Sunday, August 29, 2010

Way Out in the Wilds of Tanzania

Just follow the government-paved road.

"Wildebeest roadblock? Tanzania planning highway in Serengeti; Conservationists say route could disrupt migration" by Jason Straziuso, Associated Press | August 26, 2010

NAIROBI — Tanzania’s Serengeti is a vast plain dotted with acacia trees and watering holes, where wildebeest and zebra gather in huge herds for annual migrations.

But conservationists warned yesterday that one of the world’s natural wonders will be scarred and the ancient migratory patterns destroyed if Tanzania’s government carries through with a plan to build a highway through the park....

The Frankfurt Zoological Society sounded an alarm against the road earlier this year, saying it would have “disastrous effects’’ on the region’s ecosystem.

A Kenya Wildlife Service spokeswoman said the road would negatively affect Kenya’s Masai Mara. Animals move back and forth over the border between the two parks. If the road is built and the animal populations dwindle, Masai Mara stands to lose animals. Consequently fewer tourists will want to visit....

Won't the road make it easier to get there?

Tanzania’s government says the road is needed to connect the country’s west with commercial activity on the eastern coast....

You know, it is their country.