.

Meanwhile in Greece, authorities said Monday they had found 53 refugees and migrants — including 24 minors — walking along a northern highway after a smuggler dumped them on the roadside. Police said the group consisted of 41 Iraqis, five Afghans, five Eritreans, and two Syrians.

They were found early Sunday about 12 miles northeast of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, and said they had paid a smuggling gang $2,300 each to be driven there in a truck from the Turkish border. But the truck driver abandoned them on the highway and drove off.

Also Monday, Greek police at a border crossing with Turkey arrested a Turkish truck driver allegedly found carrying four Afghan migrants into Greece in his vehicle.

Trump is fixing that as I type.



"This week may be a calmer one for the stock market, after an uncharacteristically bumpy stretch shook what had been an incredibly smooth ride higher for stocks this year. The highlight will likely arrive when central bankers from around the world gather in Wyoming. Tremendous stimulus from central banks has been one of the main reasons for the stock market's surge since the Great Recession. But the Federal Reserve is now slowly raising interest rates and preparing to pare back the vast trove of bonds that it bought following the 2008 financial crisis. Investors are wondering when the European Central Bank may follow suit....." 

That will proceed the crash because they bought all the worthless garbage no one else wanted, and it will be blamed on the North Koreans, white supremacists and Nazis, or whoever happens to be the pre$$ enemy du jour at a given moment in time.