Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Spy Who Went In to the Cold

I hope you had a nice vacation, Dave.

"For two weeks, David Filipov was our man in Moscow again, assigned to track down the Russian spies who infiltrated Cambridge before they were arrested and sent home last month. He came up empty but with a story to tell about how secrecy remains the unchecked sovereign of this otherwise much-changed land.

I'm not interested in some Boston Globe waste of time.

No wonder they are a dying industry.


Slow Saturday Special: Stupid Spy Stories

Now you know why I didn't care to read it.

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The Boston Sunday Globe Writes a Russian Spy Story

Nope, not interested in that book either.

And heck, Filipov would have been better off staying home and speaking with the FBI:

Son of spies may have known secret; In interview, FBI says Bulger, stolen art are priorities" by Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff | August 25, 2010

After years spent secretly watching two Russian agents who lived in Cambridge before they were sent back to their homeland last month in a dramatic spy swap, the FBI suspects that the couple’s oldest son may have learned of his parents’ double life before they were arrested, a top official said yesterday.

Richard DesLauriers, the newly appointed special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston office, told reporters during his first sit-down with local media at the FBI’s Boston office it is possible that in recent years the couple confided something about their covert work to their older son....

Why would they endanger him that way?

And wouldn't the FBI spies have known?

Why is the FBI man simply speculating?

Boston attorney Peter Krupp, who represented Donald Howard Heathfield, said: “I have seen absolutely no evidence that the kids knew anything about their parents activities. And I think it is irresponsible for the FBI to put that kind of speculation and suspicion out there, tainting kids who have a long and bright future ahead of them with that kind of allegation and insinuation.’’

Yeah, except they DO IT ALL the TIME!!!

Robert Sheketoff, Tracey Lee Ann Foley’s attorney, said it was inappropriate for the FBI to share its suspicions about the spies with the media, saying, “I have my suspicions on why the FBI never found Whitey [Bulger], but I’m not sharing them with the press.’’

I no longer have those suspicions: FBI Frame-Ups Past and Present

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I don't think they are looking very hard.

DesLauriers, 50, a native of Longmeadow, joined the FBI in 1987 and became head of the bureau’s Boston office last month. He spoke yesterday about the spy case and the agency’s top priorities, including the worldwide manhunt for fugitive gangster James “Whitey’’ Bulger.

Before coming to Boston, DesLauriers served as deputy assistant director of the counterintelligence division at FBI Headquarters in Washington for two years. Previously, he was in charge of the counterintelligence division in New York and also was assigned to the Boston office from 1997 to 2005, overseeing counterintelligence programs....

Was he in New York for the first WTC attack?

The FBI had the alleged spies under surveillance for years before arresting them June 27.

“Fortunately, these individuals we don’t believe did significant damage to the United States,’’ said DesLauriers, but he said they posed a danger as sleeper agents trying to gather information and cultivate relationships with powerful and politically connected people....

Of course, if it is a Zionist dual-nation Israeli Jew doing the same thing it's fine.

Bulger, 80, a longtime FBI informant, fled shortly before his January 1995 federal racketeering indictment in Boston and is wanted for 19 murders.

Someone in the office tipped him off that the FBI was double-crossing him.

The FBI is offering a $2 million reward for information leading to his capture.

I wish I knew where he was; I could use the money.

“I think we are all frustrated when we can’t solve a case quickly,’’ he said, adding that the FBI will “maintain a laser-like focus’’ on Bulger. A multiagency task force continues to work full time on a steady stream of Bulger tips, he said.

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Yeah, government has always been organized crime and organized crime has always been the government.


I mean, the Russians know all about it:

Opposition activists won the support of some of Russia’s best-known rock musicians to play at a protest rally in central Moscow yesterday evening that drew about 3,000 people. The rally was part of a campaign to try to stop the destruction of a centuries-old oak forest that is soon to be cut down so a highway can be built from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

But that would never have happened in the
former Soviet Union.


Russia's Cheat and Retreat