Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kids Keep Eyes on Watch in Florida

You are getting very sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.....

"Principal’s hypnosis examined after suicides" July 11, 2011|Associated Press

NORTH PORT, Fla. - High school principal George Kenney acknowledged using hypnosis to help people: students who needed to relax before tests, a basketball player having trouble making free throws, and even school secretaries who wanted to quit smoking.

But now the popular 51-year-old principal’s future at North Port High School is in question since it came to light that he had hypnotized two students before their separate suicides in spring.

There is no indication that their deaths were any more than a tragic coincidence. However, Kenney acknowledged conducting the sessions after being warned by his supervisor to stop such one-on-one hypnosis sessions with students at school.
Most students, teachers, and fellow administrators were aware that Kenney was a trained hypnotist who would eagerly help those who sought him out, according to a school district report. Students looked forward to his demonstrations in a psychology class and at other school events.
In April, according to the Sarasota County School District report, he hypnotized a 16-year-old student to help him better focus on a test. The next day, the boy committed suicide.... 
Kenney’s situation got stickier when an investigation showed that he had hypnotized another student five months before her May 4 suicide, initially lied about it, and had defied three verbal warnings to stop the student sessions.

Maybe someone should put him under.

The report also reflects the support and affection Kenney has at the 2,300-student high school. Two Facebook pages, one with more than 1,600 fans, have been created to support Kenney, who has been principal of North Port High since its opening in 2001. Some students who were hypnotized say it helped them with sports and academics.

What happened just now?

Of course, everyone knows hypnosis doesn't really work; otherwise, certain forces would be able to program assassins or lone gun nuts.