Wednesday, August 23, 2017

No Repentance

They are still full of hate, dear readers. 

I $uppo$e it comes with the job of pushing the agenda, and then what

I'll save it for later as we start up top with big overnight news that was too late for the print that gets sent out here. 

Instead, this was on the front page (ugh) -- with no mention of how he got the job or what it pays.

Boylston Street should be bustling, but many storefronts sit empty

I guess that would take the target off them even if it flies in the face of the bu$tling Bo$ton narrative that the Globe has so assiduously cultivated.

Things That Work: Could underwater garages solve Boston’s parking shortage?

Didn't the terrorists try that at the WTC in 1993?

The rehearsal for the horror eight years later?

Is the opioid epidemic easing in Mass.?

How come they never talk about cutting off the source?

City employee files sexual harassment complaint against Felix G. Arroyo

Where you been?

Trump goes on the attack at boisterous rally in Phoenix by John Wagner, Jenna Johnson and Danielle Paquette Washington Post  August 23, 2017

My printed pos carried some AP slop regarding the event that the Globe has apparently scrubbed, and as for being boisterous..... 

it's all stagecraft, and the proof is in the photo:

President Trump spoke Tuesday to supporters in Phoenix.
President Trump spoke Tuesday to supporters in Phoenix (Ralph Fresco/Getty Images).

There he goes again signaling his Illuminati (for lack of a better word) handlers that everything is okay while some also see the number of the beast in such a thing. They are not mutually exclusive, nor do I want to spend too much time focusing on it. 

Just part of the scenery, folks.

"Historians: Confederate emblem ‘symbol of racial terror’" Associated Press  August 22, 2017

JACKSON, Miss. — Historians in Mississippi say the Confederate battle emblem is a ‘‘symbol of racial terror’’ that needs to be stripped from the state flag.

Thirty-four professors released a statement this week saying they expect questions from students about the recent white nationalist march in Charlottesville, Va., where some participants carried the rebel flag.

More staged orchestration, no doubt. Kids care about their self-centered stuff on the phone, not your stuff. These cultural Marxists posing as professors might provoke things, but that's all.

If not, then are you brave enough to see what was coming even way back then

Can't we all just get along?

Mississippi has the last state flag with the Confederate symbol, a red field topped by a blue tilted cross dotted by 13 white stars.

The professors from public and private universities wrote that Mississippi legislators adopted the flag in 1894 to assert white supremacy.

‘‘The threat of racist mob violence has been present throughout American history, and, as seen by the flag-wielding neo-Nazis and racist sympathizers in Charlottesville, the use of Confederate emblems echoes the racist reasoning of whites in Mississippi at the end of the 19th Century, who used terror to impose minority rule,’’ they wrote.

Yeah, let's take those reminders down.

Then you lose the memory. WTF?

Voters decided to keep the flag in a 2001 referendum. Confederate symbols have come under increasing scrutiny since 2015, when an avowed white supremacist who had posed for photos holding the battle flag killed nine black worshipers at a church in Charleston, S.C.

Some Mississippi elected officials, including the Republican speaker of the state House and both of the state’s Republican US senators, have said the state should ditch the current flag and adopt a design that would unify the state, whose population is 38 percent black.

Where print copy ended it and I'm just wondering how the presence of those statues of long-dead people gathering pigeon poop has anything to do with their current living conditions now?

Not for or against removal, just wondering what that has to so with jobs, health care, education, etc, etc, etc. How are the statues impacting them, or are they really not at all as people walk by not even giving a hoot or second glance?

If the answer is $y$temic raci$m then one must ask what have all the pontificating politicians been doing in the meantime? Why have they not addressed and corrected the problems, or are they too busy shaking down lobbyists for campaign loot and then doling out the tax loot on the other side?

Republican Governor Phil Bryant has said if the design is reconsidered, it should happen in another statewide election. Supporters of the flag say it represents the state’s history.

The professors wrote: ‘‘This flag does not reflect the entirety of the state’s history and people. It ignores the reality of the African-American experience, and it limits the scope of what Mississippi has been, is, and can be.’’

About 40 other opponents of the Mississippi flag gathered Tuesday at the state Capitol. Aunjanue Ellis, an actress who grew up in Mississippi, said the Confederate battle emblem on the flag represents ‘‘terrorism.’’

Yeah, and they were all DEMOCRATS!

Ellis has starred in the ABC series ‘‘Quantico’’ and in the 2011 movie ‘‘The Help.’’ She has been advocating a change for the state flag for several years.

You know, nothing personal, but I'm beginning to strongly dislike rich celebrity preaching to the rest of us from that immoral bastion of perversion over there.


As for flags that represent terrorism:

"Billy Joel wore a bright yellow Star of David on his black suit during an encore at Madison Square Garden. Monday’s performance by The Piano Man came more than a week after a rally by neo-Nazis and other groups in Charlottesville, Va., ended in deadly violence against counterprotesters. When asked about Joel’s attire, his spokeswoman on Tuesday quoted Edmund Burke: ‘‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’’ Joel joined with Patty Smyth onstage in taking a swipe at President Trump’s administration. Photos of fired officials appeared on screen as Smith sang her hit, ‘‘Goodbye to You.’’ Joel’s ex-wife Christie Brinkley and their daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, attended the concert. Many of his relatives died in the Holocaust (AP)."

He very well may be the greatest musician of my generation, but the CDs are now inventory for the next tag sale or flea market.

Of course, that is what this where this whole "debate" ends. No criticism of Israel, no BDS. 

Too bad Trump is Israel's best friend and that they can't see their own racism regarding Palestinians.


Screen Actors Guild to honor Freeman in January

After the Oscars excluded all blacks a couple of years ago, huh? 

They don't even see their own bias!

Retrial of Cosby put off until March or April

The judge said it was in the interests of race relations. Sorry, ladies.

Clooneys give $1m to Southern Poverty Law Center

That's nice, but Wahlberg made more.


"In the Aug. 20 Metro article “Rally speakers, surrounded by police, end their event quickly,” members of the Massachusetts chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union were reported to have participated in the counterprotest....."

That's why she wanted you to give and feel good about it. 

What is sad is the ACLU, as much as it is needed, is either a straight out agitator or -- more likely -- has been infiltrated.

Also see:

"An advocacy group is calling for the renaming of Faneuil Hall because its namesake had ties to slavery. The meeting house built in 1742 is where Samuel Adams and other American colonists made some of the earliest speeches urging independence from Britain. Kevin Peterson is founder of the New Democracy Coalition. He says the name is an embarrassment to the city because Peter Faneuil was a wealthy merchant who owned and traded slaves. Faneuil built the hall for Boston. Peterson suggests renaming Faneuil Hall to honor Crispus Attucks, a black man considered the first American killed in the Revolutionary War. Boston College history professor Heather Cox Richardson cautions that removing any part of the nation’s complicated history ‘‘unbalances it’’ and ‘‘renders it false.’’ (AP)."

Well, it's all a lie anyway, sorry, and she better go consult with her colleagues. The history that is taught and told in the schuls and ma$$ media has always been that of a particular viewpoint, with certain emphasis on some things and a passing mention of others. Some names are prominent, others never appear.

"Monday’s self-congratulatory editorial lamented, almost in passing, that no media were allowed to record what was said in the “far-right” rally on Boston Common, and noted that it “would have been better had the public known exactly what the rallygoers were doing and saying” (“Boston’s mettle is tested, but questions linger”). You clearly come to that conclusion from the popular presumption that what they were “doing and saying” was malicious and hateful — “far right” — and that hearing it would have affirmed the moral superiority of “the public” that gathered to protest it. But the reason reporters should have reported on what was said is that the presumption the rally was either “far right” or “hateful” now remains just that: an unconfirmed assumption. Its organizers said it was not. They said it was about the right to speak freely. That used to be a liberal cause. Because their speech fell into an officially imposed zone of silence, we now don’t know which account — free speech or far-right hate — is closer to the truth. Was the monumental counterprotest really virtuous resistance to hate? Or was it merely another ugly and self-righteous chapter in the long history of “banned in Boston”?

That's when I lost what little love I had left for them.

"Police reports released Tuesday highlighted several confrontations between officers and small groups of protesters. Nearly an hour after the rally abruptly ended, police were called to help a group of “people who were at risk,” seemingly referring to rally organizers and supporters. When police arrived, they found themselves surrounded by more than 2,000 protesters. A police supervisor tried to reason with the crowd and asked protesters to clear the streets to allow vehicles to leave the area, police said. The crowd refused, and when officers in crowd-control gear moved in, they were hit with traffic cones and bottles filled with urine, the police report stated. Some officers were spit on, had their protective equipment torn off, and their helmets cracked......"

No mention of the rock-throwing anywhere in the article, one of those committing the violence said “We’re Boston Strong,” and they also robbed someone.

This tweet from Saturday went viral. Here’s the story behind it 

America needs nasty women, huh?

A free-speech rally, minus the free speech

Look who is toasting it:

More liquor licenses in Boston? Cheers to that.

I'll raise one to Shelley Long.

As for the rest of the citizenry:

Former T officer gets 6-month sentence in woman’s beating 

Watch your step!

Former TD Garden guard accused of beating homeless man may have charges dismissed

I guess homeless lives don't matter.

Who was Tom Yawkey?

Who cares, just hand me a it tomato.

How is that in your eye

Another angry mob:

"Matthew Maxwell Kennedy, a 52-year-old scion of the Kennedy family, was arrested early Sunday after he argued with police officers who had responded to a loud party on Cape Cod. He threw himself into a wall, smashed a shelf full of glass objects, and refused to cooperate when officers tried to place him in handcuffs, police said. Kennedy’s 22-year-old daughter, Caroline, was arrested when she opened the door of the police cruiser her father had been placed in, according to a Barnstable police report filed in court. Both face charges of disturbing the peace and violating a town noise ordinance....." 

Did antifa have a permit?


Priest urges haters to repent; reveals his Ku Klux Klan past

That's rich! 

He repented from the Klan to join a gang of pedophiles!

You can flush his moralizing, and if you don't like that expanded-upon print version you can read the Washington Post's version

"Four elderly North Carolina people found shot to death after an apparent home invasion were killed while they played cards, a sheriff said Tuesday. News outlets quoted Halifax County Sheriff Wes Tripp as saying the two married couples had been sitting around a kitchen table when they were killed sometime between Sunday and Monday morning. The sheriff said there were no signs of a struggle. He told a news conference that there were signs of forced entry and items of value missing from the home. ‘‘It’s very disturbing,’’ Tripp said....." 

Anybody check up the sleeves?

"Authorities in central Florida issued a warning last month about a man who appeared in a Facebook live video threatening to kill police officers — and that same man was arrested last week in the deaths of two officers....."

He is also aaaaaaa.... Nazi!

In chaotic meeting, Charlottesville votes to shroud statues

Maybe you would like to read the WaPo narrative instead?

The man who organized the Charlottesville rally is in hiding — and too toxic for the ‘alt-right’

They rode him out of town on a rail because it turns out he was an Obama supporter and Occupy agitator years ago. 

Thus was that one bright gleaming star another controlled and infiltrated effort as the veneer of all innocence is shattered forever. The only grass roots movement left is right here typing.

While in that neck of the woods:

"A coal country dispute over an alleged Trump promise unmet" by Jeff Horwitz, Michael Biesecker and Matthew Daly Associated Press  August 22, 2017

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has rejected a coal industry push to invoke a rarely used emergency order protecting coal-fired power plants, a decision contrary to what one coal executive said the president personally promised him.


I would expect to see a lot more of this. Afghanistan was only the beginning.

The decision is a rare example of friction between the beleaguered coal industry and the president who has vowed to save it. It also highlights a pattern emerging as the administration crafts policy: The president’s bold declarations — both public and private — are not always carried through to implementation.

There will be more friction to come.

President Trump committed to the measure in private conversations with executives from Murray Energy Corp. and FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. after public events in July and early August, according to letters to the White House from Murray Energy and its chief executive, Robert Murray. In the letters, obtained by the Associated Press, Murray said failing to act would cause thousands of coal miners to be laid off and put the pensions of thousands more in jeopardy. One of Murray’s letters said Trump agreed and told Energy Secretary Rick Perry, ‘‘I want this done’’ in Murray’s presence.

The White House declined to say whether Trump did initially agree to Murray’s request for help. But in a statement on Tuesday, administration spokeswoman Kelly Love wrote that the proposal was not the right way to support the coal industry. Energy Department spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said the agency was sympathetic to the coal industry’s plight, but likewise did not support the proposal.

The aid Murray sought from Trump involves invoking a little-known section of the US Federal Power Act that allows the Energy Department to temporarily intervene when the nation’s electricity supply is threatened by an emergency, such as war or natural disaster. Among other measures, it temporarily exempts power plants from obeying environmental laws. In the past, the authority has been used sparingly, such as during the California energy crisis in 2000 and following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Obama administration never used it. The Trump administration has used it twice in seven months in narrow instances.

Murray’s company is seeking a two-year moratorium on closures of coal-fired power plants, which would be an unprecedented federal intervention in the nation’s energy markets.

What do you think the overseas wars are doing? 

Protecting the petrodollar, for one thing.

Murray told the White House that his key customer, Ohio-based electricity company FirstEnergy Solutions, was at immediate risk of bankruptcy. Without FirstEnergy’s plants burning his coal, Murray said his own company would be forced into ‘‘immediate bankruptcy,’’ triggering the layoffs of more than 6,500 miners. FirstEnergy acknowledged to the AP that bankruptcy of its power-generation business was a possibility.

That will stick it to Trump!

Murray urged Trump to use the provision in the Federal Power Act to halt further coal plant closures by declaring an emergency in the electric power grid.

After a conversation with Trump at a July 25 political rally in Youngstown, Ohio, Murray wrote, the president told Perry three times, ‘‘I want this done.’’ Trump also directed the emergency order be given during an Aug. 3 conversation in Huntington, W.Va., he said.

‘‘As stated, disastrous consequences for President Trump, our electric power grid reliability, and tens of thousands of coal miners will result if this is not immediately done,’’ he wrote.

Murray’s claims raise the possibility that Trump was warned against the move by his advisers — some of whom are known to be more cautious — or that he simply made assurances to Murray to avoid immediate confrontation.


The guy who is haranguing North Korea and scaring everyone?

The bare-knuckles brawler who loves a fight? 

Surely you jest!

The people who worked on the decision most directly were Perry, Michael Catanzaro, who works under National Economic Council director Gary Cohn as the top White House energy adviser, and Perry’s chief of staff, Brian McCormack, US officials told the AP. They spoke only on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss internal policy considerations by name.

He's the real president. Trump is just a frontman.

Murray and his company have been impassioned supporters of Trump, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign and inauguration, hosting fund-raisers and embracing him as the rescuer of the Appalachian coal industry.

I wonder if they have stayed at the hotel.

The friendliness has been mutual: When Trump repealed an Obama administration regulation barring coal companies from dumping mine waste in streams, Murray and his sons were invited for the signing.

That's where the printed paper dumped it, too!

First, about those floods in Kansas.....

"Last year, standing amid piles of waterlogged debris, President Obama promised a sustained national effort to rebuild flood-ravaged southern Louisiana."

Had them this year, too. Media dropped the coverage.

Let's go down river:

Coal has become an increasingly unattractive fuel for US electricity companies, which have been retiring old boilers at a record pace. At least two dozen big coal-fired plants are scheduled to shut down in coming months as utilities transition to new steam turbines fueled by cleaner-burning natural gas made more abundant in recent years by new drilling technologies

Yeah, fracking is also poisoning the groundwater so you can't win either way.

Trump, who rejects the consensus of scientists that burning fossil fuels is causing global warming, has made reversing the coal industry’s decline a cornerstone of his administration’s energy and environmental policies. Since taking office, he announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord, and he has moved to block or delay Obama-era regulations seeking to limit carbon emissions.

Other coal executives have urged similar government intervention to save their businesses. In a speech last week, the CEO of Peabody Energy Corp., the nation’s largest coal producer, also said a two-year moratorium on coal-plant closures was needed.

Perry has already twice invoked the Federal Power Act in narrow ways at the request of utilities seeking to keep old coal-burning plants online past their planned retirement dates. In both cases, the utilities were allowed to continue operations at plants amid concerns that shutting them down could lead to regional shortages in electricity......

Get used to the brown out, folks.



"While Hillary Clinton did win the 2016 popular vote by a comfortable margin of almost 2.9 million votes, she won California by more than 4 million, meaning that she lost the rest of the country by more than a million votes. When combined with the Democrats’ massive reversals during Barack Obama’s failed stewardship, including the loss of comfortable margins in both houses of Congress and historic reversals in the state houses, this result makes it clear that the party has serious soul-searching to do before it can reclaim its national relevance....."

Start burning coal. Then maybe you can afford the time share in Vermont.


Deaths of North Atlantic right whales mark dangerous trend for species

My first thought was "Fukushima?"

No warning lights flashing about that.

"France wants to involve psychiatrists in preventing attacks" AP  August 22, 2017

PARIS— France wants to involve psychiatrists in preventing attacks like the one in which a mentally unstable man drove into two Marseille bus stops, killing a woman, the country’s interior minister said Tuesday.

What are you going to do, have them ride shotgun all the time?

Or will the shrink have the right to yank licenses? 

No wonder Macron's poll #s are in free fall (that's just about when the pre$$ focus turned away from France).

Gerard Collomb said that about one-third of the thousands of people on a French watch list for radicalization are known to have psychological problems. The minister said a philosophy book and a ‘‘general book on Islam’’ were found in the Marseille driver’s van.

We know what that is about.

‘‘We need to protect ourselves,’’ he said in an interview on BFM-TV.

Authorities have ruled out terrorism as a motive for the man who allegedly rammed a van into the bus stops about 3 miles apart on Monday. They said the suspect had been undergoing psychological treatment.

Like a Manchurian Candidate!

Collomb noted that the 35-year-old suspect had served time in prison and been treated in a psychiatric hospital. People suffering from certain psychiatric problems can ‘‘imitate’’ the jihadis who carry out attacks and ‘‘can take action’’ themselves, he said.

A week earlier, another driver with mental health problems deliberately accelerated into a pizzeria east of Paris, killing an adolescent girl.

What is it about car crashes and pizza shops anyway?

As in the Marseille case, authorities said the suspect had mental health problems and did not act with terror as a motive.....


That looks like something the Soviet Union would have done, not Free France!

Time to surface:

Headless torso found on beach identified as missing Swedish journalist

Not to lose one's head about it, but ‘‘she trusted somebody, and then this is what happened’’:

Village Voice to end print publication

I won't be missing it.