Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alphabet Agency: CDC Protects the Kids

Except when they are trying to push a needle in you....

"Skin cancer warnings go unheeded, CDC says" by Mike Stobbe  |  Associated Press, May 11, 2012

ATLANTA - The warnings about skin cancer from too much sun don’t seem to be getting through.  

Because we have been lied to about damn near everything! We simply no longer believe. It could be coming from God's own mouth and we wouldn't believe. 

Thanks, agenda-pushing mouthpieces!!

Half of US adults under 30 say they have had a sunburn at least once in the previous year - about the same as a decade ago, according to a government survey released Thursday.

In fact, the modest progress reported five years ago has been wiped out.

Not only that, but women in their 20s are going to tanning salons almost twice a month on average....

While about 6 percent of adults of all ages said they had done indoor tanning in the previous year, the rates were much higher among young white women: about 32 percent among those ages 18 to 21.

Agenda-pushing diversity to the point of killing themselves. Hard to believe that once long ago milky white skin was considered desirable.



"Massachusetts health officials have said that scientists found the death of 6-year-old Owen Carrignan of Millbury last month was not caused by the same strain as outbreaks seen in largely Southern states.... 


Maybe it was the meat.

Also see: CDC says helmet laws cut deaths, costs

Didn't need to be hit over the head on that one.