Monday, December 29, 2008

Gladio Exposed in Greece


Btw, the item is ABSENT from my papers YET AGAIN today. I guess that means there are
no more riots or protests in Greece, huh?

"Greek Riots 2008 - Agent Provocateur Cops Caught Red Handed

Cops in disguise like anarchists are burning and breaking shops in athens.In the video you can see the "anarchists" talking with other cops in uniforms like nothing happens.This video was taken by a greek tv show....

Protestors at Montebello are accusing police of trying to incite violence. Video on YouTube shows union officials confronting three men that were police officers dressing up as demonstrators. The union is demanding to know if the Prime Minister's Office was involved in trying to discredit the demonstrators.

--MORE w/video--"

You know, it is NICE to be PROVEN TRUE again, readers, because now you now THEY are the LIARS, not the BLOG!!!!