Friday, August 4, 2017

Washington Post Pushing War on Iran

It's the last paragraph, and don't fall for it!

"Iran calls new US sanctions a violation of nuclear deal" by Erin Cunningham The Washington Post  August 03, 2017

ISTANBUL — New US sanctions targeting Iran are a breach of its nuclear deal with world powers and an attempt to abolish the accord, Iranian officials said Thursday, adding that the government will respond to what it sees as an escalation of US aggression.

‘‘We believe that the nuclear deal has been violated, and we will react appropriately,’’ Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said on state television Thursday.

The deal curbed Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for the removal of some sanctions, while the new measures target anyone involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program and its powerful Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The ‘‘belief in Washington is that . . . Iran must be put under pressure,’’ Araghchi said. And the goal of the new sanctions, signed by President Trump on Wednesday, is ‘‘to destroy’’ the 2015 agreement so that Iran will withdraw.

It's a shame when the "enemy" is telling the truth and my war-promoting government mouthpieces posing as pre$$ is full of sh**.

The administration has criticized the deal for its narrow focus on the nuclear program, without addressing issues such as Iran’s support for proxy militias and its growing ballistic missile arsenal. Trump has questioned the ‘‘utility of the agreement,’’ Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in remarks at the State Department on Tuesday.

The ‘‘agreement dealt with a very small slice of Iran’s threats,’’ Tillerson said. ‘‘It was kind of like we put blinders on and just ignored all those other things.’’ 

Then you would be behaving like the Zioni$t-controlled AmeriKan pre$$.

But even as the United States ramps up pressure on Iran — including threats to leave the pact — officials in Tehran have moved cautiously in response, weighing the cost of potential conflict with the benefits of remaining part of the deal. Before the agreement, which ended the country’s isolation, Iran probably would have balked at calls for diplomacy. As a regional power, it has defied the international community, building up missile defense and backing proxy forces across the region.

When Israel defies the international community there is no such commentary.

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Why Am I No Longer Reading the Newspaper?

Now I see why.

But under the nuclear deal, Iran has rejoined the global economy and is now keen to avoid blame for the collapse of the agreement. Trump recently certified Iran’s compliance with the deal, an authorization he is required to make to Congress every 90 days, but has suggested he may not do so again in the fall, without saying why.

They won't be blamed. Whole world sees what the hell is going on here.

‘‘President Trump made clear that, in terms of the fate of the nuclear deal, the administration’s latest certification of Iranian compliance was only a temporary reprieve — a stay of execution,’’ said Robert Malley, who served as the White House coordinator for the Middle East under President Barack Obama.

So Trump is still a Zionist tool, at least according to some Obama puke.

So far, Iran ‘‘has appeared content to sit back and allow the [Trump] administration to further isolate itself’’ on the nuclear deal, said Malley, who is now vice president of policy for the Brussels-based International Crisis Group. ‘‘But that calculus could change.’’

WHAT? That's why Obama made the deal. Everyone else was going to go ahead anyway, and AmeriKan bu$ine$$ didn't want to be left behind. 

What did you think, Obama did it out of altruism?

Iran, specialists say, could continue to adhere to the agreement and seek assurances from Europe and Russia that they would refuse any US attempt to renegotiate. The European Union has countered Trump’s calls to ditch the accord, reminding the administration that it belongs to the international community.

Yeah, what have they done wrong again?

If the White House decided to declare Iran noncompliant, it would probably be based ‘‘on little to no valid evidence,’’ said Richard Nephew, former coordinator for sanctions policy at the State Department.

Like that ever stopped the U.S. government or its water-carrying pre$$ before!!!!

Exhibit A: Gulf of Tonkin

Exhibit B: Babies thrown out of Kuwaiti incubators

Exhibit C: Iraq's WMD

Any questions?

But Iran could still push the technical limits of the deal with ‘‘small incremental steps that restart its nuclear program,’’ he said. It could also restart all of its nuclear activity, which it says is for peaceful purposes, or use its military assets or proxy forces to strike US interests in the region.


Could be, if, maybe..... !!!!


Really heating up now:

"Iraqi weather service warns of brutal heat wave next week" Associated Press  August 04, 2017

BAGHDAD — Adding to the daily woes of Iraqi citizens already facing a deteriorated security situation and lack of public services, the country typically faces brutal heat in the summers and endemic electricity outages make life even harder when temperatures soar. Some Iraqis escape to cooler spots in neighboring countries, while those who can’t afford a trip abroad stay indoors or go swimming in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Where did all the rebuilding money go, and who armed the terrorists?

In some public places, showers and water spray cooling fans have been set up for those who want to cool down, and some street vendors and taxi drivers keep wet handkerchiefs on their heads. Carts for watermelon, ice cream, and cold drinks are seen on almost every street corner.

You would never know you were surrounded by rubble and concrete barriers. It's like any AmeriKan street corner!

Unlike other countries in the region, Iraq lacks tourism destinations where people can spend time to escape the sweltering heat, leaving the majority of Iraqis with limited options, such as traveling to the self-ruled northern Kurdish region or swimming in the rivers and irrigation canals or killing time inside air-conditioned shopping malls or staying inside the home.

They lack tourism destinations because the U.S. government has spent the last 14 years destroying the place.

Exacerbating their sufferings is the shabby electricity situation, which in past years has led to protests, with some turning bloody after security forced opened fire.

Even with the suffering, many Iraqis keep their sense of humor. In one cartoon published on social media, the map of Iraq is depicted being fried in a pan by the sun and another picture shows a man sleeping on the roof of his home while clutching an ice block to his chest....

I can't take this insulting, elitist, war-monger crap journalism in the face of massive suffering.

I mean, if it's too hot in the kitchen.....


Also see:

"The Red Sea project will include diving attractions and a nature reserve, with some areas resembling the luxury hotels, islands, and lagoons of the Maldives. The country’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) said Monday it will provide the seed capital to develop the resort area, explaining that the new semi- autonomous area will be governed by laws on par with international standards. The sovereign wealth fund developing the project is headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the heir to the throne. The prince is overseeing a dramatic overhaul of the economy to lessen its dependence on oil exports for revenue....."

It REALLY is a PRE$$ for and of the elite!

Nothing regarding the molestation of Qatar, huh?

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That's why I'm ending this.


Jordanian parliament repeals ‘marry the rapist’ clause

Women now have a safe haven in Jordan.

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Notable for the absence of 1990 and the invasion of Kuwait. Not important, didn't have ramifications.

South African held by Al Qaeda in Mali freed after 5 years

He is "tourist" Stephen McGown.