Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spy Swap

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Can you crack the MSM code, readers?

"Alleged spies always strived for connections; Cambridge pair known for skills at networking" by Jonathan Saltzman, Shelley Murphy, and John Ellement, Globe Staff | June 30, 2010

An FBI affidavit suggests Donald Howard Heathfield and his wife, Tracey Lee Ann Foley, relied on those same networking skills to spy on the United States for Russia, with tactics worthy of a John le Carré novel....

fiction, right?

Same as this slop from the Globe.

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John le Carre

Why are we being deceived so much by our newspapers?

The affidavit does not give their real names, nor does it spell out the consequences of the alleged espionage. But it does say that FBI agents were tracing their every step and intercepting every secret electronic transmission for at least a decade.

Yesterday, the day after federal prosecutors in New York announced that the couple and nine other people had been accused of participating in an espionage ring in the United States, people who knew Heathfield said the allegations were shocking and distressing.

But they also painted a picture of someone whose schmoozing and constant presence at social gatherings drew notice....

Yesterday, the White House and the State Department sought to downplay the prospects of long-term damage in the improving US-Russian relationship as a result of the arrests.

Sniff, sniff, sniff.

That could be because the damage to US security interests was apparently minor, given that FBI agents had infiltrated and tracked the alleged Russian “sleeper’’ ring for the past decade....

Nonetheless, the episode is an extraordinary illustration of how the US government spends years tracking individuals it suspects are spies....

While ISRAELIS run around willy-nilly and are then shipped home.

This is really DISGUSTING S***-SHOVELING, folks.

The FBI affidavit filed in federal court in Manhattan said that Russia’s intelligence organization, SVR, paid all expenses for the alleged spies, including housing, utilities, insurance, medical, legal, and educational costs....

Why should we believe those framing f***s?

Heathfield and Foley led people to believe they were French-Canadian, but a woman who lives next door to the couple said she became suspicious....

I LOVE how AmeriKans come out of the woodwork after the fact and say I knew it all the time!!!

Since the couple’s arrest, doubts have been cast on other contentions they made....


In addition to Heathfield and Foley, eight other alleged Russian spies were arrested Sunday in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. The final suspect, Christopher Metsos, accused of being a Russian secret agent, was captured yesterday in Cyprus, trying to board a flight to Budapest, according to authorities. He will remain in Cyprus pending extradition proceedings, they said.


Holding that guy in Cyprus you say?

"Alleged spy gone after making bail in Cyprus" by Menelaos Hadjicostis, Associated Press | July 1, 2010

LARNACA, Cyprus — Police began searching late yesterday for an alleged Russian spy wanted in the United States who vanished after being released on bail a day earlier in the Mediterranean island nation.

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said Christopher Robert Metsos, 54, who says he is Canadian, failed to report to police in the southern coastal town of Larnaca yesterday.

What? You didn't keep him locked up?

Katsounotos said that a search failed to locate Metsos and that authorities have begun procedures to issue a warrant for his arrest for breaching the terms of his release....

I'm sorry, folks, but THIS is RIDICULOUS!


"Business opened doors for spy suspect; Cambridge firm was a ‘cover’ to reap data" by John R. Ellement and Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff | July 1, 2010

The FBI affidavit says Donald Heathfield collected a Russian government subsidy to operate the business, including one expense claim for $4,900 for “business [his cover].’’ The firm seemed to have few if any customers, yet still enabled Heathfield to meet people and travel the world, building ties with influential Americans in senior corporate and government roles.

Heathfield and his wife, Tracey Lee Ann Foley, were arrested Sunday night at their Cambridge home and charged in US District Court in Manhattan with conspiracy to act as unregistered agents of a foreign government and with money laundering.

I didn't know they were also lobbying Congress on behalf of Israel.

Eight others were picked up on similar charges in other US cities, and an alleged handler was arrested in Cyprus.

Now escaped, right, Glob?

The affidavit said the mission of the alleged spies was to blend into American society and “to search and develop ties in policymaking circles.’’

You know, act like ISRAELIS!!

Heathfield and Foley moved to Cambridge in 1999, using fake identities and passing themselves off as French Canadians.

"We are from France!"

He had a number of accomplished and influential classmates, including the current president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon....


Take a tour: Mexico

So CALDERON is a SPY, too, huh?!!


More front-page filler:

"In spy case, concern for children; Allegations could shake a sense of identity" by Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff | July 2, 2010

When Donald Howard Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley were led into a packed Boston courtroom yesterday in handcuffs and leg shackles, spectators saw a middle-aged Cambridge couple accused of spying for Russia for the past decade.

But two people in the gallery saw Mom and Dad.

Tim Foley, a 20-year-old student at George Washington University, and his brother, Alex Foley, a 16-year-old at the International School of Boston, sat in chairs against the back wall wearing dress shirts and stoic expressions. When their mother turned around at one point and waved at them, Tim Foley waved back.

Of all the surprising details of this week’s arrest of 10 alleged Russian spies in the United States posing as ordinary suburban residents, none seemed more startling than the fact that the defendants included four sets of parents raising seven children.

In spy fiction, secret agents are usually single and unencumbered, free to engage in stealth and derring-do without the day-to-day responsibilities of child rearing.

It is what you are reading, folks.

In this real-life case, however, the alleged spies had children in grade school and college and led seemingly conventional American lives. The children played soccer, went to slumber parties, gave piano recitals. Now they face the prospect of life with their parents in prison....

In light of such concerns, the US attorney’s office in Manhattan issued a statement Wednesday saying that prosecutors “recognize the importance of proper care for the children in this case’’ but could not discuss the status of each child for privacy reasons.


Tim and Alex, smooth-faced brothers with hair cut in bangs, declined to speak to a swarm of reporters after they left the courthouse, walking briskly and ignoring questions.

The arrest of two parents on criminal charges is more common than people think, say legal specialists and mental health professionals. Through the years, authorities in Massachusetts have arrested couples with children on charges ranging from drug dealing to white-collar fraud.

And not: They Died in Each Others Arms

Honestly, I'm sick of the pimping for the state, Glob.

What makes this case extraordinary, specialists say, is that the children of the accused spies are grappling with far more than an abrupt separation from their parents: accusations that their mother and father were not who they said they were.

Heathfield and Foley told friends and neighbors they were French Canadian, but that was a lie, according to prosecutors.

Don't often see that word in the paper.

It's usually mislead if anything for agenda-pushing scum.

Heathfield allegedly used the name of a Canadian who died in infancy. Foley allegedly had a bogus identity, too, authorities said.

To make matters more intriguing, an FBI affidavit that lays out the case against all the alleged spies in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia suggests that their marriages and families were contrived.

Deep-cover agents are sometimes dispatched in pairs “under the guise of a married couple,’’ said the affidavit, and such couples will “often have children together’’ to further the legend, or false identity, of the spies.


Dr. Nancy Rappaport, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard who specializes in treatment of teenagers, said that if Heathfield and Foley were indeed spies and their sons were unaware of the fact, the brothers will probably “have to wrestle with a tremendous sense of betrayal that things aren’t what they seem.’’

If their parents are spies, Rappaport said, it is possible that the brothers knew about their parents’ activities, either because of hints they picked up on their own through the years or because their parents confided in them.

Still, the arrests would be highly traumatic, she said, particularly for boys making the transition to adulthood.

Most Soviet espionage has been conducted by legal KGB officers operating under official cover as diplomats. If arrested, they were protected by their diplomatic status and faced only expulsion.

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CIA chief promises spies 'new cover’ for secret ops

Yeah, but when YOU DO IT is is OKAY, right, Amurka?

The alleged spies arrested this week are accused of being “illegals,’’ agents who work undercover for years or even decades and have no diplomatic protection.

During the Soviet era, the KGB would have been loath to let families accompany spies because of the risk of defections, said Jeffrey Burds, a Northeastern University associate professor of Russian history who has written extensively on espionage. “They liked to keep the family back as hostages in the Soviet Union,’’ he said.

But since the mid-’90s, Russia has relied more heavily on illegal agents who bring their spouses, often spies themselves, to make sure agents adhere to their missions, said Minh A. Luong, assistant director of international security studies at Yale University. Children can enhance the spies’ cover, he said.

Luong said it is “highly unlikely’’ that such agents would disclose their activities to young children because “you don’t know what they’re going to say’’ to other people. But when the children reach adulthood, some spies “might bring them into the family business,’’ particularly if their progeny can exploit their deep cover to gain access to sensitive government or business information....

Yeah, whatever.


So what does their lawyer have to say about all this?

"Lawyer derides evidence on pair" by Shelley Murphy and John Ellement, Globe Staff | July 2, 2010

The government’s case against a Cambridge couple accused of being Russian spies is extremely thin and suggests they did nothing more than live an ordinary American life, a defense lawyer said yesterday in the defendants’ first response to charges that have triggered an international uproar....

So they in truth defected?

The two have been held without bail since an FBI task force arrested them Sunday night at their home on Trowbridge Street outside Harvard Square, after a decade of surveillance by FBI counterespionage agents who bugged their conversations, decoded secret messages, and clandestinely searched their home and a safe-deposit box.

And JUST NOW, all of a sudden, they decide to file charges?


They are charged with serving as unregistered agents of a foreign government and money laundering.

So when is the government going to start trying all the dual-national Israeli traitors?

“My client and his wife right now are worried about their kids,’’ Peter B. Krupp, who represents Heathfield, told reporters after the hearing.

The couple’s sons, Tim Foley, 20, and Alex Foley, 16, dressed in button-down dress shirts and dark pants, arrived at the courthouse about an hour early and huddled with their father’s lawyer in the cafeteria before entering the courtroom.

When Foley walked into the courtroom, she immediately made eye contact with her sons and smiled. They acknowledged her with their eyes, but hardly smiled. Later, after she sat down and whispered with her lawyer, she turned again and gave a short wave. Her oldest son waved back and smiled.

Heathfield sat down between his lawyers, then turned, looked directly at his sons, gave them a serious look, and nodded. Both sons nodded back.

Stuff you just needed to know, right?

The defense lawyers urged the judge to order the government to let them meet with the couple at the same time yesterday in a cell at the courthouse so they could resolve custody issues over who will serve as guardian of their younger son while they remain jailed.

“There are obviously certain issues related to their kids that we have to deal with,’’ Krupp told the court.

Prosecutors revealed that there was a “separation order’’ issued after the couple’s arrest to keep them from getting together to discuss the criminal case. However, the prosecutors said they would not object if Heathfield and Foley were allowed to meet with their lawyers at the same time “solely about custody and child issues.’’

After meeting with the couple for about an hour yesterday afternoon in the lockup at the US marshals office in the courthouse, the defense lawyers declined to comment on what arrangements had been made for the couple’s son or where he was staying.

As if we all gave a shit?


And another spy got bail?

"1 accused in spy ring is granted bail in N.Y.; Prosecutors warn suspects may flee" by Tom Hays, Associated Press | July 2, 2010

NEW YORK — A judge has granted bail to one person accused of spying for Russia and denied it to two others after a prosecutor warned that the defendants had plenty of helpers in the United States to help them flee....

Authorities said in a court filing that Juan Lazaro made a lengthy statement after his June 27 arrest in which he discussed details of the operation, which prosecutors said involved Russian moles living under assumed identities in American suburbs.

I always wondered about that a**hole across the street. Think I'll go make a call.

Among other things, he admitted that Juan Lazaro was not his real name; that he was not born in Uruguay, as he had long claimed; that his home in Yonkers had been paid for by Russian intelligence; and that his wife, Vicky Pelaez, a Spanish-language journalist who lives in Yonkers, N.Y., had passed letters to Russian intelligence.


He also told investigators that even though he loved his son, he would not violate his loyalty to “the Service,’’ even for his son, three assistant US attorneys wrote in a court memo. They added that he would not he reveal his true name.


Russian spy ring needed some serious IT help

The Russian ring charged this week with spying on the United States faced some of the common security problems that plague many companies -- misconfigured wireless networks, users writing passwords on slips of paper and laptop help desk issues that take months to resolve.

"Former CUNY professor admits to being a spy for Russia

A former CUNY professor accused of spying for Russia told federal authorities right after his arrest that he had a fake name and that "he would not violate his loyalty to the" Russian secret "service even for his son," federal prosecutors said today."

"Isn't the first duty of that loyalty to NOT BLAB THAT YOU WORK FOR THEM? This whole story is a joke!" -- Wake the Flock Up

And no one is laughing!

Prosecutors submitted the information to underscore evidence that they said was so strong that US Magistrate Judge Ronald Ellis should deny bail for Pelaez, her husband, and the Richard and Cynthia Murphy of Montclair, N.J.

Federal prosecutors also disclosed that they had searched a safe-deposit box belonging to the Murphys this week and found eight unmarked envelopes, each stuffed with “apparently new $100 bills.’’

Oh, just like Ehud Olmert?

A magistrate judge in Alexandria, Va., postponed a hearing for three other people accused of being foreign agents, Michael Zottoli, Patricia Mills, and Mikhail Semenko. It has been rescheduled for today....

Meanwhile, authorities scoured Cyprus for an alleged coconspirator who disappeared after he was granted bail....

Meanwhile, police in Cyprus yesterday searched airports, ports, and marinas to find an 11th person who disappeared after a Cypriot judge freed him on $32,500 bail. The man, who had gone by the name Christopher Metsos, failed to show up Wednesday for a meeting with police.

Authorities also examined surveillance video from crossing points on the divided island, fearing the suspect might have slipped into the breakaway north, a diplomatic no-man’s-land that is recognized only by Turkey and has no extradition treaties.

Then TURKEY will GET HIM, right?


Spy suspects recently registered to vote

And spies use invisible ink just like the newspaper, right?

: Russian math whiz rejects $1m prize

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Message in a bottle?

"2 Va. suspects reportedly admit Russian citizenship, names fake" by Kathleen Miller, Associated Press | July 3, 2010

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Two Virginia suspects in an alleged spy ring have admitted they are Russian citizens living in the United States under false identities, prosecutors said yesterday, as officials in Cyprus said another defendant in the bust has probably fled the island after being set free on bail.

The defendants known as Michael Zottoli and Patricia Mills told authorities after their arrest that their real names are Mikhail Kutzik and Natalia Pereverzeva, prosecutors said in a court filing yesterday. The pair were arrested in Arlington, Va., where they have been living as a married couple with two young children.

Zottoli and Mills, along with a third defendant, Mikhail Semenko, remained jailed after waiving their right yesterday to a detention hearing during brief appearances in federal court....

Semenko, who was in the United States on a work visa, is not alleged to have used a false identity. But prosecutors said the FBI has searched his home and a second apartment that he recently leased and found computer equipment “of the type capable of being used for . . . clandestine communications.’’

Like any computer, right?

Semenko’s visa has now been revoked, Smith said, and an immigration detainer has been filed for him at the Alexandria jail.

Also yesterday in the Cypriot capital of Nicosia, Justice Minister Loucas Louca said it was unlikely that Christopher Metsos, 54, would be apprehended on the Mediterranean island because he believes that he is no longer there....

Metsos disappeared Wednesday after a Cypriot court freed him on bail.

Another suspect arrested in the United States, Juan Lazaro, has admitted to living in New York for years under a fake identity and lying about being a citizen of Peru, as he had long claimed, prosecutors said.

You told us URUGUAY above, MSM!!!!!

Asked yesterday about Lazaro, Peru’s president, Alan GarcĂ­a, said the suspect apparently told people he had ties to that country’s rebel groups....

This REALLY is a JOKE, folks!!!

According to the charging documents, an undercover FBI agent posing as a Russian agent met with Semenko last Saturday in Washington, blocks from the White House.

Oh, ONCE AGAIN we have a FBI INSTIGATOR in the MIDDLE of it!

The agent gave Semenko a folded newspaper wrapped around an envelope containing $5,000 and directed him to drop it in an Arlington park. The documents say there is video of Semenko making the delivery as instructed....

During a search of the couple’s Seattle apartment, the FBI says, agents found a radio that can be used to receive short-wave radio transmissions and spiral notebooks, which contained random columns of numbers. Authorities believe the two used the codes to decipher messages that came through the radio.

When they had COMPUTERS?



"Prosecutors to appeal bail for alleged spy" by Associated Press | July 7, 2010

NEW YORK — Prosecutors plan to appeal a decision to release on bail one of the defendants in the Russian spy case, they said yesterday.

Last week, a magistrate judge in Manhattan had said the defendant, Peruvian-born Vicky Pelaez, could be released on $250,000 bail with electronic monitoring and home detention. The judge said when he set bail that she could not be released before this week because it would take time to set up the bail requirements....

Pelaez is among 11 defendants charged with being part of a spy ring that prosecutors say has engaged in traveling with false passports, secret code words, fake names, invisible ink, and encrypted radio....

Told you they used the stuff.


Oh, how can the MSM and government makes this just go away, huh?

Signs suggest spy swap is in the works; Cold War-style deal could free accused Cambridge couple" by Jonathan Saltzman and Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff | July 8, 2010

A Cambridge couple who allegedly spent the past decade spying for Russia could become part of a spy swap between the United States and Russia reminiscent of the Cold War, according to news reports yesterday from Moscow.

Federal prosecutors were negotiating a plea agreement with lawyers for 10 accused spies, including Donald Howard Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley of Cambridge, according to sources with knowledge of the case. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Such a plea agreement suggests that a swap is in the works, with Russia releasing accused spies for the West in exchange for return of the 10 alleged Russian spies recently arrested in the United States.

Also, the Cambridge couple’s two sons left the United States in the past few days and are in Russia, according to one source. Tim Foley, 20, is a student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and his brother, Alex Foley, 16, attends the International School of Boston.



Who is going to PROTECT THEM?

Yesterday, Heathfield and Foley waived their right to fight a transfer to a New York court and were then whisked to Manhattan in what appeared to be the first step toward arranging an exchange of prisoners....

Among the people believed involved in the swap is a Russian scientist convicted of spying for the United States....

But that is okay, right, American?

The transfer to New York of the accused Cambridge spies along with three others from Virginia fueled talk yesterday of a swap....

A trade would evoke memories of the Cold War era during which the United States and the Soviet Union exchanged operatives at a time of heightened tensions between the governments.

Perhaps the most famous of the swaps took place on Feb. 10, 1962, when the Soviets exchanged Francis Gary Powers, pilot of a U-2 spy plane that was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960, for Soviet Colonel Rudolf Abel, who had been arrested by the FBI in New York in 1957. The dramatic East-West swap took place on Berlin’s Glienicke Bridge, spanning the River Havel.


"Did Right-Wing Militarists Sabotage Gary Power's U-2 Plane?

"After a lifetime of Government service, President Eisenhower went to bed on the night of April 30th, 1960 secure in the belief that he, Macmillan of Britain, DeGaulle of France, and Khrushchev of the USSR would meet in Paris on May 16th in a summit conference that would seal agreements for peace throughout the world. Eisenhower was believed to be a powerful world figure whose dedication to this Crusade for Peace would succeed. But as he slept, fail-safe failed. Three or four moles in the Pentagon, doing the bidding of their masters, flashed coded signals across the world to send out a lone U-2 plane on one of the longest and most impossible missions ever attempted by a U-2 -- a 3,900-mile journey from Peshawar, Pakistan across the Soviet Union to Bodo, on the northern tip of Norway.

"Obama and Medvedev had a recent meeting which "reset" US-Russian relations. This reverses the trend towards a new cold war being pushed by US defense contractors and Pentagon Officials. And just as the efforts by Eisenhower and Kruschev to pull back from the nuclear brink were sabotaged by the carefully orchestrated sabotage of Francis Gary Powers' U-2 mission, so too this "reset" of US-Russian is now imperiled by the suspiciously convenient timing of this "Russian" spy ring.

Look how much media coverage these "spies" are getting,m even though they were not caught actually doing any real spying. Contrast that with the news coverage of the Israeli spy ring in 2001 (the largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered in the US) and the AIPAC spy scandal, which were treated rather casually even though in these cases actual crimes had been committed. Aside from one story at ABC. the three Mossad agents arrested after dancing and high-fiving as the World Trade Towers came down vanished almost immediately.

This story has felt wanky from the start.

Who benefits if US and Russian relations are wrecked? The defense industry, of course. The Pentagon, obviously benefits. And then there is Israel, which clearly is worried about Russia's continued support of Iran. And all we have to support this idea that these are Russian spies intending us evil is one confession, offered freely after waiving Miranda rights. Does that sound like a real spy to you, confessing so quickly? Or is this a planted disinfo agent, playing a role for the media?
" -- Wake the Flock Up

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How sad that you are being PRESENTED STAGED SCRIPTS as NEWS, 'eh, America?

Arthur Hulnick — a professor of international relations at Boston University and a 35-year intelligence veteran, mostly with the CIA — said he hoped reports of an exchange of prisoners are true.

You never leave 'em, readers.

“These spies, as people have been calling them, really didn’t commit espionage,’’ he said. “They would have liked to, but they never got there. This is sort of an embarrassment for the Russian government, and the best way to ameliorate any problem with US-Russian relations is to let them go home.’’

Yeah, for the AmeriKan MSM, too!!!

Assuming the alleged spies underwent years of training before they began working in the United States, he said, it is possible they were commissioned by the KGB before the collapse of the Soviet Union....

Heathfield, who obtained a master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in 2000, and his wife allegedly fabricated identities in an effort to infiltrate American society. But the FBI had them under close surveillance for a decade, even secretly searching their safe deposit box in Cambridge in January 2001 and photographing evidence in an attempt to learn more about the couple, according to prosecutors.

In contrast to their court appearance last week, during which they wore jail jumpsuits, Healthfield and Foley wore street clothes yesterday. Heathfield wore an olive-colored Lacoste polo shirt with the collar turned up, white pants, and deck shoes. Foley wore a sleeveless gray blouse, with a black-and-white print skirt and gold loafers.

Important information, 'eh, readers?

Yup, that's muh Globe!

Marshals removed their handcuffs but kept shackles on their ankles....


Amanda Chapman Modern Sexy Russian Spy