Monday, August 30, 2010

Afghan Army Surplus Store

"The dead were wearing US Army uniforms, which can be easily purchased in shops in Kabul and other cities, possibly pilfered from military warehouses."

We can't even guard the damn warehouses, huh?

Or is $ome contractor making an extra buck?

"Militants in US gear thwarted from attacking NATO bases" by Robert H. Reid, Associated Press | August 29, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — US and Afghan troops repelled attackers wearing American uniforms and suicide vests in a pair of simultaneous assaults before dawn yesterday on NATO bases near the Pakistani border, including one where seven CIA employees died in a suicide attack last year.

The Boston Globe's Invisible Ink: False Flags Flying High in Afghanistan

Slow Saturday Special: Kerry Convinces Karzai to Keep Contractors

And cui bono? Better keep 'em, right?

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Is this another one?

Who knows what is real in my newspaper anymore?

The raids appear part of an insurgent strategy to step up attacks in various parts of the country as the United States focuses its resources on the battle around the Taliban’s southern birthplace of Kandahar.

Also yesterday, three more American service members were killed — two in a bombing in the south and the third in fighting in eastern Afghanistan, the US command said. That brought to 38 the number of US troops killed this month — well below last month’s figure of 66.

Oh, more progress I see!

The militant assault in the border province of Khost began about 4 a.m. when dozens of insurgents stormed Forward Operating Base Salerno and nearby Camp Chapman with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, and automatic weapons, according to NATO and Afghan police.

Just after morning prayers?

Two attackers managed to breach the wire protecting Salerno but were killed before they could advance far onto the base, NATO said. Twenty-one attackers were killed — 15 at Salerno and six at Chapman — and five were captured, it said.

Three more insurgents were killed in an airstrike as they fled the area, NATO said.

The Afghan Defense Ministry said two Afghan soldiers were killed and three wounded in the fighting. Four US troops were wounded, NATO officials said.

US and Afghan officials blamed the attack on the Haqqani network, a Pakistan-based faction of the Taliban with close ties to Al Qaeda.


"Haqqani.... credited with introducing suicide bombing to the region.... cultivated as a "unilateral" asset of the CIA and received tens of thousands of dollars in cash for his work.... He may have had a role in expediting the escape of Osama Bin Laden.... In July 2008, CIA officials confronted Pakistan officials with evidence of ties between Inter-Services Intelligence and Haqqani. Haqqani has been accused of involvement in the 2008 Indian embassy bombing in Kabul...."

I was almost buying the MSM crap, too.

Camp Chapman was the scene of the Dec. 30 suicide attack that killed the seven CIA employees.

Yeah, that's the second time he brought that up. WTF?

Afghan police said about 50 insurgents took part in the twin assaults. After being driven away from the bases, the insurgents approached the nearby offices of the governor and provincial police headquarters but were also scattered, said Khost provincial police Chief Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai.

“Given the size of the enemy’s force, this could have been a major catastrophe for Khost,’’ he said.

50 guys?

When NATO and their Afghan allies allegedly have hundreds of thousands on their side?

Small-arms fire continued through the morning, while NATO helicopters patrolled overhead. The dead were wearing US Army uniforms, which can be easily purchased in shops in Kabul and other cities, possibly pilfered from military warehouses.

Or did the CIA just GIVE IT to the Haqqani network, huh?

The twin attacks appeared to be part of a growing pattern of insurgent assaults far from the southern battlefields of Kandahar and Helmand provinces, which have been the main focus of the US military campaign....

Yesterday, a candidate running for a seat in parliament from Herat Province in northwestern Afghanistan was shot and killed on his way to a mosque, said Lal Mohammad Omarzai, deputy governor of Shindand district. He said two men on a motorbike opened fire on Abdul Manan. He later died of his wounds.


[It is interesting (but very bizarre) to see how often the teams of motorcycle-riding hit teams target local police. From all available evidence (SEE: ISI sent 1000 motorcycles to Mawlawi Jalaludin Haqqani ; and Cards of Pakistani Intelgence Agencies Men Involved Attack on JSQM Rally), the ISI is behind these bike-riding assassins.

But, on the other hand, we have this (SEE: BLA Admits Motorcycle Riding Assassins Were Theirs). This incident took place in an area where a large number of these type motorcycle attacks have taken place, in Khuzdar. The victim was accused of spying for the Frontier Corps. Either both sides in Balochistan are using identical means for their target killings, or both the ISI and the Baloch Liberation Army are on the same side, or working for the same masters. A loyal reader has pointed-0ut the similarities between these attacks in Pakistan and previous similar attacks in Belfast, Ireland, which were attributed to the Irish Republican Army. Later investigations tied a lot of the murders and bombings in Ireland to British intelligence, MI5, who were pursuing a "Gladio" strategy in their counter-insurgency operations. It takes very little imagination to see a possible link between MI5 and the ISI, since the Pakistani organization was trained by British intelligence....

Anyone within the conflict zone should be on the lookout for any motorcycles carrying two men. Be ready to duck for cover, or to return fire. Anyone lucky enough to bag one of these guys will probably find them carrying one of the following forms of ID: --The Motorbike Murderers of Balochistan Strike Again

Yes, it does indeed look as if TERRORISM is at its root source a GOVERNMENT CREATED, FUNDED, and DIRECTED ENTERPRISE and NOTHING will ever look the SAME to ME AGAIN!

Late Friday, insurgents stormed a police checkpoint in Takhar Province. The Interior Ministry said nine insurgents were killed and 12 wounded with no losses on the government side. The day before, Taliban fighters killed eight Afghan policemen in a raid on a checkpoint outside the northern city of Kunduz.

Those may very well be legitimate battles.

Who knows anymore?

I'm certainly not going to find the truth in the newspaper.

And on Wednesday, an Afghan police driver with family links to the Taliban killed three Spaniards — two police trainers and their interpreter — at a training center in the northern province of Badghis.

See: Traveling With the Taliban in Afghanistan

A joint NATO-Afghan investigative team found that the shooter, whose brother-in-law is a Taliban commander, had been arrested and disarmed a year ago for links to insurgents but was reinstated after two local elders vouched for him, NATO said.

How can that be when we vet them with lie detectors?

See: Predicting a Long Stay in Afghanistan

We are not leaving ever, Americans.

And cui bono, huh?

Although the Afghan capital is relatively secure, incidents apparently directed at female students have raised concern about Taliban intimidation within the city.


The Health Ministry said 48 pupils and teachers at the Zabihullah Esmati High School were rushed to hospitals yesterday after falling ill with breathing problems and nausea. All but nine were treated and released after blood samples were taken to try to determine the cause.

On Wednesday, dozens of students and teachers at another Kabul girls’ school became sick when an unknown gas spread through classrooms, education officials said.

Yeah, good thing the American AmeriKan military would never think of doing such a thing.

The cause of that incident has not been determined, but officials fear the apparent poisonings could be part of an insurgent campaign to frighten girls from attending school.

Are they blowing them up with missiles and gunning them down in raids?

If you think I'm buying this hunk of propaganda....

Two students were treated at a hospital in Kabul yesterday. Nearly 50 students and teachers at a high school were taken to hospitals after falling ill with breathing problems and nausea.
Two students were treated at a hospital in Kabul yesterday. Nearly 50 students and teachers at a high school were taken to hospitals after falling ill with breathing problems and nausea. (Ahmad Massoud/Associated Press)

Oh, I believe it happened; however, NOT as my NEWSPAPER TELLS IT!

Meanwhile, NATO issued a statement saying coalition helicopter pilots were not responsible for the deaths of three Afghan police officers killed Aug. 20 in what had been considered a friendly fire incident in Jowzjan Province’s Darzab district.

It said the helicopters showed up hours after fighting began and it was possible the three had been killed earlier.

Oh, NATO denied mass murder. What a surprise.

Yeah, pass that salt shaker over here.


: NATO Kills Six Children in Afghanistan Air Strike

Gee, somehow that does NOT MAKE IT into my NEWS report!

Let's give them another chance

"Bombs, clashes kill 7 US troops in Afghanistan; Violence rises as key election date nears" by Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press | August 30, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — Seven US troops died in weekend attacks in Afghanistan’s embattled southern and eastern regions, and officials found the bodies yesterday of five kidnapped campaign aides working for a female candidate in the western province of Herat.

Two American servicemen died in bombings yesterday in southern Afghanistan. Two others were killed in a bomb attack in the south Saturday, and three in fighting in the east the same day, NATO said. Their identities and other details were being withheld until relatives could be notified.

The latest deaths bring to 42 the number of American forces who have died this month in Afghanistan after July’s high of 66. A total of 62 international forces have died in the country this month, including seven British troops....

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s president, stepped up his criticism of coalition strategy in fighting the insurgency, saying it has produced nothing but civilian deaths. In a meeting yesterday with Norbert Lammert, the speaker of Germany’s parliament, Karzai said there was a “serious need’’ to alter strategy.

The five campaign workers were taken Wednesday by armed men who stopped their two-vehicle convoy as it drove through remote countryside. Five others traveling in the vehicles had earlier been set free, according to a man who answered the phone at the home of candidate Fawzya Galani.

Residents of Herat’s Adraskan district reported finding the bodies early yesterday.

No one has claimed responsibility for the killings, although Taliban insurgents have waged a bloody campaign of murder and intimidation against candidates and election workers in hopes of sabotaging the Sept. 18 parliamentary polls for the 249 seats in the lower house.

Who would want to sabotage a likely rigged election?

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And cui bono?

My lying, war-promoting newspaper blaming "insurgents" and Taliban, huh?

In a similar attack in Herat, parliamentary candidate Abdul Manan was shot and killed Saturday on his way to a mosque by an assassin traveling on the back of a motorcycle.

Meanwhile yesterday, two suicide bombers attempted to climb over the back wall of a compound housing the governor of the far western province of Farah, but were spotted by guards and shot, provincial police Chief Mohammad Faqir Askir said.

NATO said eight insurgents were killed in joint Afghan-NATO operations Saturday night in the province of Paktiya, including a Taliban commander.

Nothing about the DEAD KIDS yet (except for that vague comment by Karzai).

Automatic weapons, grenades, magazines, and bomb-making material were found in buildings in Zormat district along the mountainous border with Pakistan. Afghan leaders frequently complain that Pakistan is doing too little to prevent cross-border incursions and shut down insurgent safe havens inside its territory.

Whatever. I, myself, am tired of the psyops propaganda posing as news in the papers.

Maybe they found it, maybe they didn't, who the hell knows whose it is?

Just to the south in Khost Province, US and Afghan troops fought insurgents in simultaneous attacks Saturday on Forward Operating Base Salerno and nearby Camp Chapman, where seven CIA employees died in a suicide attack in December.

Patching and pasting from the AP news desk, huh?

No wonder I am tired of reading the newspaper.


About 50 insurgent fighters were involved in the attacks. They wore replica American uniforms and at least 13 had strapped themselves into suicide bomb vests, NATO said.

Why would I or ANYONE believe what NATO said?

The raids appeared to be part of an insurgent strategy to step up attacks in widely scattered parts of the country as the US focuses its resources on the battle around Kandahar.